ha ha.. wacko fun…

Saw these quizzes on Priya’s blog and thought, what the heck… here is what they said about me… 🙂

What Animal Were You In Your Past Life?

You were platypus. You were eccentric and unclassifiable and it still shows. Your strength lies in your diverse associations with all walks of life. Although many people try to identify you, only you know your true self. You’re a self-thinker and a bit of an introvert.

What flower are you?

You are a Sunflower. You are spirited and vivacious. Willing to do anything to help others be happy, and ask nothing in return. You always see the bright side of any situation and are the life of the party. It is impossible to feel down when you are around.

What city should you live in?

You should live in Paris. The city of lights will appeal to your appreciation of beauty and romance. You are a lover and a poet by nature, and Paris’ sensitive charms will be a perfect match for yours.
How Lucky are you?

You are a Horseshoe. You are pretty darn lucky. Life is easy and you don’t have any complaints. Sometimes you just start laughing hysterically because your life is so good. Every now and then you have a dose of reality, but seriously, those moments are few and far apart. You are in the top of the luck chain!

Yayyy…1st fruit…

Na, i aint gonna talk about some new fruit in the market.. or something i tried 1st time… Today, Floppy had his 1st apple…hehehe…biggrinbiggrin i have tried gtting him to eat it earlier, but then he would take it from my hands n spit it out.. today he actually ate it.. chewed and gulped it down…at 1st i gave with the peel, then when he wanted more, for fear of the peel getting caught somewhere, i gave apple pieces without em.. my baby is growing up…[what a proud moment… lolz]

Another new routine he has developed the past couple of days is to have a cup of coffee in the evening… when mom and all have .. couple of days back, mom brought her cup of coffee to the porch where i was sitting with him.. he went upto Mom, as if asking her for a taste… and thats where it all began… smile .. as long as he aint asking for a latte or cappuccino, i can deal with it…rolleyes

[Food] Kozhukattai payasam

A dessert that i love.. next to Jevvarisi(sabudana) payasam is probably this dish that i call Kozhukattai payasam..

Gramma makes the dough like they do for kozhukkatai.. with rice flour… cook it on a kadai, make tiny balls, and cook it in the milk that has been boiling (with sugar in it , kinda becomes like condensed milk)..

its absolutely yummy… the kozhukattai dont have anything inside em, unlike the regular ones.. and they are kinda chewy(like soya chunks)… 🙂

Bon apettite..lol

Rendezvous with friends @Anokhi

Friday was a day when i got to spend time with friends i dont meet that often… and more than who i met, it was where i met that made the evening special..

it was at Anokhi’s Eco cafe. A quaint little place hidden away formed the perfect setting for a quiet tete a tete over cups of Tea and words. As you drive down TTK road(the one with Benjarong in it), you will see Park Sheraton on your right.. take the right at the signal, and drive maybe 100-200yards and you see “Eco Cafe” boardsmilesmile and a quiet entrance into haven…

This is a store cum cafe, kinda similar to Amethyst, except its wee bit smaller and not that popular… Infact, met a friend who has never heard of the place, and so not been there ever. he was stunned that such a place even existed, to top it off, he lives just around the corner… lol… today was chatting wtiha friend, who again gave me a similar reaction’ Anokhi, where is it? is it some girls hang out place…” [dont worry, i gave it back to it…lolz]..smile

Anyways… as you walk in, you dont even get a glimpse of the boutique and the cafe hidden behind the plants and trees.. Once you walk around them, you gape in awe at the setting and the cosy seating area around the back[which is a smoking zone]..smile Take your pick from the seats, have a fan keeping you cool and enjoy the bites and treats…

