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Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy de Birthday

Yup, its GOOGLE's 10th Bday.... 
Awesome aint it!!!
That is today more than just that....
Search in/Translate to various languages - 
Helps us communicate across the globe- Gmail
Gtalk -keeps us in touch with friends
Pictures from cache- Gmail Images
A place ,- Picasa web, for us to store our images
Daily news -Google News
Social networking buzzz- Orkut
Even has its own Google Blog
And ofcourse the cool hang out where we lounge reading other blogs- Google Reader
 The list is endlesss....

Want nothing more...

Looking at all the "Thank God, its Friday" messages, i am filled with wonder.. is it just me, or is it just me?

I've had a day like no other... been working since morning and no sign of respite.. My uncle says " No matter how hard/late you work today, tomorrow morning the pile of work still remains"... I know, but i do have a couple of articles to send in by Tomorrow... a cash flow Budget statement i've been putting off for a couple of days and some other bits and pieces here and there...

My brains just completely wired... and refuses to comply.... went for a walk... hit the gym, got back home, and still feeling dazed... Which is why i said no work, and began reading my Calvin n hobbes comic.... what fun!! :)

Anyways, in all probability, the diligent Virgoan that i am, will resume work around 10ish and go on till wee hours of the morning....

Now, dont ask me what am doing over the weekend.. no clues... brain has officially FROZEN... no processing nothing....

Talk to u tomorrow!!!
Adios for now!!:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[tag] A for APPLE..Aaarti.... Ant..... B for...?????

Bit by the Tag bug once again... this time by my sweet Cousin/Sis L :) 


The Tag name is A for Apple....
Give preference for regular sites... Ignore your own blogs, sites.
Tag 3 People.
 Phew... First let me recite the entire string of alphabets to make sure i remember em...
Ok.. done... here i go~!! :)
A - Ask whatever you desire and you shall find it right here...
www.american - good writer, tho he hasnt blogged in ages... - oh,yes, Gotta know my daily dose of horoscopes ;) - my phone, lifeline..... :D - Animal planet, here i come...

B - travel blog like no other, by me cousin Lakshmi :) - Thanku thanku.... - yummy food!! -- me friend vidya's blog - love the library - new site i discovered day before.. to download and watch latest hindi moviesssss

C - satyam cinemas, the site is such a boon - fun reads - Chandni writes here... - book my travails - ta da.. one more awesome blog - Aru cooks... yummilicious goodies - Ceedy rants... :) - What would i do without this.. find phone numbers, addresses and what nots!! - read up on reviews of restaurants around Chennai [mostly used for work]

D - my dictionary.... - to know more about dogs in India...breeds, care, adoption, and some more

E - another site to book the tickets - TOI on the net - books, music and more - hub for info about various cities :)

F - more friends here - ahem, photo site.. go here to chk out friend's pics, it ate up all mine.. sniff snifff - ebooks galore  - cool site.. write and get paid... :)

G - L's blog - Incl igoogle, gmail and gtalk.. - i bow to theee.... - cool site for themes/logos/pictures for w550i :)

H - Ah, this is where i had my 1st email account.. today have an alt id, which honestly i rarely use -lovely greeting cards, just gotta find the few that are free  - for all my HTML needs site... - my piggy bank :p   - The Hindu- newspaper!

I - the airlines Indian's fly on - this is where i book all my train journeys... :D another site for Railway info - know all about hot movies... - IT dept of India... the hazards of - INOX chennai, its  movie time...

http://jammindudleybouy. - Vik visits here... - one stop shop for all queries across the country...

K - ooh la la la la le yo.... :D  -Kalyan's Amazing blog... - a blog that needs no intro... Keshi's blog...

L - Chaks blog :) Find all lyrics here... - stay connected for business purposes...

M - moser Baer site, oggle, search, shop and more... - more for travel bugs --Time pass place - reviews and views, i used to write here quite often earlier.... - a site i use for work... - songs from latest Hindi movies found here.. - yet another site where i grab things for my phone- w550i - what would i do without this dictionary..... to music from across genres --more for music lovers - listen, download and shop - a site reqd for work...

N - a cool place for avid bloggers... joined here, but yet to open the account and become active

O - a site i visit every now and then... more friends here... :) - sometimes enjoy reading stuff.. always use this site to check out books worth picking up or asking my uncle to get for me from USA...

