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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lights.... camera... click click.... :)

An evening at Amethyst and i was looking up at the sky.... saw the light bulb suspending from the tree

while watching cricket match late at night, i love playing around with my phone during breaks( that little interval that comes between overs).. prefer this to surfing channels.... :)

the same light in our living room taken using night mode... i think....

one more version of the light......... gosh,i love my phone..... sooooooooooo much........... :D

Friday, September 21, 2007

what a life....

The state of a cobbler near my house.. had taken one of my footwear to be fixed and saw the place he calls his work place... a shack on the platform.. with nothing but a sheet of plastic to protect him from the sun and rain.....

Seated on a couple of cardboard, he loooked like he doesnt get too many customers... maybe all have moved on to bigger stores to get their shoes n chappals fixed..

He sits here all day.. waiting and waiting.... saw me walking towards him and he was lik "vamma ,eppadi irukka"..[come my dear, how are u doing?].. i have passed him by during my walks in morning, to the gym, to buy veggies( the store incidentally is in the complex right behind where he sits) and would smile at him if i noticed him.....

Was done fixing my sandals n then when i asked him "evvalavu[how much?]".. he replied with a smile " nee evalavu kudukkanumnu aasai padariyo, avalo kudu [give me how much ever you feel like giving]"... woww, i was soo surprised... i did pay him enough, and told him if he wanted more to ask, but he put his hands together and thanked me.... :)..

what a way to make a living.... felt so bad......

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ganesha n Happinesss

Vinayaka Chathurthi @ home

A festival celebrated in the month of avani on chaturthi (4th) day .Vinayaka is the first to be worshipped whenever we start anything and he holds a special place in our hearts and homes...

He is worshipped by many names like Vinayaka, Ganesha, Pillayar(which is how we call him here in TN), Vigneshwara, Gajanana, Ganapathy, Mooshika Vahanaa,n some more.. he rides on an animal called Moonjoor(a large rat kinda rodent).

In our houses we celebrate this pooja in a grand manner. the puja room is done up with plenty of rice flour kolams(rangoli minus color). My uncle buys a new Vinayaka idol(made of clay) for all our houses(my parents,grandparents and his own). along with a decorated umbrella to place behind the idol. It is then decorated with flowers, a Erukampoo malai((calotropis garland) and bunch of arugampul( a type of grass specific to pillaiyar/vinayaka)

Puja is performed by our family priest.. different kinds of mothagam(kozhukkattai -sweet made using rice flour for outer cover and coconut +sugar filling, urad daal salty filling, sesame powder filled); vadai; payasam(kheer made using milk and rice), appam( a sweet made using wheat flour,water and jaggery) and idli(yes,we give this as a blessing as well today) are all placed before the lord and his blessings obtained...

Once the puja is over, my gramma went about her daily pujas and then it was lunch time. since there was so much to be done for the puja, lunch is kept simple.. mom,dad,sis, uncle aunt and cousin had all come over and spent the day here.. was fun...always is..

There is a temple at the end of our road where they do elaborate puja and in the evening Vinayaka comes on a round on his royal chariot visiting homes... i am always amazed at the beauty of the decorations and ornaments he wears... looks so grand~~

It is said that the day after the Chathurthi, the idol must be moved from the place where it was kept and then subsequently immersed in the ocean....

We normally go on a drive during the evening, a tour of the areas where different kinds of Ganesha's are on display.. there is usually one BIG Ganesha and multiple smaller ones... this year will be a first, of us not stepping out.. all are too tired... :)

Anyways, today has been a good day and lord Ganesha showed me that he does care abt me by giving the day a wonderful start... making me smile... just hope he keeps this going.. else he will have to listen to all i have to rant... :D [ he is my friend,confidante,sounding board and some more.... ]

Twists and turns in life..


Today was a lovely special lucky day for me.... so am all smilesss and happy...

This past couple of months have been interesting, to say the least... i've come across people who are good, bad, cheap, smart, cheeky, sarci, difficult and some from the other kinds as well..

As i was telling a friend few days back, "it takes all kindsa people to make this world", i have realised that we need to be able to deal with all of them to survive and at times get our way..

While out on work, we meet so many diverse people, some are genuinely helpful and nice, while others just pretend to be nice and they play the double game where the only person they think is going to benefit is themself.. All this has made me doubt why we are all so different? why cant we all be nice, simple human beings? anyways.... a lesson learnt is all i can say... Dont blindly follow someone or trust them cos they seem confident and strong, always listen to your heart and go with that... atleast i do and it has paid off..

