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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dad turned 60... and we had celebrated in style...

Am back.. after a brief stint of goin invisible, things have settled down and we are all back to routine... was away from net/blog for abt 5-6days... :) a lot going on at home...:)

This time it was Grandpa's health [ he had to undergo surgery] and ofcourse Dad's 60th bday functions...
Turning sixty is a social-religious event in India especially in south.Shashtiabdapoorthi is a family event , when a 'remarriage 'of the couple, is performed .This unusual custom marked by rituals, reverberating with the 'mantras ' is spiritually and mentally rejuvenating for a couple who are 'graduageing' .[Shasti' being 60,'Abdam' the year, with Poorti signifying the completion of 60 years in a man's lifetime]

My dad's star bday was on April 8th, which is when his function was set to happen.. the previous day was when we had the Ganapathi homam and Rudra Ekadashi ... Since granpa was just back home after his surgery [ he is doing well, and on his way to normalcy], we dint invite a lot of people and decided to keep it simple... just close family was invited and the function was all set to happen at my Grandparents' place [since granpa couldnt move around much and the house was bigger than my parents' apartment]

Absolut chaos at home
Getting all the items ready
Shopping for groceries
Buying mom n dad gifts [ me and my sis got em mobile phones]
Arranging food
Ordering for veggies
Calling for flowers
Making arrangements for Milk[this was a killer]
and ofcourse since it was at home, had to get the rooms cleaned out, furniture moved out, and place all set to fit in abt 25-30 people.. and for the homam[puja.. havan]....

7th n 8th dawned bright and early for us. we were all up by 4 and ready by 5.. cos Priests started trinkling in by 5.15am and the function began around 5.45... it was fun... it was tiring... and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see your parents tie the knot all over again.. its like God had made a plan that since kids are not around during the 1st wedding [ ya, right, obviously ;o)], he created this 60th bday functions... :)

anyways... touch wood.. it all went off extremely well.. all were happy.. mom n dad were overjoyed that things went off smoothly.. no hiccups, no hassles, no sudden unpleasant surprises... :)

here's wishing them many more years of togetherness n happpinessss...
loads of love n hugsssssssssssss


Chakoli said...

Wow....First of all many happy returns to Uncle:-)))

Thats was really superb...:-))

U guys havea good tradition I shud say.... otherwise, at the later stage people hardly want to cellebrate there bday....

Homecooked said...

Hey nice pics....I am sure you all had a great time at the function :)

Anonymous said... grand father turned 75 recently...but he refused to celebrate organised a surprise party at woodlands with all the relatives....

priya said...

That is so sweet!!!

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