piercing through the skin
dripping from every pore

seem to go never ending
wish they went on forever

God, i hate this climate
will i ever get to see this?

swap places
i wish i could
live in an igloo
wrapped in a bundle

when will this end
put me out of my mysery
so my soul can take flight
feel free…

Aaarti (c) 15th april

A poem that i wrote trying to distract myself from the unbearable heat.. ended up with my soul wanting to fly away and be free[which is the prompt at Writers Island this week]… 🙂
Chennai is known for its HOT KILLING SUMMER’S, infact that is one reason, why a lot of people DONT want to visit or move to this city.. summer’s are killing.. we basically have three seasons through the year..
Hot.. Hotter.. Hottest.. 🙂