This is to do with something that happened to me during a project...
I had gone for a training program about 3mths back , and this came through a guy who runs a training company. he called, and i was there meeting him , finalising details,rates,etc and we went through the training.. nearly 2weeks.. and then we parted ways with him promising us our payment in a week's time cos he was going to have a surgery done.. a week passed, two and then a month and now its been 3mths... yep,i can see you are shocked, but that is the truth... somewhere deep in my heart i knew he would pay up , but i was pissed off with his attitude, and the way he was going about this whole thing.. no calls, no updates, nothing...absolute silence....

And finally he called(1st week of Sep).. it was like a miracle.. that was the day we(freenlance trainers involved in the proj) made a visit to the college.. he called me, said he too had been to the college n they had promised to pay by 20th n we can collect it on that day... the next day,another trainer V,smarty pants he is called (am assuming he called all) and told us "S is lying, i've got some info that he is planning to flee the country,dont listen to him, lets go meet the college director sometime next week and sort this out...".. u shd listen to him talk, u'd believe he was gonna get u the money the very next day... i'd been getting bad vibes from him and dint trust him .0000000000001%.. dont ask me why, its one of those you just know... :)

anyways, he and others decided to hold another meeting to discuss this issue n he had taken it upon himself(yep,one more of his "i know wat am doing, i care abt all of u" @#@$#.... and then followed it with a fancy email... crazy guy i tell u.. goes abt things the wrong way.... wonder where or what he is aiming for...

So, getting back to S, he called me last evening and told me that he has managed to organise for some funds, pledged his car, home,jewels(wife's) and will pay me 98% of what he owes me today and rest during later proj(one that he has in mind, that mite come thru) and if not once he gets more cash... i dint share this with anyone but another lady trainer Sh... we decided to wait and see what happens... today morning promptly S called, we met around 11 at a restaurant.. and he gave me the cash.... also told me that he was paying off others what little he can... and will pay dues later on.. and the reason he had gone all quiet on us was he was embarrassed abt not having money to pay us, college dint give an advance, going by the college repu he went ahead with the project...

Oh,well.. this just goes to prove that people are just pushed into a corner and freak out.. but i know that i was right abt him and was glad i too dint think of him as a crook....

All's well that ends well ...

Ganesha sure is lucky for me.. alwayssssssssssssssssssssssss..... :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bisi Bela bath aka Sambar sadam

Bisi Bela Bath/ Sambar sadam as we call it at home....

What you need: [measure are what i used for 7people,just use the proportion you need depnding on number of people)

Rice 3 cup

Toor Dal 1 cup
Potatoes -2
Peas -200gms
Beans -100gms
Chow Chow - 2 small
Carrots- 4
Any other veggi of your choice
Haldi powder- 1 pinch
Salt - to taste
Curry leaves - couple
Oil - 1tbsp

Tamarind -size of one lime soaked in warm water -to make the base

For the Masala:
Dry Red Chillies 7
Dhania 1 1/2 tbsp
Urad Dal 1 tbsp
Bengal Gram 2 tbsp
KusKus - 1 tbsp
Balck pepper corns - 6-8
Cinnamon -2 small sticks
Cloves -3 -4
Coconut grated -1 tbsp

For tempering:
Oil - 1tbsp
Mustard seeds - 2tsp
Fenugreek sees - 1tsp
Dried Red chilli - 2

How to do:

1. In a kadai, fry the above masalas and grind them well into a rough textured powder form
2 .Take a big deep pot or a pressure cooker - Add the 1 tbsp oil, add some curry leaves and enough water for the veggies to be covered. let this simmer for a couple of mins till water starts to boil
3. Now add the washed daal and a pinch of haldi powder
4. It is now time to add the veggies and the rice, and make sure the amount of water in the cooker is enough for the rice and veggies to cook well.
5. In another pan, pour in the tamaring water (extracted from the soaked tamarind) and to this add the ground masala, let this simmer for about 3-5minutes.
6. open the pressure cooker, be careful, add the tamarind mixture with masala into it
7.Add salt depending on your taste preference, shut the lid and let it cook for about 10-15mins

Open on and off , stir the whole thing and make sure it doesnt get stuck to the bottom of the cooker.

