New Life

Plastic moulded chairs
Yellow,Blue and Green
Neatly lined against the pale blue walls
Air filled with tension
Anxiety written on our faces
Holding hands,Heart beating faster
Speaking in hushed whispers

She enters the room
Her feet snuggled in tiny blue shoes
Leaving behind the one who held her
The only one she knows
All the love and caring she is familiar with
Turning her attention
To those two souls standing afar

Fear fills her eyes
Her feet refusing to budge
She looks up at them
The lady extends her hands
With a broad smile on her face
“Come over here, Honey!” she cooes
He beckons with a soft smile

Off i go to their home
Looking forward to a beautiful life
A Mother and a Father i have longed for
A sister who i shall idolise
This is the Best Gift
My Mom and Dad,i say to myself
Loving the way those words
Rolled off my tongue

Aarti @ 23/3/05

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