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Friday, August 22, 2008

Ants in my .............

Every morning, its become a routine...
i get up, off my bed, and start looking around my room...
Behind the curtains
under the books
near the computer table
underneath my laptop... Oh,yes, i do!!
these red tiny pests just seem to be everywhere,...
Where do they come from????
They have just taken over our house.. red ants... pop out of nowhere and looks like they are hereto stay!!
I keep an unopened packet of biscuits... chappati and in couple of minutes i see a string of ants....  How dare they!!!!
We make rice and keep it in the pressure cooker
By late evening... eeeks... yep, ants all over it..
what is it ?
do they think our home is their home??
is it a case of mistaken identity or are they just dumb??
  • i spray HIT
  • pour hot water
  • Wipe them clean
  • draw cute zig zag lines with Lakshman reka(its like a chalk piece thingy that is supp to work against roaches n ant... wonder if it does!!! they simply find an alt  b%^*&^ #)
and ta da... its almost like they are performing magic... there they are !!!!
wagging their itsy bitsy butt saying "whatcha gonna do now.. we are back.. na ni na ni na ni...."... Hmfph!!!!
At the entrance of our home, you will be greeted not by us, but by a whole clan of red ants, Happily forming a chain or a necklace.. all over the freaking place  and i wonder what they have found now!!!
where is that Hit can???


vishesh said...

lol try calling the pest control :P

Chakoli said...

hehhehehehhee :))
seems u r tooo sweet and they are addicted to sweetnes :))))

Vrij said...

I donno why they come over, but here's something more pleasing to do to stop them. Ants draw up a path with the smell of special hormones called pheromones. You just need to get something stronger than that to stop them in their tracks. I use a room freshener. There's of course no point killing a hundred of the thousands that exist. Use some perfume/room freshner and they'll run back on their tracks!

Renu said...

I thought that only i have so many ants everywhere:)

While mopping the floor put either some kerosine, or vinegar or domizol. Today I got i done and so far they are not near me:)

Rauf said...

You chokrees, you forgot our sanskaar our traditions.
you putees kolam with rice flour
why kolam ?
it keeps the ants out of the house.
or putees some sugar in the backyard
Better still, you give the house to the ants and move some where else.
give a hug to plappy from me.

niceguy251 said...


Do you have a garden or lawn? If so, check for their hideouts at that place. Also make LAKSHMAN REKHAS using Haldi or turmeric powder.

I also agree with Chakoli. LOL.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Dig a circle(2 feet deep) all around your home and fill it with water. Spray HIT inside the circle area i.e., home-area and rest water will stop new ones to cross.
How is the idea ?
Good but who will implement ???

Rauf said...

terripic idea
call a Travel Agent
tell him to count the ants
buy tickets for all the ants
send them on a holiday to Spain

Static Brain said...

I would hand you a can of ant killer if I could, but I don't think I can squeeze through the internet. You should look at the store for something stronger than what you are using to kill them. Hope you can get the problem under control. Good luck.

Roop said...

ROFLMAO I hear your pain girl i soooo do!

Indian Home Maker said...

Hit is a chemical, you'll end up inhaling it. I recommend stringent use of Lakshman Rekha. I think it's just a passing phase, maybe the weather, is it too hot? Is it raining? Our cat was meowing miserably a few days back and we found ants in his food - its dry cat food, Royal Canine, no sugar just some fish and Ph balance food, and still there were red ants in it!

Indian Home Maker said...

I think I am going to try Vrij's method...By the way I also never kill ants and cockroaches, we buy these white tablets that I leave in all corners, and we never have cockroaches and lizards, though some ants do appear where ever we have not put these 15/- a pack tablets. These environment friendly and non poisonous tablets are sold as 'Statue Tablets' in Pune. In Bombay they were called 'Cockrep'...they are very effective, just ask a chemist, he'll probably guide you. Try them.

Vik Rajagopalan said...

I think you are ant fucked :-D

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