Last evening an aunt called (for me everyone who is a lady,who is related to me, and typically those for whom I don’t know wat my exact relation is or its too complicated is an Aunt).. so anyways, she called last evening,she lives in Pondy,isn’t that cool..
Normally,she calls and asks for my gramma, but last eve, for a change she started talking to me.. Was enquiring about her kids, she has 4,plus she has adopted a boy from Bengal or Gujarat n now she lives in pondy with hubby, 2nd daughter and this boy…rest of them are all scattered away… She mentioned that the house is a mess, cos her son and her granddaughter were bringing the roof down.. Her granddaughter Trisha is abt 2yrs old and son is 6yrs old and they are apparently either pulling each others hair out or drawing lines on each other.. hahahah… I jus commented “how sweet”.. she gave a evil laugh and said “sweeta, take them and keep em for a while, and u’ll know”…hehehe Was then asking her how the kids kill time, that is when they are not killing each other… She said she took Siddharth to a basket ball camp and he point blank refused to join saying “its dangerous ma, I could play the sport, get hurt, break a leg or hand and do you want that, no way am I going for that “.. hehehehe.. imagine a 6yr old saying this.. and then she tried Art workshop that yet again got a similar response… “Ma, its too koccha kocchannu irukku ,chee, I don’t want to go” meaning, its too messy~!!! Hmmph.. she has given up and says now they are stuck at home playing with toys, books… ;o) Kids these days are so smart and they make up their minds at such young age… I probably dint utter a word of rebuke till I was about 10 or 11… but now my sis tho just shrugs off everyone and does her own thing.. 🙂
🙂 Aaarti 22nd April 07