What is it makes our life complete? is it having certain people or accomplishments or money or all of them or jus being happy and content?

What do we expect of others?

Why do we get upset when someone we care deeply abt goes all silent… ??

What do you do when you people care about shrug you off

Is it necessary to be married to have a meaningful life?

Why shouldn’t we live life our way and still be happy?

Who the hell is this “society”.. i wanna meet the guy who created this freaking sillly annoying concept that seems to want to rule our lives….. 😛

What should we do to get people to take notice and pay attn?

How do we deal with ppl who are near and close but who seem to be far far away?

jus had a bunch of these flitting abt in my mind.. so putting them down.. maybe i’ll find answers maybe i wont.. lets seee… 🙂