Phones & phone companies…. what a pain… Last morning I saw an sms in my gramma’s mobile saying that the chq given for the bill payment had been returned by the bank and so I spoke to granpa, reg what chq he had issued and what happened etc… Took cash and went to the bsnl office with my uncle in tow, deciding to get this issue sorted out in the morning itself, it was around 10am when we left home…. Upon getting there,I tried obtaining a duplicate bill but wasn’t successful as it refused to print a bill for which payment had been made.. How do I make the machine understand that the chq had bounced and I had to make another payment.. Anyways, I chucked it and went to the counter, where the lady was obliging( a nice surprise), she checked the computer and sweetly took payment for the mobile and sent me across to landline counter, where the not so pleasant man, took the payment for one landline, but for the other one he refused saying that the computer said payment made and no update about chq. Since I knew the chq was gonna bounce, I told him to jus take the payment but he point blank refused, upon hearing all the commotion the cellphone counter lady came over and explained that I mite have to go to their HO, speak with the Accounts officer, get a letter and then they would take the payment, but for now they cant do anything.. So,after getting address and other details, we made our way to the HO , in Vepery, walked in and asked for the AO, and the reception lady asked “what’s your telephone number” and before I could complete 2641…-she cut me off and said 3rd floorkku ponga..meaning go to 3rd floor… waited for the elevator and went to 3rd floor, and kept asking everyone where the AO was, till finally a lady took pity on us and decided to help us out.. I had to repeat the whole story of why I was there, and then she said “just give a letter stating the phone number and reason for 2nd payment, hand it over to the man sitting behind me, obtain a duplicate bill and your done”… wow, that was easy… Borrowed a paper from her, sat and wrote the letter, got the duplicate bill from the man,who said we can go back to the BSNL office n make the payment right away… We then went back to the BSNL office, by now we were pretty tired, hungry, not had a shower, and were getting cranky… J Anyways, reached the bsnl office, waited in line and finally when our turn came, the man keyed in something on the comp, and looked at us and said “sorry, sir, we cant take this payment now, why don’t you come after 3days and try again”… Grrrr, we jus about lost it, couldn’t do anything, so jus got back home … I wonder what was their problem is just accepting our payment… was asking my uncle – ” do we really need a phone~!!! ” 😛
Now, if they cut our connection, they will have HELL to pay… Grrrr… Am sick n tired of all this govt offices… sigh~!!! What a way to start a day….