Rasam.. no, i am not talking about the liquid made with tamarind and daal that we eat with rice, but am talking about this cool Restaurant run by Shri Krishna Sweets at Purasawalkam in Chennai.. years ago(must have been 2-3 atleast), mom dad and i had gone to this restaurant and had dinner ( back then it wasn’t called Rasam, and they served some interesting stuff like Oothappam, baked dishes,etc) and then it closed down and now the doors are open once again…and Rasam calls itself an authentic Kongunad restaurant, serving food famous in those parts of TN (erode, coimbatore, salem and so on).. remember it is a PURE VEGETARIAN restaurant., so dont go asking for Chicken or Fish… 🙂

Me, my friend A and her hubby V decided to go there for dinner on Saturday… drove down to Raja Annamalai road, which is bang opp Dasaprakash hotel n this restaurant is right next to the Reliance Fresh outlet on that road.. Walked up the one light of stairs and found ourselves a table tucked away in a corner.. this place is an old home converted into a restaurant, so there are rooms with seating areas in them.

The service is polite, quick, yet not intrusive, but they do take a bit of time to bring the order. The ambiance, is very inviting, and cozy, feels more like the well-done-up home of a cheerful acquaintance than a restaurant.

The place is however not cheap, or a budget hotel.. a wee bit steep, for the kind of food they serve… the bill for the 3 of us came upto nearly Rs700…

Here are what we tasted and my comments with rating on them:-

As we sat, the waiter brought a small plate with a triangular piece of what looked like Puri and a brown gooey thing.. he said it was Peni (a south indian sweet puri) and a spoon of Panjamirudam(made using various fruits/dry fruits/sugar/honey, and couple of other interesting stuff)

A kind of a rasam with loads of coriander, and onions.. quite nice.. ****

Thulasi vadai – was good, tho it tasted just like masala vadai, probably cos of onions and garlic***
Kuzhi paniyaram– was really good, not oily at all, and came with 3 kinds of chutneys (coconut, tomato+onions+red chillie & finally coriander+gr chillies+mint).. ****

Main course
Vegetable kothu parota– it was quite nice, not very spicy.. looks like a parota has been murdered, chopped up with a few veggies sauted with it.***
Masala dosa– kinda wierd, it was small thick dosa, with a mixture of onion,tomato, carrots beans dunked in loads of spices n masala inside..*
A kind of idiyappam[sorry,forgot name]- it was nice, again, the idiyappam had been cooked wiht veggies, and a bit of spice and looked more like sevai. **
Biryani – it was made using beetle nut leaves and garlic, was really yummy, but a wee bit on the spicey side [ had my eyes and mouth watering] ****
Kara kulambu – Absolutely irresistable except for the spice part.. was made with garlic, and kothavarakai vathal ( a kind of thin beans that has been dried and is usually fried n eaten like chips) ****
Since food was spicy we asked for curd, which unfortunately was pretty sour, and then we sent it back.. but never saw it again.. tho the waiter politely brot some onion raita, which was not so bad and calmed our tongues and taste buds… 🙂

Ilaneer payasam (tender coconut kheer)- was smooth and delightful.. very nice..
Karupati payasam with jevarisi( a diff kind of jaggery, made from palm sugar based kheer with sabudana in it) – dark in color, but again had a lovely texture, and mild sweetness..

All in all a fun experience.. just wish they would tone down on the spice/masala factor a bit… 🙂

Oh.. how could i forget.. the finger bowl at the end of the meal had a brown colored liquid. A got it first, V n i wondered what it was.. and then when we got ours, i asked the waiter, who said “its tea extract served with lemon, so it removes oil from our hands”.. cool na.. 😉

Service: ***

Availability of seats: ****
Menu: ****
Price: **

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