This was where my friday evening was spent.. 1st met a friend, chit chatted with her couple of hours, had a peach iced tea, followed by Darjeeling Tea.. and then spent some time inside the store, oggling at stuff.. their earring collection is absolutely yummilicious[ a bit on the pricey side]… and then hung around since another friend said he will come over in a bit.. gave him directions, went out, stood waving my arms about making sure he saw me..hehehe.. i really did… and then spent about an hour or so with him, talking, catching up.. nibbling on a sun dried tomato n pesto sandwich with a Masala chai… chai overdose, but was fun~!! smilesmile

Also a place that is filled with fond memories.. have met many lovely dear friends out here..smile

Phew.. this place sure makes you feel warm and nice.. no noise, no outside screaming traffic noises sliding in the air, not crowded at all, and they dont have music/tv blaring away to Glory.. so, next time you are around Adyar, or RA Puram, and in the mood for a quiet cuppa coffee or rendezvous, this is where you head…

You can send me your thanks in cash or kind.. both accepted…hehehe…or a cup of tea would also do nicely… surprised

#47/85, Chamiers
Chamiers Road, R.A. Puram
Chennai – 600028
Phone: 044-24311495

Double Bonanza … :)

My friends are my world.. and there are a few who’ve been with me since college..over a decade now.. phew.. 🙂

There is this one dear dear darling friend R, who is now married and living in USA.. we were like siamese twins.. before she got married, for about 2yrs, we got real close, every morning would dawn with a call from me to her or vice versa. and like as if we were in the big bad corporate world, we would ask each other “so, whats the POA for the day?” [for those scratching their heads on reading the jargon, POA- plan of action..lolz].. we knew we would end up either heading to Landmark( it was our hang out, CCDs werent around then), or we would be at the other’s home, killing time, talking, laughing, cooking, baking, etc … But those days were heaps of fun and i do misss her oodles now…

anyways….since she went to USA, we have been in touch thru mails, but past couple of mths the number of mails were kinda far and few between… the last was when she told me she was pregnant but was going thru a tough time, health wise.. and i knew her mom and sis were visiting her, and gonna be around till she has the baby.. the last week was trying for me,cos i dint know how she was doing… no mails, no calls. and i was unable to get thru to her number…

May 21st dawned.. it was her bday… i knew i had to talk to her… so hunted down her dad’s store number, called and got her USA number(he gave me an alt number)… and also came to know she had delivered a baby girl couple of days ahead of that…

Excitement knew no bounds… i was soo happy… that nite i called, but no response… :(… so,got down to sending her a mail, and next morning i open my gmail and voila, she has replied.. Yipee doo dee… she is doing good and so is her little girl….

Friends truly are a blessing…
🙂 Love you alll…[ this is to all my friendsssssssssssss]

Simple Joys of life-II

here are some more things that make me smile… 🙂

– going for a movie- Ironman with sis and cousin [decide last minute, hurrry burry book tickets and dash outta the house] – Monday noon… mind u~!razz

– following the movie with a trip to the Fruit shop, catching up over what’s happening in our lives over glasses of cool juices, while making snide remarks n wacko jokes about others around..;)

– going to a friends house, and spending the afternoon there.. doing nothing but chatting, and making hot Bhajji’s and pakoras… razzrazz

– watching your dog look under the car to see if any more legs [in his terms= people] are getting outta the car.. Floppy does that all the time… real funny sight it is… razzrazzrazzrazz

– “oh,am with you, so mom wont call or worry”, a dialogue by my cousin after being out with me for hours together [ i get this a lot from my cousins n kiddos in family…wonder what their parents see in me to think am confident n will take care of em…razzbut its a nice feeling]

razza friend calling up around 11pm to say hi…

– listening to my favorite song over n over on the ipod till the battery threatens to die… razzrazz

– getting a book autographed by the author [oh,its just a wonderful feeling… and the writer wasnt even some hot shot.. razz just this person who writes books for kids, picked up his latest book at the book launch event.. – Terror in Fun city, by Ramendra Kumar- will read and let you know how it is…]

-seeing someone you care about deeply surfacing once again… [after being underground for a long time…] razzrazzrazz

The live mouse trap…

Na, we dont have a mouse at home.. eeeks.. we would all be screaming from one end to the other… 🙂 this is something different..