P - store your photos, create links to other sites for pictures.... yet another awesome service by Google for pictures.. store em, share em.... :)

Q - a new site i stumbled upon for music buffs...

R - a site that opened so many doors in my life.... - music to listen to from across genres, languages and streams... - read cool reviews about movies from across the globe... - rSubras writes awesome things here... leaves me in awe

S - a site i discovered by accident where one can download movie tracks and indi pop numbers --- Mmm, nandita can Cook...  --For FTP purposes... for work!!

T - a site where they promise to help all file their returns and pay taxes with no problems... seen it, yet to use it... - a place where one can work with prompts... - yet another site to challenge your creative skills

U  - Unchaahi as it is called.. wonderful blog.. so focussed and informative... - Pushpa's blog.. love the way she plays with words

V --Vrij's blog.. about life and trains.. fascinating... - Vishesh, the awesome word whiz's blog.. - Veens, her blogs are fun!!

W  --Search for anything and you will find it.... -- Rauf lives here... :)

X - to know time across the globe...

Y - For emails.. horoscopes.. news.. games... just about everything... --An amazing blog that is gonna go places... - a site thru which one can send across BIG BULKY files.. simple and easy!! - Videos, movies, TV shows, ads, and what nots... :D

Z - cool site that tells u info about zoos across the world.. awesome fun!!
Hmmmm.. now, time to pass this on to 3 buddies.... :D

- Vishesh 

- Chaks

- Veens 

Have a lovely week ahead  :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

What's in a name, right?

Today morning was reading the Times of India, when i came upon this article/story item...
The woman in the news is Mrs SUMANTH  MALHOTRA, wife of an additional commissioner in Customs and Central Excise who was stabbed by a guy who wanted to rob her, but she fought him, etc etc....

At 4 pm on Friday, Malcker came to Malhotra’s house when Sumanth was alone
But Sumanth refused any help. Suddenly he thrust his hand through the narrow opening, pushed her inside and entered the house. 
Couple of minutes later, i picked up The Hindu , ya we buy both.. TOI cos i like the supplement[ who wouldn't right- all the yummy comics,] and we continue getting The Hindu [old habits die hard.. ;)
anyways, back to the purpose of my post.... Ahh, yes.. i saw the same news item here as well....
According to police sources, a youth approached Suman Malhotra, wife of Malhotra, Additional Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise

You must be wondering why i have posted same stories occurring in two papers as a post, right? well, hang on.. am not done yet..... the BIG difference in these two news items was....  DID YOU SEE IT?????? Whoaaa.. i was STUMPED.... How can the papers make such a daring mistake????

Did they even talk to the lady or was it all just hearsay??? A que that popped in my head... and which one is the REAL name??? What would the LADY have to say upon reading the news items?

Sad state of media!.. I mean, this is just one example of a goof up... there is so much, i wouldn't know where to start...
Spelling Mistakes
Grammar errors
Formatting blunders
Yech... just wish the guys doing the Editing and Reporting pay more attention!!! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One more.. for moi???

Gracias senor Vishesh for the Award!!!!  ever since i began blogging seriously [ not serious posts, but regularly], its been awesome fun!! i've come across so many amazing writers, fun people and made some cool new friends as well!!

The fact that blogging helps me share, vent and be able to think aloud on thoughts that might otherwise be shut inside me, i wanna say Thankss to each and every one of you!!! No No, i aint leaving or taking a sabbatical or going away.. fat chance of that happening.. Hah!!!

Keep Dreaming!!! :)

Now, I gotta pass on this lovely award to some people who's blogs  make me smile and look forward to every new day..... :)

Cm Chap


Gargling Garbage






Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shut it Please

rang de rang de rang de basanti
mohe rang de basanti basanti rang de basanti basanti
mohe rang de basanti rang de basanti rang de basanti yaara

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive

I know and i like these songs.. but when am listening to them on my computer/ipod/ other music devices... Not when am watching a movie in the theater!!
What is it with our people? they are so connected to their mobiles, they cant put them on silent mode for a couple of hours? 
or dont they know what "silent" is?
or are they just worried shitless that they might miss an IMPORTANT call? actually, so what? if that was the case, they SHOULD not go anywhere where phones cant be used!!!  
I mean, this is something that has been pissing me off for some time now..

