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Saturday, July 19, 2008

What a weather~~~

This place makes me wish i could stay here forever...
The lovely cool weather is just sinful!!
can go about walking through the city n not feel tired
loads of shopping... never ending...everytime i visit!!

Oh,yes.. am away!! Am in BLORE!! :) Yipee!!! :)
here till tomorrow nite~ and then back to routine chennai.. Sigh!!


Anitha said...

My hubby is there too, and he called and told that the weather is lovely too, after light showers in the morning.

- Anitha

vishesh said...

:) lol,been a long time since i went there :)

Rauf said...

what you doin in sinful wedder ? Drinking Daaru ?
walking in Bungalooroo ?
what a ghastly idea !!!
people from Bunagalooroo come to Matraass for sopping.
Prend of mine says there is no place like Sarvana anywhere in the warld
he bot 4 belts, loads of shirts coats and 60 underwears
what ? 60 ?
people of new hampshire don wear any underclothes ? why you buying 60 ?....oh deeah !
there is no place like Sarvana he said. says walmart has some lessons to learn from dem

Aaarti said...

@anitha - yep, the weather is simply heavenly..which is what makes this place so awesome!!! :)

@Vishesh- finish ur exams fastly n come off here for a holiday

Aaarti said...

Oh,yes, i doing a lot of shopping heres...stuff is betters n nicess, nd so much to choose from... :D
Nowhere in chennai we are of the walking so much, we getting killed by traffic or falling into ditches n pallams...eeks~~

Btw, me yet to muster enuf guts to walk into Saravana.. walk past it,see it from outside and then rush off!!:)

Vrij said...

Oh yeah... Big Band has awesome weather! Enjoy the breeze n rain! Go sit in Cubbon park at 3PM and enjoy the weather change by 3.45Pm and by 4, it will turn simply wonderful!

Lakshmi said...

personally I dont like Bangalore weather..all that brings is a sack of viruses , allergies and aches and pains..madras may be hot , but its healthy

Solitaire said...

Live in the moment!! :)
Enjoy maadi!

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