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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Salute to Jane McGrath~~

Been meaning to put up this post, but just kept slipping by..

I am a big fan of cricket... and my fav team are the Aussies.. so naturally, i keep myself abreast on whats happening out there...
Couple of days back when i read about Jane McGrath's passing away, i felt sad.. Not just for her, what she has been through, but also for her kids and Glen~~~

Its such a strange world we live in... one minute we hear of someone having a baby or celebrating their Birthday, and next minute people are passing away..

but the beauty is that people who pass on do leave behind lovely memories, and thoughts for those around them to treasure and cherish....

And this woman, Jane, is held in such regard in Australia, not because she was a famous Cricketer's wife, but for all that she has done for others suffering from Cancer and her positive attitude till the end....

""English-born Jane's long battle with cancer has been headline news in Australia for the past decade because of her marriage to McGrath, one of Australia's most successful and popular fast sportsmen, and their promotion of breast cancer awareness.

The couple started up their own foundation to raise money for breast cancer research and were recognised for their charity work earlier this year when they were appointed as Members of the Order of Australia.

Jane was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 then bone cancer in 2003 but made a full recovery both times.

She was diagnosed for the third time in 2006, prompting McGrath to take eight months off cricket to care for her and their two young children.""

Reading about her in the news makes me hope and pray that one day people will remember me like this... [ i shall be truly happy and content if they do]

""Sue Murray, chief executive of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, said Jane McGrath's work in providing support for specialist breast cancer nurses would leave a lasting legacy.

"The role model that she has presented to women right throughout her journey has been inspiring, has been very supportive and very encouraging for all women who go through breast cancer," Ms Murray said""


Chakoli said...

Ahhh I heard about this this morning only... feels sad indeed!!!

may her soul rest in peace...

A bitter truth of life that we need to leave this world fr sure....

Rauf said...

oh so sad Aaarti, Glen perhaps belongs to the last of the decent breed in world cricket. My mom died of the same, she was in my arms when she took her last breath, i could never forget those last moments. i think i wrote about in my most favourite post 'mother earth alive'

Keshi said...

ty for stopping by my blog to wish me on my bday Aarti :)

btw d u know Jane McGrath's story was behind the theme of my bday post? Cos it was her funeral yday (on my bday) and thats why I wrote a post abt living one DAY at a time. Cos life is very short!

I also wrote a post especially for her and will be publishing it soon.

RIP Jane we love ur brave spirit!



That was sad...Macgrath is my favourite..not only for precision but also for his attitude..
how hard it might t be for him...
i liked your blog..
me too blog..
do visit..

Lakshmi said...

I was so touched when I read about this as well..and those little children ..their poise even with all the media attention during this tragedy...

Macadamia The Nut said...

Some deaths are so pointless. When you see the multitude of ill and suffering people waiting to die and then watch the bright sparks being snuffed out instead... just doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

I could actually draw parallels between the perennial debate on "Journey Vs Destination" and the kind of input survivors of chronic ailments make in the society ( which somehow is full of morbid people ).Survivors like Armstrong ( and even victims like Jane ) gave every bit of primacy to the Journey-always knowing that their destination will come a little sooner than those who declare themselves "healthy"...Calls for attitude and strength of character- the way I see it.

Anonymous said...

And yes, blogrolling you,


Prerna said...

I don't know much about Jane but I am a big fan of Glenn Macrath and am sad for him.

vishesh said...

u r tagged!

Dusty Fog said...

Beautiful isn't it? And you know what, it's refreshing to see people like yourself actually doing their bit to immortalise people like Jane and making sure that people will know of her contributions to lessen the suffering of people around her.
And someday i hope to make a picture of mine like that one you have put up of Glen & jane. God, i so love that.But life has it's own let's see...: )

Aaarti said...

Hey Everyone

yep, when someone passes on, its only at times we have something to remember them by(apart from their connection to our lives)...

My heart goes out to those small kids.... God will hopefully give them the strength they need to get thru life~~

and to Glen ofcourse~~

Aaarti said...

@Rauf - Oh,Gosh! that must have been so difficult....
Shall chk out that post~~

@Keshi - yep, i got that from your bday post girl.. sweet of you~

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