Unless you give the person a glare
or a "would you mind going out or shutting that thing" dialogue, they are happily letting it either ring or talking on it, like they are in their living room.. !@Q$@#%%
and at times they might return the glare with " what the f@#$, its my phone, i shall talk"... ufff!!!  

Some people happily have an entire ramayan conversation while in a concert/play/performance..

Dont they realise it disturbs the others
dont they know they are being annoying twits
dont they know they need to respect others in the hall...
its basic manners...

for me, it comes naturally.. i get into a hall/office/client's place/meeting/movie/even a restaurant, i put the phone on silent mode.... 

OR are people just LAZY and DONT care about others?

Sometimes the ladies [no offence here..] will be hunting for their phones [inside their not so small bags] which would be screaming their heads off [yes, i know the latest enrique song is nice, but thnak you very much, would you pls shut that damn thing off] and then once they find it, another couple of mins talking to their partner/friend about who is on the phone and then they MIGHT shut it off!!!

whyyyyyyyyyyyyy ??

Sunday, September 14, 2008

[Food] Pumpkin Soup with Almonds!!!

Ever since i had tasted my 1st spoon of Pumpkin soup at Eden [no, not heaven, but the veggie restaurant in Chennai, click on the link, wont u!! :P]

And last week, when i had gone visiting to an aunt's house, she mentioned 'pumpkin soup".. I shamelessly asked her for the recipe, which she sweetly rattled out and today morning i made my 1st ever Pumpkin Soup, it was Yummmmy.... quite simple actually.... :)

NOTE: I made for 4people.. so you might have to increase the quantity of items depending on how many people you are serving!!! 

What you need: 

Yellow Pumpkin - 1/4kilo - diced into cubes
Carrots - 2 - diced small [so they cook fast]
Onions - 1 - chopped up
Garlic- optional [ i dint use, dint have any at home ]
Cloves - 3
Whole Black Pepper - 6 to 8
Bay Leaf - 1
Milk - 1 tbsp
Water - enough to cook the vegetables and dilute the soup
Olive Oil - 1 tsp
Almonds/ peanuts- 2tbsp- finely powdered

How to make it--
  • In a pan, add some olive oil.. to this add the spices [ Bay leaf, cloves and whole pepper].. after a few mins, to this add the vegetables [ 1st the onions, followed by carrots and then the pumpkin]
  • Cover this and let it cook for about 10minutes 
  • Add enough water to cover the vegetables and either let it cook in the pan or pressure cook the same - takes about 10mins
  • Remove the Bay leaf and blend the rest to a fine puree
  • Time to simmer this in a pan for a few mins.. Add milk and water depending on how thick/ light you like your soup [ this soup is better when it is wee bit thick]
  • Finally, add the salt and let it come to a boil
  • Pick out your mugs or cups... pour in the soup
  • Top it off with a spoonful of the powdered nuts [ i used almond, slightly roasted them in microwave and used the blender to powder them]....

Bon Apetit!!! :)  

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Curtain's up!!

Phew.. this week was one heck of a week.. Hectic crazy busy and wacko fun!!!

This is the follow up post to the previous one i had done about a week ago!!  

let me start from the beginning ----

4th Sep = My bday happened... and along with it came ooodles of fun, wishes and gifts!! some of which am yet to  put away, they are sitting prety in the bags they came in!! there is a small piece of the cake left in the fridge,reserving it for my friend,A, but dont think it will reach her..hehe.. irresistible!!

The next day dawned like any other day, except somewhere during the day, a bug attached itself to me and wouldnt let go till 6 in the evening...  nope, not like a buzzzzz bug, this was more of a "i wanna do something real bad" kinda bug ;) .. and this time it was to get a Tattoo [ i'd been dreaming of getting one since my prev bday, but that dint happen and i was sure this year too shall pass with the unfulfilled wish still lingering about] .. Uh..huh.... things were about to change!!! i mustered up some courage and walked into the Tattoo parlor- Irezumi

