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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[cooking] Spinach daal

Yesterday, got a chance to cook after long.. our cook had taken off..
i saw this interesting recipe in the paper and decided to try it out.. i love SPinach.. so this was Spinach daal..

here it is... was yummy, even if i do say so~~:D

[this is exactly how mine looked as well]

What you need:

Spinach: 2 cups

Onion: 2

Green chillies: 2

Cooked green gram dal/moong dal: 1/2 cup

Tamarind: 1 small sized ball

Tomato: 2

Urad dal: 1/2 tsp(for tempering)

Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp(for tempering)

Oil - as much as you need

Salt- to taste

Curry leaves - 4-6

To do

in a pan, heat oil and add mustard, urad dal and curry leaves. to this, add the chopped onions and green chillies. When they turn to a golden brown, add the chopped spinach and fry well for a couple of mins.

Put a pan and the green dal to cook in it, once that is done, add to the fried spinach and onion along with the tamarind(that has been soaked in water n strained), chopped tomato and salt. Boil for about five minutes..

If you want, you can grind the spinach.. but i like spinach as it is.. and it sure tastes yummmy with Roti and Steamed rice.. enjoy~~~

for more spinach recipes, you can chk out this article in the Hindu.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lola Kutty

Was still surfing through the pages of the "Woman" magazine.. Oct issue [yes,thats how updated i am ...lolz] i saw an interview wiht this cute gal, Anuradha menon, from chennai who is the onscreen Lola Kutty... wow~~

here is an article from the net.. u dint think i would sit and type out the whole interview here now, did u?? duh~!! ;)

Plants.. no more..

Was just browsing through this magazine called "Woman" and found this interesting article about plants that one can have at home... only difference being , they are not real plants.. they are solar powered gizmos... eeeks.. wats happening to the world..

here is what am talking about.... see for yourself..

Everyone likes a bit of greenery in their home or workplace. The problem is most houseplants need constant TLC in order to survive. But even if you've got green fingers and the touch of Titchmarsh, you can bet your watering can your plants won't wiggle about like Flip Flap Q Minis.
Flip Flip Q Minis These impossibly cute solar-powered gizmos are destined to become the artificial pot plants of choice for style-savvy photosynthesis fans the world over, as they require zero maintenance.

Flip Flip Q Minis Even more impressive is the fact that these hi-tech indoor plants move and jiggle when exposed to light - the more light (real or artificial) they get, the more they move. And you won't need a single battery because the movement is 100% solar-powered. Brilliant, eh?

Flip Flip Q Minis Standing only 8cm tall, Flip Flap Q Minis are supremely portable, so you can take yours wherever you may roam and brighten up any room in an instant.

These miniature marvels have already won Japan's coveted Good Design award, and when you get your mitts on one you'll realise why. From the funky transparent packaging and delightful little pot to the cartoony leaves and hypnotic movement, Flip Flap Q Minis have got cult written all over them.

Put one on your desk or windowsill and we guarantee you'll be unable to suppress a grin every time the little leaves begin to sway. Who'd have guessed watching a plastic plant could be so therapeutic? Indeed, here at Firebox HQ we've gone Flip Flap Q Mini mental, so hurry up and click Add to Cart before the whole world follows suit.

[courtesy :]

Flip Flip Q MinisAnd they dont come cheap. they cost 6.95 pounds each..... phew...imagine that....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Got a new chair

Yipeee.. i finally got my new computer chair.. been wanting to buy one for a while.. and did it yesterday.... but i gotta wait till tomorrow to use it.. concept of tuesday not being a good day...sigh.... :)

here she is.... ishnt she a beauty... ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mind your manners plsss.... duh~!!

God, it pisses me off when people come for concerts and cant stop talking... today eve we had gone for the last show of Nov fest and there were these 2couples sitting behind us who were yakking away to glory..

I thot i talk a lot. but these 4specimens couldnt stop.. 1st they were talking abt planning a trip away for the new years... then pause... i let out a breath of relief.. and then they resumed.. this was DURING the show.. how insensitive of them... and they were again talking.. making fun of the musicians, their music and Gawd, i was just abt ready to give them a piece of my mind..

And trust me wen i say i dint have to strain my ears to hear them.. nor was i eves dropping... i just couldnt enjoy the music cos they wouldnt shut the F up... yeckk.. why do such people even come to concerts??? if u dont know music... cant enjoy it..appreciate it.. dont know artists... they u shd stay at home or go to some club n get drunk..,.. absolutely dimwits... who just dont know how to behave... and these are all 50+people... not even youngsters.... ufff.... n today being the finale, there was no break, they played on.. was amazing.. and these ppl were commenting on how there was no interval and debated as to whether there would be one or not.. and finally before the last song was over, they were out... phew..wish they had done it earlier....

Aaarti... A very disgruntled fan....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What kinda news is this...

Day before was flipping thru the paper(The hindu) in the morning and saw this as part of main headlines. . was stumped... i dint know if i shd be happy, freak out or gasp at the beauty of our news team...

There was an article about how a Python that was now 13feet long, must have escaped from its enclosure when it was a baby.. and yipee, they found it.... i was pissed off upon reading this.. what the hell where the guys at the zoo doing all these days? and why on earth would the newspapers want to publish a news item like this that insuts our Zoo's capabilities.. wonder what other animal has gone missing and wonder if they are stil alive or become another's lunch or dinner.. am appaled to say the least hearing such sob stories...

here is the complete article from the paper..

