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Friday, July 11, 2008

Celebration of sorts

July 11th is a day that began with some wonderful thots in my mind... as i got out of bed, i remembered it was my Friend B's bday [college mate, who used to be a good friend and well, over the years, our friendship has drifted a bit, but i still think of her and miss her loads]

Still remember the look on her face when we got her a chocolate cake for her bday, which was the 2nd day after college opened... a bunch of us pooled in Rs 5 each, and got a cake from Cakes n Bakes... Got her to come to classroom after college and she was stumped... 1. cos she was touched... and 2.. now, this takes the cake.;.hehe... she hates chocolate [the flavour...cakes candy toffee everything...hehehe].. so, we anyways got her to cut it, and all of us dug into it!!
Happpy birthday B.. hugsss

July 11th is also my cousin's 1st anniversary... cousin or should i say uncle.. see, our family is so big that some of my mom's cousins are my age or younger... this guy E, is about a year younger than me, but by relation my uncle..lolz... but we are thick as thieves, grew up together and are very close... here is where it gets wierd... he married a girl, A, who is my cousin.. aka his cousin bro's daughter... so he is kinda married to his niece... hahahaha...[he reads this, i am dead]... :D

They are celebrating their 1st anniversary..... Happpy Anniversary Guys!!!

Another friend, D (we are yet to meet btw) also celebrates 1st anniversary.... She is probably the only one i know who has such a longgggggggggg name.. her 1st name, her dad's last name, and her hubby's name, all rolled into it.. quite a mouthful!!! she had promised that we will meet come her anniversary... lets see if that happens!!

Oh, how can i forget.. one more friend, VP, celebrates her 1st anniversary.... and she has a baby boy, born about a mth or so ago... :) I've met her once or twice, she is my dear friend N's friend, and the one thing i remember about her is how she helped us all wear our sarees the perfect way at my friend,N's wedding.. [u know the kind where your pallu is straight, pleats are perfect, and not a thread out of place... ]

Here's wishing all of you the veryyyyyyyyy best in life and loadssssssssss of happiness~!


vishesh said...

lol,now thats a lot for a single day...

Lakshmi said...

love calvin ...happy celebrations

Anonymous said...

All the very best to you too :)

Chakoli said...

so much achived in asingle day to chrish for lifetime:))

Anonymous said...

lots of thinds on a single day :P
well all the best to u too..
and the calvin hobbes strip was good..

niceguy251 said...


You must have had very hectic day wishing all of them if not visiting them all.

Take care

Aaarti said...

Oh,yes.. every now and then this happens... everyone is celebrating their birthdays, anniversary and wat not~~ :D

khairy said...

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