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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Emotions run amock

The past week has been kinda difficult for all of us.. i cant really say difficult, more like something we were not looking forward to.. nothing bad was gonna happen... its just that my cousin/bro, V was leaving for the USA to pursue his under grad... It seems like it was yesterday he said he had gotten admission into the ASU, and now he has already boarded the plane and on his way to Yankee land.. sigh...

I've been spending a lot of time with him, being with him, packing, gen hanging out and talking about everything under the sun... his friends have been home almost thru the day, they kept floating in and out... sweet kids~!

V is the same age as my sis, and we are kinda close... lot of similarities between us, infact at times i wonder how am closer to him than to my own sis.... :)

We talk about gizmos, games, PS, phones, ipod, music, techno stuff, and what not for hours... and we love watches.. oggling at them, admiring them and buying them as well...

As i was helping him pack his bags, i realised the little birdie who was born 45 days premie, had a big head, and was dorky looking has become a smart, mature cookie and ready to fly the nest[as my friend said it]... he had my friends, my sis's friends and family friends calling wishing him good luck!! That is the kind of person he is..adorable, friendly and always smiling... wont hesitate to ask for help, nor to offer help.. but dont mess with him, cos that is a side you dont wanna see..[ not that i have, but have heard of it from his friends]

last evening, all of us were at his house, gen flitting about... and when time came to leave for the airport, it was so emotional.....the air was heavy n tense... his friends also came along.. a few close ones!!! and by the time he was done with baggage chk in and ready to head to immigration we were all an emotional wreck!! it was like the final moment... even though we would be seeing him in Dec, it seemed like far away!!

Good luck kiddo and have a fun time wherever you go!!
Miss you tonnessssssssssssssssssssss...!!!


Rauf said...

Big heads in great demand in yamareeka. He will do well there.
Don worree. hope you don't have to teach his parents how to chat and all. i have been doing that for some parents buying computers and training them, Aiyoo i don know what this skype is. you better teach me.

vishesh said...

ha well,i remember the time when aunt got married and went to US(now they are back here) was like everyone was there...almost like the worth of existence is magnified ...

niceguy251 said...


This is the life. We grow up together and then part to go our ways. You have set a flood of old memories for me. Do keep in touch with his parents as they are going to miss him the maximum and help them to be in touch with him on net by mail or chats.

Do visit me again now.

Take care

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