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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Whatta name for a street....

Today on my way towards Mount road, i caught site of something i just have to share with all.. wen going thru Greams road, about 100yards ahead of Asan memorial school, there are slums n lanes on the left.. and a lane had the name board that said "Thideer nagar"[suddenly lane/street/colony if you were to literally translate it] .. i mean puhleasee.. what kinda name is that?? where do you wanna go? "thideer nagar"...hahahaaha... did it just sprout out of nowhere or did someone spot the lane out of the blue.. suddenly....

and there is not one, but two streets with this name... the 2nd is in Saidapet.... what a way to confuse people... 2 Halls roads.. 2 Thideer nagars.. wat more???? ;)

Pah.. where on earth do people come up with such names from...


vishesh said...

well something has to given,i mean a name to the streets...for example i a live in baroda street and many auto guys read it as borata street...phew!

Known Stranger said...

madras has plenty of creativity to even invent new words to tamil vocablary. the one word i pick up is " galleju"

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