No, no, i dint bring home another dog or puppy.. i wish i could.. all i did was go to a computer expo, happening at Valluvar Kottam and pick up some gizmoss…

1. Farasso Pocket Mouse – i just plug it into the USB drive and voila, mousey mouse i have for me laptop…. Rs300/-

2. Notebook cooling pad–

I never knew what this was till i saw this guy next to me buy em at the fair.. i then picked up a coversation with him(P from Delhi) and he mentioned these things keep the laptop cool, esp when we use em for long hours… Ac for me, and a cooling pad for me Vaio. cool na… 🙂 and its not even pricey- Rs 250/- vonly…

The fair was ok… loads of laptops and desktops… a canon stall with printers, scanners and wat nots.. but nothing new or exciting.. sad…. this fair/ expo is on till 5th.. for whoever is in Chennai, and interested..

Computer expo’08
Venue: Valluvar kottam
Date: 3rd to 5th may
Time: 10am to 7pm
Entry free… 🙂