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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I won... i won.... :)

I've always been crazy about english music and movies.. and back when i was in college, used to be glued to the radio Times FM between 7-9pm, and have entered almost all their contests n won couple of prizes too.. but then, the RJs i used to listen to moved out, i got busy but now have gotten back to listening to the radio, while in the car mainly...

Last evening was returning home with mom after a shopping spree at Spencers and Radio city had one of their sms contests on.. i send in answers once in a while but so far nothing happened.. last evening they gave a plot of a movie and asked for the title..
i knew the answer and so thinking "why not" , sent the sms...
got a call around 6ish , a guy on the other end introd himself saying he was from Radio city and i have won the sms contest and to come n collect my prize today.. wowwiee.. was so excited~~ after longgg.... :D

And today went to their office in Tnagar to collect the gift.. i got myself a gift voucher to a parlor and a box of sweets.. what a way to welcome Diwali... :)

Radio is back.. yipeee~ ~ :D


vishesh said...

congrats :) lol :0 i have never had luck till now:)

Vidya said...

hey Congratulations Aarthi. :)I too was in Spencers yesterday and tried SMS'ing you from there! :D


Rauf said...

oh what you gots ? and watees da question ? if you gets a ticket to Paris like Mr. Bean give it to me. i goes.
you sopped for Diwali ? gots new dress ? what you botted in spencers ?

Rauf said...

i bees in pollachi for Diwali
Happees Diwali to you and da pamily
and prends A B C D You had a fight wid E ? and from F to P and from S to Z

Aaarti said...

hey Vishesh - well, keep trying, u never know wen u mite get lucky ;o)

Vidya - wat? ur kidding me.. oh,god, its almost like someone's jinxed us.. :( when are u off???

Rauf- i won 1 kg sweet(mysore pak) from krishna sweets n 500rs gift coupon from a parlor.. no ticket to paris.. sigh, i wish... :D

yes, did a bit of shopping,bt for gramma,uncles n aunt n all.. i have some new stuff already, so dint buy anything..:) in spencers we bot shirts for dad,n unclessss(all those u've mentioned in ur indian family mails.. hehehe..mama,chachu,gramma's bro in law..etc etc..)

Ahh,nice.. have a happy diwali.. thanks for the wishes.. no, dint have no fight with no E or F... hehehe... u take care~~

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi AAARti,
My happy congratulations!
Thats awsome to win something,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I like your poeming, are you a writer (from poems) by profession? I like your blog.

I Hope to see you back again on my blog, you are very welcome:)

:o) JoAnn from Holland

Rauf said...

i wrotee a long comment and it disappeared
stoofeed ting.
now i porgot wat i wroteee

ok you eat da mysorepaak. me not bherry fond of sweets sold in sopps. me da likees only what my sis makes.

you didn't tell me what was da question and what was da answer.
i was good at dat, i meens da quiz an angreji moovies. Buttoo now mees comebleetly out of touch wid angreji moovies an have
abbsolootly no idea of new music or singers. i used to have da names of all hollywood chokrees on my fingertips. now my bheja got full fried and rotting.

Aaarti said...

@ Rauf.. chking uvar mail plisss :)

Vik said...

Oh darn the quiz and such open to all participants contests... The lady luck for some reason JUST DOES NOT like me... I have had never won anything let alone sizable gift like this...

You gotu enjoy the moment on this though.

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