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Monday, July 21, 2008

What a contrast~

Got back to sweltering HOT POWER CUT filled Chennai today morning... Oh, Gosh, the minute i stepped off the train, i could feel the sweat and the heat... shucks.. why cant chennai weather be like blore.. atleast once in a while~~

But for what it was worth, the weekend was fun... had a work related meeting, that took place around Lunch at this quaint little cafe, Cafe Schorlemmer on the roof top at Max Mueller Bhavan, CMH road.. lovely place... cool breeze flowing through the place, yummmy food(tho a wee bit on the pricey side) and good company... :)

Apart from this, managed to spend oodles of time with cousins, aunt,uncle n gramma.. and the icing on the cake- meeting friends... this time was different.. met them at new places... one set of friends(who also happen to be brothers) and i caught up at Cafe coffee day at RMZ Infinity[old madras road, just hop skip jump from Big Bazaar].. just fell in love with the place, the open space and the water falls, fountain etc.... nice!!!

And then zoomed around to the other side of town, to Residency road, to ..... yummlicious Corner House to catch up with another friend and his wife [ they just got married, i had been to blore for that as well...sweet couple]... chit chat over a cup of Apple pie n ice cream was just sinful!!! :)

Oh, and there is a book exhibition going on in Cunningham Road, near Indian express, at this place called Lady Jahangir Kothawala hall.. some good books, i even managed to grab a copy of F1 2005 edition( filled with awesome pics from various events..)and it costed only Rs95... they have some other good stuff as well.. its on till Aug 5th, so if you are in blore and a book worm, do chk it out~!

Thereis also a north easter craft fair at the Indian Institute of Engineers, opp Indian express.. some unique stuff from Nagaland, manipur, etc...

Looking fwd to my next visit already!!! :)

Hope u all had a lovely weekend!! :)

Now, back to work


niceguy251 said...


Banglore is really good. I have been there a few times way back in late 60s and then 82. Enjoyable. I am told now it has changed a lot with open spaces taken up for expansions.

Thanks for your visit. Please do keep visiting.

Take care

vishesh said...

lol damn i want to leave chennai for a while...its soooo boring with all these exams......

Rauf said...

i can't sing Orti, but i will not sing a song about Chennai or write a poem on Couvum or the garbage, But Chennai is a place to live peacefully. Nothing happens here.
All the laughs and humour is provided by our Amma Appa and their sidekicks. EEEEEEEEEEE, i don't know much about our local political scene. Though i don't read news papers, i get to hear the jokes about our clowns, we seem to have a good stock of them.
We have nauseating ghastly FM stations, out of them 104.8 is pretty good. (Sp. early mornings) Bangalore has some good ones i hear. Most of the time Invicta FM from Kent is on, hardly any interuuption
try it out, very good presentation
leave it on like Chhaya kadai.
Been living in this neighbourhood for 50 years now, we came here in 1958 before your Dad was born. Now i can't cross the road where i used to play cricket with my streetmates, most of them have moved out.

CM-Chap said...

Don't curse Chennai... Even Newyork weather is same.... Its burning here.

Anonymous said...

i have never been to banglore... :( and yeah chennai weather sucks..worst part is no winters :( i just love them..after coming to chennai the most thing i miss is winter
and 2 hours daily power cut ..damn..

Anonymous said...

chennai has power cuts too?so does bbay.:(
nvr been to b'lore...everyone raves about the city..need to make a visit soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you like b'lore weather, because I personally think it's become terrible! It's become humid, hot, sweaty and the 10-hour-a-day power cuts make it worse! Bah!

Aaarti said...

Well, lets jus say i enjoyed blore weather only bcos i wasnt sweating my brains out and was able to get thru the day without digging into my purse for tissues and dint get brain drained~~

apart from that, well, blore is nice cos i have plenty of friends n cousins.... :D n ofcourse shopping options~!

Aaarti said...

All said and done Rauffeee, ur right.. i wouldnt wanna live anywhere but namma chennai... the roads, the people and jus abt everything here is nice.. i love it here~~

and offlate, there has been an increase in no. of plays, concerts etc, which makes the city more fun.. infact my cousin who was here, doing PG, said it was boring but now she in blore and says blore is boring..hehehe..:)

and errr.. me dad was born 1948...hehehe... :D

Rauf said...

Aiyoo Ramchandarji, me born in 1948 january, i must be older than your dad, there is no month before January. Yase Yase, more creative activities in Chennai, i comebleetly yakree with you Ortee,
saw one 2 weeks ago, dance drama in museum thettar. Revathi Ramchandran (different from my Aiyoo Ramchandarji) the ting appeared on Friday features too. big article.
Right now its like Bangalore in my room.... cools

Aaarti said...

Ohhh,mee dad was born in the march of 1948 :D

i did not see dat, i vonly sawed that play called Wedding album by girish karnad, tho there were no albums in it , nor was there a wedding.. was like watching daily routine on stage.. and by paying :)
Now, looking fwd to the Metro plus theater fest, hopefully some of the plays be good..

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