Aaarti... a very pissed off chennaiate... :(

Sunday, November 11, 2007

ha ha ha....

Now, this guy is the ultimate... he has me laughing no matter wat state of mind i am in.. and i know many of you enjoy his comics n take on life too..

here are some.. shall keep adding on...

for those wondering what am talking abt.. duh... its calvin n hobbes ofcourse ~ ~ :)

Friday, November 9, 2007


What a day it was.... Diwali - the festival of lights was sure bright and lovely~~~

The day started off around 8am with me saying Good morning (had been working the nite before, so woke up late)... then showered... got new clothes (it is customary to receive them from the elders in the house with their blessings) .. then wore the new saree (its pretty..shall post pics in a bit)... and burst a couple of crackers....

and then came evening.. something we were looking fwd to .. no,not the evening, but wat was in store in the evening... :)

me, my sis and cousin were all set to go watch Om Shanti om (with shah rukh khan in dual role...ok..ok..wont ruin in for those who've not seen it yet).. but this i must say.. the movie was good fun, entertainment in full swing~~ :)

shall come and write about the movie.. but for now, work beckons~ :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

May the festival of lights be the harbinger of joy and prosperity.
On the occasion of Diwali
the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of love,
here's hoping this festival of lights brings your way,
bright sparkles of contentment,
that stay with you through the days ahead.

Best wishes on Diwali and New year. :)

For those who want to know more about this festival.. here is where you can go,

Monday, November 5, 2007

10 Principles to follow..

Have read this earlier and today came across something similar on a networking site...

Pretty interesting and easy to follow.. give it a shot... :)


Stop and ask yourself today, " How do I really feel about myself? " Before you answer read these ten principles.

(1) Never think or speak negatively about yourself; that puts you in disagreement with yourself.

(2) Meditate on your God-given strengths and learn to encourage yourself, for, much of the time nobody else will.

(3) Don't compare yourself to anybody else . You're unique, one of a kind, an original. So don't settle for being a copy.

(4) Focus on your potential, not your limitations.

(5) Find what you like to do, do well, and strive to do it with excellence.

(6) Have the courage to be different. Be a self- pleaser, not a people pleaser.

(7) Learn to handle criticism. Let it develop you instead of discourage you .

(8) Determine your own worth instead of letting others do it for you. They'll short-change you!

(9) Keep your shortcomings in perspective - you're still a work in progress.

(10) Focus daily on your greatest source of confidence

have a love day~~~ keep smiling... stay HAPPPY :D

[edited it a wee bit cos i realized this had way too much GOD fearness in it..hehehe]

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I won... i won.... :)

I've always been crazy about english music and movies.. and back when i was in college, used to be glued to the radio Times FM between 7-9pm, and have entered almost all their contests n won couple of prizes too.. but then, the RJs i used to listen to moved out, i got busy but now have gotten back to listening to the radio, while in the car mainly...

Last evening was returning home with mom after a shopping spree at Spencers and Radio city had one of their sms contests on.. i send in answers once in a while but so far nothing happened.. last evening they gave a plot of a movie and asked for the title..
i knew the answer and so thinking "why not" , sent the sms...
got a call around 6ish , a guy on the other end introd himself saying he was from Radio city and i have won the sms contest and to come n collect my prize today.. wowwiee.. was so excited~~ after longgg.... :D

And today went to their office in Tnagar to collect the gift.. i got myself a gift voucher to a parlor and a box of sweets.. what a way to welcome Diwali... :)

Radio is back.. yipeee~ ~ :D

Friday, November 2, 2007


Ever since i saw the episode on Travel n living or one of those travel channels, i have been curious about tequila.. especially cos of the way they drink it..

They put a pinch of salt on their left hand near the thumb n have a slice of lime ready. n a shot glass with tequila... dint know why people lick the salt first, gulp the drink in one shot and then instanly suck on the lime... anyways, this thot played around in my mind for years and finally i got to try the same during my recent trip to Delhi..

We were at a friends house for lunch party, and there was some yummmy food and loads of boooze flowing freely...till that moment when P, the host brought out a full bottle of tequila n said its been lying around, "Shots ho jaye" [shall we have some shots].. so all of them got up n R poured out shots for everyone, ie, whoever wanted to have it.. i was looking at it with curiosity... and R is a sweet dear friend, so went n told her, i wanna try too, but never done it before.. :) that is when she became my tequila guru.. hehehe...

Poured out a shot, asked me to show my left wrist, and promptly poured a spoon of salt near the thumb and gave me a slice of lime.. just wen i was wondering what to do.. pat pat pat came the instructions.. lick the salt (all of it :O), then gulp the drink in one shot, no sips and then suck the lime again instantly... sounds easy right... well here goes..

i licked the salt.. (yeckkk.. was so and gulped down the drink in one shot, with wee bit left in glass , then gulped that down as well.. and sucked on the lime... the drink burnt a bit but after that i dont know where it went... saltiness was also gone.. lime too disappeared with the drink.. was fun.. waited a bit to see if i got tipsy, but luckily dint... that was sure a fun experience.... :)