Showed him the design i had picked out and had a chat about where, the size, and how much time it would take etc.. All the while, my brain was buzzing with "am i really gonna go thru with it?'... " am i outta my mind"... kind conversations!! Managed to get back home in one piece with excitment filling ecvery pore in my body... Saturday 3pm was when Amar had asked me to come... if i wanted to get my tattoo done!!! now, more excitement.. wee bit of fear[read pain] and anxiousness was building up... Dragged my sis and her friend S along on saturday... and well, its now been nearly a week and am the proud owner of this.... ;)

Surprisingly, wasnt very painful.. but be warned, depends on your endurance levels.. its like someone pokes you with a bellpin repeatedly in the same place!! after the initial 10secs, its cool and then when done, the places with color burns a bit... but hey, just follow what the artist tells you, and you are good to go!!! :D

Its on my left forearm, just beneath the Vaccination mark.... :D and looks sexyyyyyyyyy!!!
Took me like 3days to tell mom and gramma about it..hehe.. they dint know!! and dint notice!!! had revealed it to my Delhi uncle and baby cousin, who went "tatoooo, nice"...:D
anyways... all at home were cool about it.. only thing they asked was "wasnt it painful?".. and today had gone to an aunt's 60th bday fiunction, where rest of the clan also caught a glimpse of it.. one aunt,A, dint believemme when i said its for real.. she just went ahead and pachchak pressed her hand against it, and am like " manni, it hurts....".... :D
Today morning dawned very early... yes, i know.. its saturday and as i keep saying, weekends are more bsy than my weekdays!!! woke up, helped uncle with last minute packing, helped granparents get ready and scoot for the puja at the aunt's house... said bye to uncle and cousin as they left to the airport [ sigh, miss em already] and got ready, headed towards the venue!!! 
Oh.. got back home around 3, and slept like a log from 3.30- 5ish.. Just couldnt get up, it was like i was drugged!! Dishkaooom, i was dead..... wonder why!!!!
Tomorrow is Sunday... lets see whats in store...:D

Monday, September 8, 2008

Feast.... !!!

Yayy!! Am back!!! My life is back, heart beats with smile in every Thud... Oh,yes, you got it right... BSNL is back!!! mwahhh!!! :)

Why this title? Cos i have a feast for you all... For those who dont know, i have a thing for Butterflies.. fascination, love, passion, well, am crazy about them... have stickers all over my laptop, phone and even work notebook... and there is a pretty Chime in my room, and some odd stuff with Butterflies on em... and well, i just wanted to title it different!!! :)
[loookie here, my bday cake also had a butterfly on it, Thanks A] :)

Couple of days back, when a lightening bolt hit me, i got onto Google (what would i do without you, my dear dahling...).. and typed in Butterfly... and this pic popped up... fell in love with it... have fun oggling at it.... while i plan my next post... :D [rubbing hands in glee...]

Isnt it a beauty?? I havent been able to take my eyes off the pic....

I probably love Butterflies cos
They are so free
So pretty
and just flutter about,doing something or the other all the time... they never sit still [errr, like me ;)]

Quick Update:

Last week was awesomeee.. what wit my Bday and all :)  
Have got one more project to work on [its raining work for Aaarti ... and she is struggling trying to keep on the various hats]
Uncle and cousin have come over from Delhi to spend a week with us.. And must say am sneaking off to play with L at every chance i get... she is an angel, adorable, so loving and caring!!!  

This week :
Its only Tuesday.. and i can already see whats in store ... Meeting.. work... calls... and more meetings... :)
Also have a Valakappu [Vul- a- kaa-ppoo]  to go of my good, dear friend, A is the chief guest.. expecting their 1st baby in Dec.... :)

here is a wee bit of note about the function :)
In TamBrams families , Valakappu is performed at the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy at the mother's house.. and the other function, Seemantham in the mother-in-laws house during the seventh month of pregnancy. However, my friend is only gonna have Valakappu.. during this, all ladies in the family, and friends alike are invited over.. and its kinda like removing any evil eye on the pregnant babes...

She wears Black saree/suit.. and bangles are loaded on her hands, which she isnt to remove till she gets into delivery.. All the women in the home are also given bangles to wear and take back to others in their homes!!! a fun function where everyone gets to put bangles on the gorgeous babes and wish her all the best.....
Have fun.. and yes,
keep away from Mosquitoes.... pests.... ants.... and everything else that annoys!! ;)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let the celebrations begin!!

