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Friday, August 29, 2008

bsnl .... reliance....

Nope.. this aint a post about diff Telecom companies.. i am talking about why am away from Blogsville and rest of NET world... its all BSNL's fault... the connection died and so me battling with silly useless Reliance netcard...

been calling the cus support guys everyday and all they say is "ma'am, your companint is pending"....

pray for me!!!! sigh....


Anonymous said...

I am praying for the connection new birth.

Rauf said...

aiyoo, pooooor thing !
me also was ujing reliance card for some time
not goot, slow slow
bsnl will take their own time
little rusty peeple
call dem again
1500 i teenk
thoda piyaar se'
speak softly
they will do a good job
i had airtel for 5 years
i thought that was the best.
now i had to go for BSNL bikkaas, no fresh digging was allowed to airtel when i shifted
BSNL can dig anywhere or put holes in the sky

i see the clear difference
BSNL is terrific, very fast, Airtel was nutting
i had to wait patiently
good that airtel couldn't come.

Vrij said...

Get well soon BSNL.. get well soon!

Anonymous said...

get a MTNL triband..i hv used it and its n relatively cheap!

Indian Home Maker said...

Nothing can be more frustrating! I also use BSNL, but it's through a middleman and we pounce on the this guy if something goes wrong, it works better because then he does all the walking and talking to the sarkari fellas. Actually BSNL has proved much better than Tata Indicom and Reliance Data Card.
And you can use it with a Wireless Router.

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.... Enjoy Reliance life.

Waiting for ur regular internet life

vishesh said...

lol :P

niceguy251 said...


Praying. Best of luck. Try to take Airtel BB if you have their service in your area. Or dial up VSNL.

Take care

Lakshmi said...

oh god..move to airtel..they are not so bad

Anonymous said...

dontcha worry... at least they remember that your complaint is pending :)))


hopefully they will fix it b4 they forget abt the complaint :P

Keshi said...

awww :(


sat said...

welcome to the club of stranded surfers! we are the ones who were left waddling by the internet service providers, and most of blogsville has assumed us to be long dead or worse ...married :D
But we'll strike back....hum honge qamayaab...hum honge qamayaab....

Keshi said...

btw come n collect ur award girl :)


Aaarti said...

Dear All

can you believe it.. its been over a week and still no sight of no one looking into this issue... sob sob...everyday i battle with reliance.. work getting affected.. blogging tho gone out the window...sigh!!

Thanks for your messages!!! :)

Aaarti said...

Raufee --- i think reliance works well wen am travelling, but apart from that, no thank you!! :)

IHM - yepp, definitely... bsnl rocks! am also just waiting for the connection to be restored so i can get my router installed....

Aaarti said...

Keshi- i did...... :D gracias senorita!!

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