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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i wanna be PRESS too....

Today morning was coming back home from friend's house and my auto and all other vehicles were halted by cops near Gemini Fly over for a couple of minutes... i was dwiddling my thumbs wondering who is the big shot going out...

[pic clicked by yours truly from inside the auto of the deserted road]

was jolted from my thots by a honk.. honk honk... wondering where it was coming from, i looked around... peeped out the auto to see a girl in the bike on my left, behind a bike guy was the culprit... me and the bike guy looked at her and turned away..

couple of secs passed... honk honk honk...
this was it.. i had had enuf.. who does she think she is..
peeped out again, this time looking straight at her.. and said "why are you honking?"
you know what she replied

"whats your problem?"[ most rude condescending manner]

i lost it.. "lady, there is no point in honking, they've stopped traffic all across, cant you see"... stop honking, it aint gonna help"

"i aint honking for you, its for them"... she replied...
i nearly fell off the auto [laughing in my head]

"well, then you need to go ahead to the front and honk in their face, for they sure dont seem to have heard you"
she zipped up.... sat back and waited the next few secs before we were allowed to go..

Where does she get off behaving like that?
and what did i do that she snaps at me??

1. she aint gutsy enuf to go in front and honk at the cops
2. she has the audacity to tell a stranger whats your problem when in a such situation when she is honking away to glory....

Oh... her bike had "PRESS" on it.. is that her excuse????? the reason behind her lovely attitude????


Anonymous said...

Press to honk ?
he he he

Vrij said...

Hahahahahaha.. I see that happening so frequently.. press folks can go anywhere!

Fuckin assholes!

vishesh said...

oh...sometimes i just wish i can slap :P ...

Indian Home Maker said...

I had been waiting at a Petrol Pump, and a woman came on a two wheeler, merrily zipped ahead of me - no taking turns...some people never learn, and many parents instill aggressiveness (I have argued with some) and they call it street smartness. They feel this will help their children survive this big-bad world better :(

Rauf said...

May All Beings be Happy
May all beings be peaceful

Aaarti ji !
Yoga, yes yoga is the answer
next time please tell her to sit on the road and meditate.
Gemini flyover is the best place to meditate, yes in the middle of the road
You can meditate on your bike too
being one with your noisy yamaha
Being one with the universe
Being one with smokey Leyland buses
Meditation is the key to the traffic in our head.
Jai shiva shankar!
Jai jagat guru mata shri !
May all beings be happy !

Indian Home Maker said...

lol @ rauf's comment :) Yes Yoga is indeed the answer :)

CM-Chap said...

PRESS... Doesn't it add more responsibilty.

Well... all you cans ay abt these ppl are they hv a real ATTITUDE issue

Chakoli said...

hhehehehhee :))
then even I need to be press :DD

idiots arnd !!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

yehhhh.. some peopel honk like that every honking button is a tit at their disposal..
god knows why they have such a friggyn attitude..

road rage is infuriating!

Aaarti said...

@Hobo - ahem!!! ;)

@Vrij- i swear and they think they are some Royals, who need to be given attn all the time...

Aaarti said...

@Vishesh - me n the bike guy wanted to... next time, i shall!stupid b@#$#%

Anonymous said...

oohu oohu...

Aaarti said...

@indianhomemaker- oh,yes, infact that happened to me couple of weeks back., think i wrote about it as well.. i get so annoyed when such things happen.. why do they think they are special or just need not care abt us others....

Aaarti said...

@Rauf- hahahaha... meditation in the middle of gemini flyover.. now that would definitely be interesting!!!


Aaarti said...

@Cm chap - tell me abt it.. sick n tired.. infact just the other day a friend commented about how a guy from another press company misbehaved at the airport with the security and claimed he was from the "xyz" company.... what crap!!!

Aaarti said...

@chakoli - idiots n morons n some more... hehehe....

Aaarti said...

@jane- i swear!!! annoying twits who dont think twice before doing anything.... :)

uma kumar said...

may be she had some saddistic irritating u people
it is called "asattu dairiyam" in tamil

Anonymous said...

it is nothing to do with the profession... it is sme people and their freakin attiudes :-/


Anonymous said...

It was just an attitude problem. :) She just wanted to show off that she was from the press and can get away from everything. Maybe she was calling for trouble so that she gets some scoop. :)

Renu said...

So there ! the girls are also getting into this behaviour, shudnt we be happy the girls are progrssing:) or may be she recently joined press::))

Aaarti said...

@Uma - hahaha... athu sari.... asattu dairiyam or naan press, ennai onnum panna mudiyathu!!

@veens - that is true.. but this case, i think it was also cos she was from PRESS.. or atleast the bike had the sticker....

Aaarti said...

Oh, yes.. i wonder what would have happened had she gone in the front.. the cops would have just pushed her back to the line.. then she mite have gone crying to her ofice n there would be a tiny article abt how Cops dont respect Press... tabloid!!! :D

@renu - oh,well.. is this how we want them to progress???

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