bsnl …. reliance….

Nope.. this aint a post about diff Telecom companies.. i am talking about why am away from Blogsville and rest of NET world… its all BSNL’s fault… the connection died and so me battling with silly useless Reliance netcard…

been calling the cus support guys everyday and all they say is “ma’am, your companint is pending”….

pray for me!!!! sigh….

Books am reading….

been reading this for some time now.. but just cant seem to finish it..everytime i pick it up, i start at the beginning…. πŸ™‚ 
An amazing book.. picked it up cos a friend recommended it, and must say i’ve not been able to put it down.. got another 20pages to go!! very nice..funny, wacko.. and so insightful!!  
Bought it at Odyssey cos it seemed interesting, just started on it!!!  

Movie marathon!!! :)

My friend and i went for the movie – The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor/ The Mummy 3, with tickets not being available for any others… anyways, we enjoyed the movie… loads of wacko scenes.. action… amazing effects… the sights are worth it!!!  Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh launch into a vigorous sword fight β€” and what a grand pleasure it is to watch these two world-class stars in action again… 
Ever since we saw the promos for Bachna ae haseeno, me and my friend wanted to check it out… we knew it was probably a brainless romantic , but dint expect a diff version of DDLJ….  
The journey of rich spoilt boy Raj Sharma (Ranbir Kapoor) is the main plot of this movie…. He meets three girls at different stages of his life: Mahi (Minissha Lamba) – a small-town girl from Punjab, who is looking for Raj(SRK of DDLJ), Radhika  who becomes Shreya (Bipasha Basu) – a model from Ranchi in Mumbai, with whom he has a live in relationship and finally flees when he gets a proj in Aus… and finally Gayatri (Deepika Padukone) – an NRI taxidriver from Australia. The film is about a boy who goes from one love affair to another, only to run into true love and then being dumped, cos she isnt ready for marriage… this forces him to look back on all the nasty heartbreaks he has been responsible for, and he goes back to all those women!!! 
Oh, how can i sign off without mentioning the drop dead Gorgeous Kunal kapoor…divine!!! πŸ™‚ 
Except for Khuda jaane, none of the other songs are really nice.. infact songs not really needed!!  
I saw this movie at my friend’s house.. she was sleeping and i was sifting thru her dvd collection, thought this might be fun.. and i LOVE animated movies.. but it was wacko and a bit boring!!!  Am talking about The Ugly Ducklinbg and me… the only sweet thing about the movie is — don’t worry if you’re not accepted by those around you, you are special!!!  

[fiction or watever] The love!!!

She walked out onto the porch
He looked up at her and then went back to staring into space…
She sat next to him… put his head on her lap… and started running her hands over his body…
It felt so soft n warm…. she thought to herself.. i could sit like this forever…..
“How u doing today sweetums?, why being so quiet?”
she continued… “You know what i would love, us in a house far away from this crazy world… loads of open space and beautiful mountains around… wouldn’t that be perfect?”
no reply… no nothing…

“You mad at me or something? hmmm, i dint do nothing, i know… Cmon now, look at me”
He did… looked up at her,and turned his face away
Rested his chin on her leg and just lay there…
“Are you tired? hungry? Do you want me to get you some hot coffee? or something to eat?”, she asked
No reply….
“Oye, mister, tell now….”, she pleaded….
Nope, nothing from him…

Just then, there came a voice from inside the house….
“A, can you come help me in the puja room please?” It was her gramma…

Haan, am coming… Not doing anything here.. he wont say anything, just wants to be left alone, i guess.
“Just give him his evening coffee, am sure he would like that”, she replied…
“Ok, am coming’, saying that she began to get off the step…

NO NO NO.. he began to protest..
just wouldnt let go of her…. held on tight…. clinging to her legs
Cmon now, stop being a baby,sweety, i shall come back and be with you in a bit!! ….

Floppy.. let me go already…. u mangy muttt!!!;)

Was just in a wacko moood… hehehe… he did have his cuppa coffee and lapped it up in seconds!!! πŸ™‚

Ants in my ………….

Every morning, its become a routine…
i get up, off my bed, and start looking around my room…
Behind the curtains
under the books
near the computer table
underneath my laptop… Oh,yes, i do!!
these red tiny pests just seem to be everywhere,…
Where do they come from????
They have just taken over our house.. red ants… pop out of nowhere and looks like they are hereto stay!!
I keep an unopened packet of biscuits… chappati and in couple of minutes i see a string of ants….  How dare they!!!!
We make rice and keep it in the pressure cooker
By late evening… eeeks… yep, ants all over it..
what is it ?
do they think our home is their home??
is it a case of mistaken identity or are they just dumb??
  • i spray HIT
  • pour hot water
  • Wipe them clean
  • draw cute zig zag lines with Lakshman reka(its like a chalk piece thingy that is supp to work against roaches n ant… wonder if it does!!! they simply find an alt  b%^*&^ #)
and ta da… its almost like they are performing magic… there they are !!!!
wagging their itsy bitsy butt saying “whatcha gonna do now.. we are back.. na ni na ni na ni….”… Hmfph!!!!
At the entrance of our home, you will be greeted not by us, but by a whole clan of red ants, Happily forming a chain or a necklace.. all over the freaking place  and i wonder what they have found now!!!
where is that Hit can???