If you like, you can add a spoon of ghee at the end before serving... it tastes best when eaten piping hot... :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Feliz cumpleanos

May you live all the days of your life.
- Jonathan Swift

My Big day was just around the corner ... the day i had been looking fwd to as always every year... a day that gives me smiles and makes my life better.... oh,yes, i am talking about my Birthday... :-)

For a while all had been asking me what my plans were, and honestly i dint have any.. normally dont have any, something just happens... earlier when my friends were around, we used to catch up for lunch or movie and hang around at home, talking, yakking away... but ever since they all got married and moved away, bdays are filled with phone calls from them and more yapping on the phone... the only diff being in person, over the phone.. this year was very nice.. very special.. probably the 1st bday of its kind and am gonna remember this forever and ever.. nope,i dint party, infact dint even go out anywhere... it was Krishna jayanthi and so decided to stay put at home and NOT WORK.. had told my colleagues that i am OFF and not gonna touch Work... and they were sweeet enuf to oblige and let me enjoy the day..

plus i was very happy, since i had spent time with A during the 1st wedding and then with V at Pondy... that was all i wanted... no gifts, no fancy things.. just friends who are special and with whom i spend valuable time with.. so i kept telling all that my bday party started last week itself.. and it shall go on till my next bday..... :)

The prev evening, went n spent some time with a friend who was in town.... we then had dinner at this place called The Farmhouse on ECR road... a nice place, n the decor was also simple and neat... quite
interesting.....anyways, yea, back to the story... we had dinner and i got back home.. while on the way a friend L from bby called to wish, she was soo sweet, "am feeling very sleeepy,so decided to call and wish before going to bed".... :) and then after hitting home, changed and was talking to granparents when another friend V called to wish.. there started the flow of sms's... from friends, more friends and some more.. i must have dozed off around 12, but kept waking up every now and then cos my phone would beep.. signal for an sms... :) this went on till 4th nite,12midnite to be precise when another good friend La, from bby sms'd saying he had had a busy day and so was late in wishing me... if i were to list em all down, dont think there would be enuf space.... friends from chennai, bangalore and other parts of india.. surprise calls from friends abroad.. everything happened.... truly amazing day... [touch wood] ;o)

4th dawned... bright and early.. woke up to cousins phone call wishing me and to a flurry of sms's.... and then my uncle from usa called to wish, followed by another aunt uncle n gramma from blore.. the whole day went in me answering calls, replying to messages and chking out messages on the computer.... it was a quiet day but i had fun.. it is wonderful when friends remember, call and wish....i also got a lovely bouquet of Red roses from a dear dear sweeet friend of mine in Bombay(have known her since college days), she had thotfully sent it and called to wish me tooo soon after that..... this was how my day was... perfect.. this is what made it very special...

the evening was puja time.. helped out gramma with puja sweets, etc and also putting the krishnar kolam( using rice flour paste we put footprints , it is supposed to be lord krishna walking into our home into the puja room... )... its my duty to do this, so i did it and then had puja... got prashad.. then went to my parents house to share the sweets n savories .... got back home... and couple of more friends called to wish.... think my granparents just abt lost it.. hehehe.. i would be with them and then suddenly disappear for a while.. would be on the phone.... :)

today is 5th... bday is over.. or rather the day is over but the fun still continues... and i sure hope these friends are around forever and ever..... :)))))))))

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Friends are family

There are times when i have these mini fights at home about how much time i spend with friends vis a vie time spent at home.. mom and others find it difficult to understand that friends are very important and they are my lifeline... my support system... my good friends, confidantes and some more... :)

So, it was a wee bit of a surprise for them when i said am off for yet another friends wedding.. that too in a small town near Salem... A, another good friend of mine was coming down from Delhi for this and we were gonna go for VJ's wedding.... i was looking fwd to it,. cos i love attending friends weddings... they are soo much fun.... ... to me friends are family, it does not matter that they are not blood related, infact they mean more to me than family at times.... :)

Anyways, vj's wedding was no different... and am so glad i went.. we caught a bus and went on a 5 1/2hr ride to this small town, and went straight to the mandap, changed and made sure to take pics with the bride n groom at their reception.. chit chatted a while, stayed over at the lodge near the mandap, and next day attended the wedding and got back after a equally adventurous 5 1/2 hr bus ride home.. yes, we were a bit tired, but happy and all smiless..... :)

This was more like a family wedding.. we were more than just friends.. his family were soo sweet, and we were part of them.. the way his gramma n mom were affectionate, sharing things, how worried they had been earlier, etc made us feel glad we made the trip..we were the only friends there,and taht too girl friends of the guy.. so u can imagine the amt of heads that turned ... lol... was fun n yet another beautiful experience that i will cherish.......

It also gave me a chance to spend time with A, we do keep in touch, but never spent so much time,talking, sharing stuff, about our lives, and some more.. it was a plenty of girl time n cracking up for us.. shall cherish these memories for yearss to come....

here's to more friends n more love n sharing.....