Rob Reiner has made this movie “The Bucket list” to reflect upon how each one lives their lives. When two people, suffering from a terminally ill disease, share a hospital room decide to get out of there and go live life, the movie unfolds with many shades of emotions and comedy. Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson), the millionaire meets Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) in the hospital. What starts off as initial anger soon becomes a beautiful bond between two men sailing in the same boat.It all starts when Carter prepares a Bucket list (something he remembered from his college days, “a list that you make before you kick the bucket”), to which Edward adds on items and says “lets go live life to the full, and dont worry about money, for thats one thing i got in plenty”.Adding and crossing items off their list, they will grapple with difficult questions that weigh them down and in the process become true friends. A sweet heart warming tale unfolds thereon, taking us on a roller coaster ride, having us in tears, and as we walk out of the theatre, we smile, and reminisce about all the things we want to do in life… before our time comes to an end..Dont miss this sweet warm movie..