[Movie] Freedom Writers

It is very rare to come upon a movie that affects us so deep and leaves us soaking in its dialogues and acting…

A movie i saw couple of days back was like that … i was randomly surfing channels, when i hit upom HBO and what i saw had me glued, so much so, i told my grandparents to wait a bit to have dinner… The movie was  Freedom Writers

These are days when am so glad i have a set top box and have the privilege of watching such wonderful movies…!!!

It is based on a true story of a young idealistic white school teacher who gets a job in a high school filled with black kids and gangs. Yes, the initial many of the scenes reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer in  Dangerous Minds,  and Sidney Poitier in To Sir with love, but this was different.. It is Freedom Writers, adapted from the diaries of Woodrow Wilson High School students, with Hilary Swank as the teacher[her 1st time in the job] who is trying to change the world, or atleast teach and make a mark on couple of students, who have the potential but not given adequate attention.

Erin Gruwell aka Miss G, (Hilary Swank) is a simple white girl with grand ideas and thats is when she volunteers to take her first teaching job[actually she is a student teacher] at racially charged, run down Wilson High School in South Central Los Angeles [ The film is the city reeling with the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots]. Located in gang-ravaged Long Beach, California, Woodrow Wilson High is a filled with rough kids and  violence. On her first day, she walks into the class in a bright cherry-red suit and black pumps, her strand of pearls gleaming in her neck, and looks quite goofy in a class of rugged black kids…

The students are understandably skeptical, excruciatingly contemptuous. From where they sit, slumped and hunched, some with their backs literally turned away from the front of the room, Erin looks like the stranger she is, but slowly weaves her way into the lives of these helpless kids!!

While never having heard of the Holocaust, these kids are well-versed in the pain of poverty, the legal system, and death. Their devoted teacher Erin Gruwell never gives up, she slowly bonds with her class, giving them books to read{Diary of Anne Frank, Odyssey], helping them vent out all the pain and agony within them through the journals. The Scene where she gives them each a book and says she will read them only if the student gives her permission is where the change happens [ the trust develops and slowly they open up to her and learn to alter their lifestyles,. looking fwd to school…]  
Meanwhile, a strain is put on Erin’s marriage as her student involvement gradually takes priority over her personal life. The intensity with which Erin relates to her work threatens her husband (Patrick Dempsey), who in seeing Erin’s transformation, is reminded of his own stagnancy.. She even pleads with him to take up studying architecture, which is what he wanted, but he walks out, leaving her lost and alone… 

Erin asks the kids to write letters to Miep Gies (Pat Carroll), the woman who hid Anne from the Nazis. In order to raise money for Gies to come to California, Erin takes a weekend job at the Mariott! With three jobs, shewords towards taking her students on field trips (to a Holocaust museum) and dinners at the hotel’s restaurant.  The other teachers balk. They go to the school board and protest,but Erin wins!!!! πŸ™‚

Freedom Writers works because the group of teenage actors they’ve brought together in it are anbsolutely awesome, raw, and their  performances make it worth watching. 

Oh, thank you… thank you!!!

My Blog journey has been quite interesting…

I started blogging about 3yrs back.. but never really bothered much about writing regularly.. it was just a cache to store my poems, and reviews.. but soon the blog bug bit me and i got into writing regularly..

And know what.. since then, my life has become awesome…. it has helped me share, it has helped me reach out to so many people.. i dint know existed!! and today, i have received an award from someone who i find is awesome… mature for his age and writes like nobody i know –Vishesh


Now, i shall honor some more amazing bloggers with this award!!! 
In no particular order πŸ˜‰
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The Train man- Vrij 
Indian Home Maker – am lost for words!!!
Tamizhmagan Cm- chap πŸ˜‰
Lakshmi the Traveller… πŸ™‚
Chaks – the sweet buddy!!
Rauf , the 2am friend!!


[Movie] My Sassy Girl aka Yeopgijeogin geunyeo

My Sassy Girl, A movie i had no clues of, and had bought couple of weeks back only because the cover looked interesting.. Little did i know that Bollywood was going to come out with their version of this, titled Ugly Aur pagli ….
Its one of those movies that has you smiling, laughing and gasping every now and then. A light romantic comedy where the lead actors are Gyeon-woo( cute simple looking (Korean pop singer Cha Tae-hyun, in his feature film debut) and ofcourse the vivacious, brash,sweet, genteel girl (who doesnt reallly have a name, but is ref to as Ji-hyun Jun, played by Gianna Jun)..
The movie has three parts… 1st one being the First Half… Second Half and then the Overtime!!

