Day before evening, I called my friend meenal and we decided to meet up at her place around 6pm.. Were talking about meeting at Café coffee day but then she said since she was home alone, we might as well catch up there.. So I said ok, and made my way to her place after getting directions from her ofcourse.. As I spoke to her on the phone, I got her to take me through from my place to hers and she was pretty accurate mind u.and I managed to type it out on the pc and took a copy of that along with me.. So armed with directions and a sweet request from her to buy some eats on the way I hailed an auto and made my way giving directions to the auto driver… My head popping out of the auto as I looked for the landmarks she had mentioned, cos the one thing I dint want was to get LoST… not that I cant find my way back, but still, dint want to do chakkars n end up spending more and listen to the grunting of the autowala… ;o) On the way, I stopped off at Hot breads, bot a croissant, and a veg roll and 2honey bee cookies (they looked like biscuit topped off with tooty frooties).. Found her place with no sweat, got off at the gate and proceeded to her apartment when the Sky opened and it started to drizzle.. just about managed to get into her apartment and I think it started to pour… Was sure good to see her, cos now thanks to our busy lives, we hardly meet up.. The occasional sms or calls is it.. Strange na, esp since we were two friends who kept in touch during school and college days when meenal dint even have a phone (am not talking abt mobile, am ref to good ol landline.) we used to write each other letters and she would call me without fail on my Bday. And now thanks to mobile, we are more in touch… Anyways, walked in and we started yapping about how long its been and abt her wedding.. She proceeded to show me her wedding saree and blouses and I was teasing her abt her fiancé.. She was the kind who always said she will never be able to find a guy who is compatible with her and with whom she will tie the knot.. So it caught us unawares when she announced that she was getting hitched, that too to a telugu guy.. All of us were and still are curious to meet this guy who had changed our friend’s heart and makes her smile and blush… And when I looked at the clock, time had flown by and it was nearly 7.30pm.As they say, time sure flies when your having fun.. So we continued our chit chats, called another friend and surprised her.. and then were talking abt the wedding and how its all come together and she is REALLY Finally getting married… hehehe.. Yea, I know, it’s yet to sink in that our friend is tying the knot and joining the rank of Mrs.. In between all this, her fiancé, Raman called, and I kept ragging her and the poor thing was trying to have a conversation with him…. And finally gave up and told him she’ll call him later… ;o) So anyways, we spent couple of more minutes talking and I told her that me and another friend would be coming to her wedding and she better make some arrangements for us … It was time to say bye and make my way home.. What an evening it was… an evening filled with memories, talk abt school days, catching up on all that has happened in our lives and looking fwd to new beginnings.. …………….. Aaarti © 29/11/06