Its a case of either or… and i wonder if ever i will have Both.. am i being greedy? i sure hope not… Am talking about the BSNL broadband and the phone line working… sigh..madmad

Past couple of months the phone line has been dead, but the net worked, so we left it at it.. last week, when i went to pay the bill, the loose tongue of mine rattled away, and i slipped up on the phone line not working.. shucks… silly me..

anyways, 3days later, on thursday, around 10am, i turned on my laptop and was trying to check mails, when i saw the modem was acting up.. only Lan and Power lights were on question[u know, there are 4 blinkers in all, and 2 were dead… ] .. couple of mins later, a man comes home and says “ma’am, phone line velai seiyutha parunga? [ma’am, see if the phone line is working?].. i did.. and it was working.. Yipee~~~ but what about the net i asked him? He came in, checked the phone, and went away saying he was asked to fix the line and had done it.. mad ummm, hellow,its your job to fix the broadband as well….oh, blimey…. rolleyes I then took out my Reliance data card with a lot of grudge and plugged it in… it works, but is very slow.. signal at home, in my room is sad… works super awesome in blore in my aunt’s house..hehehe… its now been 5days, and bsnl is as dead as can be..

Yesterday, i kinda got vexed.. got into one of those moods ‘i am gonna get somethin done about this” and went to Bsnl office.. met a gentleman, who gave me a chit that looked like a leave
appl, and asked me to go meet a Mrs V in the other building… walked in.. lost.. the freaking building had a zillion rooms.. luckily the rooms had names.. phew.. found her.. poured out my woes all over again.. she checked her system and asked me some baffling que’s –

-have you been using this number past 2mths? twistedsmile Duh,2mths and about 8yrs woman…

– it says you have ISD facility? do you? – twistedduh, how do i know.. the line’s been dead for a while now.. anyways, its the net that is the problem, can we get back to that now pls…[getting frustrated]twisted

-says new connection.. no broadband on this number- what the Heck… are u sure woman, chk again plsss.. ufff.. how tough can it be…twistedsmile

this is when another lady sitting beside me took over and the sweet thing called some numbers, and got me some answers..and gave me her number, and said “give me a call around 3″… V then said “go meet P, who’s in the room on the right side, he is in charge of your area”… i then walk around, find the room, but no P… an old lady said he has gone upstairs, will come… so stood outside the room..[felt like i was calvin standing outside the principal’s office..lolz]..

Another man from the neiboring room walked by, and asked me”who are u waiting for ma?”… i said “Mr P”.. he then looked at that old lady and gave her some orders [get the girl to wait, tell P he has someone waiting for him…] and he called P who came down in a flash of a sec… sweet guy… 😉 met him… told me he will get it sorted out in a day… again made a call, instructig some guy to chk our modem and update him…

well, i waited at home all day, no one turned up… today morn, a guy came, chked the line, modem and said he will complain to AE and went away… confusedconfusedwahhh.. i wanna scream…. confused

so, me still stuck with the silly Reliance.. sigh…
net works like a snail

pages open when they wish to

and i sit praying net is fast enuf for me to do some work… and ofcourse post this entry…

ok.. this is out.. am outta here.. enuf ranting for one evening… rolleyes

What do you think i shd do to get my Bsnl fixed???? plsss helppppppppppppppppppp… questionquestionconfusedconfused