Today morning was reading the Times of India, when i came upon this article/story item…
The woman in the news is Mrs SUMANTH  MALHOTRA, wife of an additional commissioner in Customs and Central Excise who was stabbed by a guy who wanted to rob her, but she fought him, etc etc….
At 4 pm on Friday, Malcker came to Malhotraโ€™s house when Sumanth was alone
But Sumanth refused any help. Suddenly he thrust his hand through the narrow opening, pushed her inside and entered the house. 
Couple of minutes later, i picked up The Hindu , ya we buy both.. TOI cos i like the supplement[ who wouldn’t right- all the yummy comics, puzzles…lol] and we continue getting The Hindu [old habits die hard.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
anyways, back to the purpose of my post…. Ahh, yes.. i saw the same news item here as well….
According to police sources, a youth approached Suman Malhotra, wife of Malhotra, Additional Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise

You must be wondering why i have posted same stories occurring in two papers as a post, right? well, hang on.. am not done yet….. the BIG difference in these two news items was….  DID YOU SEE IT?????? Whoaaa.. i was STUMPED…. How can the papers make such a daring mistake????

Did they even talk to the lady or was it all just hearsay??? A que that popped in my head… and which one is the REAL name??? What would the LADY have to say upon reading the news items?

Sad state of media!.. I mean, this is just one example of a goof up… there is so much, i wouldn’t know where to start…
Spelling Mistakes
Grammar errors
Formatting blunders
Yech… just wish the guys doing the Editing and Reporting pay more attention!!!