Last nite we discovered we have a live mouse trap at home.. 😉
At around 11.30, Floppy started barking like crazy.. we thot ‘must be someone at the main gate or wandering about near it”[ cos he screams at anyone within 1 km of our home].. this went on for a while.. and then we all kinda got worried, one by one like ants we got out to inspect.. saw him with his dead inside the car, near the front wheel barking at something… thot it must be a cat… tried to wean him outta there, but he kept at it.. Dad turned on the ignition, moved the car about, front and back, nothing.. nothing ran out or scampered away, neither did we hear any whimpering… couple of secs passed.. phew.. Floppy went quiet….

and then ……… it started once again… Oh,god… we were lost.. brought out the torch n tried peeking into the tiny space.. nothing.. i was also wee bit scared”what if whatever that is inside pounces out…lolz’…. and then voila, it happened.. our man, the brave and courageous, relentless Floppy caught the rat that had been hiding inside.. it ran out, running for its life, but Floppy ran faster, it was like a race, and he caught the rat…. 😉

Phew.. night adventure was done..
we all went back in
feeling proud to have such a smart(asss) dog…hehee… 🙂

Simple Joys of life

# Watching a movie with a dear darling friend(actually she is more like a sis, or a mother to me.. very maternal n protective…), her kids and her sis’s daughters.. it was a movie i’ve seen before but nevertheless went for it… had heaps of fun,…. razz
The movie was Horton hears a who…[if u havent seen it yet, go for it.. dont wait.. damn cute adorable movie.. not to be missed.. adults n kids]

# Going to a cousin’s engagement n meeting aunts n uncles and cousins you like but havent met in ages…

# Being told that am someone with an open face, that encourages ppl to open up and talk to.. [ darn it, knew i shd have become a counsellor, would be swimming in millions by now]

# Getting words of praise and sweet nothings from colleagues as a reward for the good work that i do and for being able to deliver on time..

# Referred to as a “College student” by my best friend’s son..hehehe.. cutie pie he is… and then getting wished” happy mother’s day[cos am kinda mom to them]

# A touching sms from a friend who is miles away

# The way Floppy(for those who dont know..yet.. Floppy is my doggie) wags his tail the minute he sees me walking in thru the gate… [full speed like his tail is gonna fall off..lol] razz

# Wrapping a piece of caketo bring home for mom and dad… doing same with paan..[mom n uncle love it]

# Painting the bathroom door in a lovely shade of BLUE [ i did this all on my own…was fun…and exciting]

# Doing Tshirt painting using stencils with friend and her kids.. and watching her do paw prints on my hand..hehe,[ but the thingys fell off.. 🙁 ]

# Buying tiny cute butterfly earrings on the train [ while in bby i did loads of earring shopping while on the train.. fun]

Shall add more later… 🙂

All i can do.. all i can say….

A day no different
work and routine
taking over my time

time passed on
till dusk fell
“time to bid hello
to doctor”, granpa said

Stuck in traffic jam
mind wandering away

Tring goes the phone

saw the familiar name
smile crept up on my face
“hi Girl, whats up”
i chirp

“sniff sniff, sob sob”
was all i heard
heart racing faster
knew something was not right

“bad news A, she sobs into the phone”
My mind racing away,
wondering what it could be
“my dad passed away”

my breath, right there
yet to regain it
sense of helplessness set in

Oh,how i wish i could console her
make her feel better
make everything alright for her
my heart tugs with every minute

all i do
pray and tell her
“am here for you, always…”
she is ok….

Still lost and wondering whats going on.. am yet to digest the news…feeling so awful for my friend

i know God has a reason
but i wonder what it is…
to bring in something so shocking and such a nasty surprise
shattering their world…. sigh…. 🙁

Aaarti (c) 13th may 3pm…