During my Delhi trip [ which happened long long ago.. in sep 07], i had picked up this chime from Dilli Haat [ what an evening it was, had been there with my uncle and cousin, ]… It was pretty, it was blue and pretty[did i mention it already??lol biggrin], and just hanging there, i picked it up, looked at the shopkeeper asking him the price, for which he coolly replied ” madam, aapko jo dena hain deejiye”.. and wandered away..biggrinbiggrin

Lakshmi sat on a baby rocking chair and had funlol.. uncle looked at me asking “how much do i give him”.. i said “maybe 75, and 100 at the most, not more”.. biggrinuncle too wandered off looking for the guy and finally ended up giving him 150bucks.. [so much for bargaining n quoting a price] .. hehehe.. smilesmile

It sat in my bag post the trip, and finally last week, brought it out and decided to hang it in my room… all were going “ooh, aaah, its so prettysmile, such cute bells.. like a top with a tinge of blue in it[the game]”… today i hung it from a holder in my roomsmile[the holder was put ages ago, and a hammock used to be hanging from it]…

Looks prettty… and catches everyone’s eye as they walk in.. they all wanna reach out n get the bells to ring… and when i sit to work on my laptop, it is just above my head… smilesmile