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Monday, July 28, 2008

Theater opens in Chennai!!

Its that time of the year once again...
the screens are about to open
people waiting for the doors to open

An evening spent with actors, performances and words!!

Yep, The Hindu's Metro Plus Theater Fest is back!!!

Book your tickets

Dont wait up!!!


Dont miss it!!! :D


Vrij said...

U seem to be one major theatre freak.. I like the performances too.. but sadly, we dont really get good ones here in Hyderabad. And if at all they are here, they are priced way too high for my wallet.

Aaarti said...

Yep, love going for plays, concerts etc etc... i discovered its one place where i also bump into people i know... and sometimes make new friends!! :)

Ouch!! that cant be good, am sure there are some which are not so pricey.. here too, if you see, tickets start from 500 n go on till 150(which is where i

Chakoli said...

Whooaaa u are athetre freak kewl dear...

somehw Idnt like them :(

vishesh said...

ha...will try to go there this time :)

uma kumar said...

love to watch plays if only there is time in life

uma kumar said...

love to watch plays if only there is time in life

niceguy251 said...


Read both posts. Burst of Joy, yes when you meet someone close unexpectedly it gives you so much of pleasure that is beyond words. I too like watching theatre but these day hardly get time from my daily chores. No,to be honest I rather spend quality time with my grandchildren ( 2 from daughter's side - girl 7 years and boy 2 years who visit us regularly as they stay close by and 7 months old girl from son's side ) than go out. This really give me a very very high.

Take care

ceedy said...


keep us updated...since I cant attend...and you enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

I am coming to Chennai on 9th to catch the play... Hehe! Maybe we could bump into each other! :)

Anonymous said...

i have never tried till now but now tht y seem to be so excited i wish if i could check those out

haritha said...

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