Last night at 12, the phone rang.. Saw my friend's name flickering on the screen.... Answered with a smile on my face "hiee" and she sang 
"Happy birthday to you 
Happy birthday to you
....Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu " :)
Sigh...Another year had gone by
and it was that time of the year again
The minute the new year is born
the 1st thing i look for is when my bday is.. what day of the week... :D
ok, i know its slightly wierd..
but what the heck.. 
I love my Bday!!
just the thot of hearing the voices of all my sweet close friends
getting a zillion mails/sms's/messages gives me a high...

I dont need presents
no fancy gifts
just calls and wishes make me happpy.... :)

Today was the day i was born....
Morning 2.30 my mom says!!
Poor thing, i must have kept her awake all night... :D
unlike my sis who was born monday morning at 5.30:)

Oh, i was born on Sunday..
Guess that is a consolation.. 
Nobody had to get their beauty sleep to rush off to work!!! :P

Today was probably among the best birthdays ever!
how was it different?
well, it just was.. you gotta be ME to understand that!! ;)
Was out all day..
with friends.. friends.. n more friends....

Morn - i did do some work.. even attended a meeting, which landed me a new mini project! Got the chq for some work i had done earlier [good start i would say]
and then towards noon, got another call from a client i had worked with to say they want me back!!!! yipeee! How about that??? [ better news i say] 

** Woke up to a zillion calls, sms's and then after i got back from the meeting, saw a Huge cake waiting on the dining table.. Granpa said it was from A, i dint believe it... opened the box to see a chocolate cake with a sweet Butterfly and knew it had to be her [ i have a thing for butterflies.. love em like crazy] :).. yet to cut the cake, was out all day, and by the time i got home,it was nearly 8 and gramma said 'lets cut it tomorrow when atleast uncle is here"... :) 

** Lunch was fun... with a close friend,S1.. my sis n her friend,A at Bbq Nation ...

** caught up with another friend, A and headed towards Marks n Spencers [sale time]... indulged in some retail therapy... lolz.... bot a bottle of yummmy Body wash[cant get enuf of them you know!!], by which time another friend S2 had joined us.. Told them that i am off to meet S1, and bid adieu.. this was when S2 sprang a surprise on me.. She handed me a bag and said "Thats for you da'.. it was a cutely wrapped hamper of Clinique face products!!! :)
** Went to S1's office, and then took her to a tailor and that is when my outings kinda ended and i got back home.... :)

** Post dinner, ordered Ice cream for gramma, granpa, Floppy, uncle and moi.. it was yummilicious... :D
Oh and gramma had got me a BIRTHDAY card...  she had picked it up in Blore... it was soo sweeet, and words were beautiful... :)
And now... off to catch some zzzz before starting a new day in the new year!!! :)
My cousin/bro,V just called... :) felt so good talking to him.. he recently moved to USA to pursue his Grad studies!! miss him tonnnes!!!

Pics shall come sooon!!! Thanks to reliance, cant upload em!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Am honored!!!

At the end of a long day, there is nothing more soothing than a cold drink or a special someone greeting you at the door... Now, i dint have a cold drink, i had a hot cuppa coffee- which wasnt bad, and as for the special someone, i instead had a sweet friend giving me an award!! how often does that happen??? :)

Someone mentioned the other day that i've been blogging for 3yrs, - now, i dint know or realise this.. but the truth is i've been BLOGGGING Blogging [in the true sense] for only over a year.. earlier, this was just a cache.. kinda like a briefcase where i kept dumping stuff [oops, preserving stuff i should say...pardone moi...].. but now, i love this place...

I love the fact that i can write and no one will say "stop ittttttt"...

I can rant all i want without someone giving me the "when are you going to stop" glare

I can write on anything i want without having to constantly look over my shoulder


I can be ME!!! :)

Now, comes the part where i need to stand up, get to the stage and be the gracious person i am supposed to be... [ya right!!! ]

here i am.... *blushing and feeling so special* i bow to all and say "I Accept"..

ThankUuuuuuuuuuuuuu Keshi !!! You truly are one of a kind!!! :)

how cool is that????

ok, now its time for me to spread the joy and share this award to others who've made a world of difference and helped me live each day to the full and begin my days with a smile!!

I bestow this award to ---




Gargling garbage


have a lovely day ahead!!! :)