The story kicks off with college student Gyeon-woo crossing paths with a drunk girl in the train station. He then hoists her into the train, where she promptly pukes on a fellow passenger, and before passing out, the girl looks at Gyeon-woo and calls him ‘honey’. The other passengers assuming him to be the hapless girl’s boyfriend, demand that Gyeon-woo look after her and he takes off his shirt to clean up the passenger’s(on whom she threw up)shirt. After carrying her on his back for what seems to be miles, Gyeon-woo takes the girl where he meets destiny… he gets arrested and thrown into jail, where he gets a chance to rub shoulders wit a gang….  Here is where the movie begins, and all the fun unravels…

They meet quite often, coincidence at times, and others is when she calls him and orders him to get somewhere to meet her… She is brash, and a bully at it.. πŸ™‚  When they dine out and Gyeon-woo orders anything but coffee, she barks her mantra “Do you wanna die?” and then promptly changes his order to coffee. When her feet begin aching from walking wearing heels her mom got her, she talks him to a point where he is forced to switch his comfortable running shoes into her high heels.
Since she likes to write, she subjects him to reading her scripts.. Each one with a twist, but one commonn thread being the girl is from the future..[ In one of the funniest scenes, Gyeon-woo gives her screenplays to a film producer, who winds up getting ill, throwing up minutes after reading it… ]

.. Inspite of her constant whacks and thwacks, Gyeon-woo finds himself hopelessly hooked on this ‘sassy girl’. And though the girl seems to relish in humiliating and belittling those around her, it becomes clear that underneath the brash exterior is a wounded soul who holds a genuine affection for Gyeon-woo. She is going through a heart break so deep, she finds herself confused unable to decide….
Their relationship continues in this manner for quite some time, and they are more like friends, except they arent really just friends…. The meetings with her family where her dad drinks a few shot and then Thud, falls on the table… Gyeon woo’s mom beating him with whatever she has in her hands, are some of the wacko scenes in the movie….
Towards the last part of the movie, it takes a U turn, adding a bit of twist to the plot… What happens to their relationship… how far do they go or not.. and what is her story are told beautifully… the scenes touch us so deep, that we become one with the characters…
The final scene takes the cake!!!! [noway, i aint given it out…]
Watch it to enjoy it!! the movie runs for nearly 2hrs, which is a rare thing for any movie apart from our Indian ones!!!
Oh and watch this clip… one of the beautiful scenes in the movie… couldnt resist…. πŸ™‚

[Tag] The yesterday… today … and Tomorrow…

And now, i attack the one sent by Churningthewordmill. The Rules of the tag are,
 ” Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.
Your oldest memory:
 Ahh, how much i enjoyed the years… the fondest memories have to be where i would finish my exams, and leave to Chennai that very evening… Would get the treatment fit for a Queen here at grandparents house.. Movie videos, Bill cosby show, A Team, and a couple of cans of Coke would wait for me… and would get back to Madurai/Tirunelveli on the day of school reopening.. heading straight to school after hurriedly changing into uniform after landing at the station… πŸ™‚
What were you doing 10 years ago?
Hmmm… now, when was that??? oh,ya.. 1998… I was just completing my BCom and prepping for our Light music concert(which was organised and done by us 3 stooges, to raise funds for the college.. the contribution from our dept towards that was nearly 3.5lacs…. ) and we were looking forward to the Munnar trip!!

Your first thought today morning:
Oh,i wonder where Floppy is going to be hiding this morning… lol… woke up at 6, sleep walked around and found him in the back yard staring at nothing and barking…. and the sweet yelp he gave when he saw me, made my day!!! πŸ™‚
If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?
“rubbing hands and smiling in glee like Calvin”… i would build a capsule that has all the thoughts, words, love i have for my friends in it,plus as an afterthought mite put in my ipod and some books, ofcourse all my contacts in it as well… so that when they do discover it in the future they would see all this…

This year ….

Its Aug 2009 already??? where did the time fly… now, i demand you bring back all those other mths i;m, yet to live… there are so many places to explore.. new things to try out….i need more than a few mths in the year!! :))

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Excuse me.. 14yrs u said?? are you outta your mind… i have no clues what am doing tomorrow.. hmfph
let me think… thinkin thinkin thinkin hard… ok… ya, maybe… I would have written a book on travelling, the various places i’ve been to… would be living in a quaint cottage with about 10 dogs, and a zillion butterflies.. πŸ™‚  and still have my lovely sweet friends around !! [thats it.. am a simple person wit sweeet needs]
Now… its time to Tag some peepals….

I am gonna target Vishesh , Ceedy , Chandni  and Aru

have a lovely day all!!!!