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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend, did you say??!!!

These days, my weekdays are more chilled out than weekend

My friends keep saying "chill out and have a relaxed weekend gurl" and my weekends, esp Saturday's are anything but that!!

This saturday, you wanna know what i did... or rather what all i dint do... hmmm... here goes!!

1. Woke up early --- yes, i did... 6.30 was out of bed...grrrr.. and then had a battle with Floppy on why he should come out from under the car, where he was in hiding.. tho i wonder why or who from... and then had another battle getting him into his leash... so much for thinking he would come running the minute he hears my voice [well, he does, but today he was in no mood, guess he wanted to chillax too.. under the car... ]

2. Got ready, wore a saree and went off for an uncle's 80th bday function [Sathabishegam] with grandparents... The best part was got to wear a earring i had bot eons ago, picked out a Blue saree cos it matched the earring and was all smiles... :)

3. Met me friend, who is also related to this uncle, intro'd her to my family, and chit chatted with her a bit.. it was fun to see all my uncles/cousins stare at me wondering if i had dragged a friend along for a function..hehehe... had to sit and clarify that later on in the day

4. We are still on Saturday.. in case you thot otherwise ;)
Hmmmm.. had brunch at the function and went off to uncle's house[ he lives close to the mandap where the dig was]... and their house is HOT, like an oven, you crack an egg and you shall find a sizzling omlette.. he he.. no kidding!! but i like em, so me no complaining...

5. 1.45... eeks, i gotta change and get ready... NO, was not going for a happening Saturday nite party, but was headed to a meeting.. Oh,yes, you read it right!! Left home at 2, reached Madras Club at 2.15 and was there till about 6.30.. two meetings, back to back.. fun and interesting, but was tired!! and the day was not half over yet...Mind u!!

[Pic courtesy:]

6.... Oh,yes, got back to uncle's house, luckily dint have to change clothes cos i had worn the salwar i had intended for the night dinner... ;) [smart me....] lazed about a bit, and off we went to another uncle's house for their mom's 80th bday dinner.. [how awesome is that, nt one but 2 80th bdays.. and they say its GOOD to get the blessings of someone who has turned 80 and i got it twice...yayyy]

7. Remember, the clarifying part i had mentioned earlier[duh, refer to point 3].. well, here i was bombarded with que's from uncle's cousins n all others as to who my friend was.. Told em she was my friend S, who was also related to the uncle who celebrated 80th bday... then they were like "ah, ok.... ".but was fun catching up with them all, we meet once in a while.. and when we do, its talk talk talk non stop!! :)

Then what happened.. Oh,yes sunday dawned.. was an utterly lazy day!! did nothing, read a book, surfed channels on TV... went for a walk with Floppy in tow(when all he wanted to do was sniff at the neighbor's plants] ... went out for coffee [to meet a "guy";)].. and then back home just as the skies opened... Rainsssssss.. how sweet they were.. :D

Now, am i looking fwd to the coming weekend??? .. dont know.... lets see where the week goes!!


Chakoli said...

Had a hip hop and happening weeknd isnt?? :DDDDDDDDDDDD

birthdays.... weather.... and parties :DDD

wow blue saree... why didnt u posted a pic of urs dear?

vishesh said...

lol :P!

Rauf said...

All chokrees fall for pattu, kanjeevaram ? You'd look good in a sari. i knows. you just can't wear pattuu ORTEE, you have to wear heavy jewelry too to go along widdit. Den one maami comes and asks you where did you buy dis necklace from ?
You know why she wants to know ?
Bikkaass your maami wants to draw her attention to the necklace she's wearing and you HAVE to say owee !! what a wonderful necklace, is that diamond ?
and she says what else do you tink ? of course this is diamond

what did you eat ? i normally start with a glass full of rasam den i attack da food.

chandni said...

even if they're packed...I'll always prefer weekends to weekdays !!!!

Indian Home Maker said...

Floppy sounds most delightful. Refusing to come when called sounds like my dog number one!
Busy Saturday, lazy Sunday is a nice combination!

Aaarti said...

@Chakoli - true!
no pics.. dint take any.. but shall put some in saree... :D

Aaarti said...

@vishesh - ahem!!! ;0

Aaarti said...

@Rauf - well, i am one of those odd ducks who doesnt fall for it.. or rather fall in it..hehehe.. i do enjoy wearing it, but pattu pudavai i dread... it gets all kasangified n all that.. pain!!!

and jewellery..dont even get me started on that.. have fights, world wars at home reg that.. they want me to wear gold/diamond/bla bla n i like wearing simple fancy ones.. silver/ or just cosmetic pieces... uff... wear this..wear a bangle.. n then at the function too i have aunts coming up saying "why arent u wearing that or this.."i swear!!! i flip!!! :D

food is another thing i aint too fond off..esp at functions.. this function had only brunch- so dosa, pongal with chutney n sambar was what i had.. they also had some mixed rice, dint go that side!!:D

Aaarti said...

@Chandni - true!! somehow weekends seem more fun than weekdays, even tho for me they are all the same... everyday is a working day and a holiday!:D

Aaarti said...

@Indianhomemaker - well, you can keep him for a couple of days if u want... hehehehee... he is my sweetheart!!

will come running wagging his fluffy tail the minute he hears my footsteps n that melts my heart!!:D

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