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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Curtain's up!!

Phew.. this week was one heck of a week.. Hectic crazy busy and wacko fun!!!

This is the follow up post to the previous one i had done about a week ago!!  

let me start from the beginning ----

4th Sep = My bday happened... and along with it came ooodles of fun, wishes and gifts!! some of which am yet to  put away, they are sitting prety in the bags they came in!! there is a small piece of the cake left in the fridge,reserving it for my friend,A, but dont think it will reach her..hehe.. irresistible!!

The next day dawned like any other day, except somewhere during the day, a bug attached itself to me and wouldnt let go till 6 in the evening...  nope, not like a buzzzzz bug, this was more of a "i wanna do something real bad" kinda bug ;) .. and this time it was to get a Tattoo [ i'd been dreaming of getting one since my prev bday, but that dint happen and i was sure this year too shall pass with the unfulfilled wish still lingering about] .. Uh..huh.... things were about to change!!! i mustered up some courage and walked into the Tattoo parlor- Irezumi

Showed him the design i had picked out and had a chat about where, the size, and how much time it would take etc.. All the while, my brain was buzzing with "am i really gonna go thru with it?'... " am i outta my mind"... kind conversations!! Managed to get back home in one piece with excitment filling ecvery pore in my body... Saturday 3pm was when Amar had asked me to come... if i wanted to get my tattoo done!!! now, more excitement.. wee bit of fear[read pain] and anxiousness was building up... Dragged my sis and her friend S along on saturday... and well, its now been nearly a week and am the proud owner of this.... ;)

Surprisingly, wasnt very painful.. but be warned, depends on your endurance levels.. its like someone pokes you with a bellpin repeatedly in the same place!! after the initial 10secs, its cool and then when done, the places with color burns a bit... but hey, just follow what the artist tells you, and you are good to go!!! :D

Its on my left forearm, just beneath the Vaccination mark.... :D and looks sexyyyyyyyyy!!!
Took me like 3days to tell mom and gramma about it..hehe.. they dint know!! and dint notice!!! had revealed it to my Delhi uncle and baby cousin, who went "tatoooo, nice"...:D
anyways... all at home were cool about it.. only thing they asked was "wasnt it painful?".. and today had gone to an aunt's 60th bday fiunction, where rest of the clan also caught a glimpse of it.. one aunt,A, dint believemme when i said its for real.. she just went ahead and pachchak pressed her hand against it, and am like " manni, it hurts....".... :D
Today morning dawned very early... yes, i know.. its saturday and as i keep saying, weekends are more bsy than my weekdays!!! woke up, helped uncle with last minute packing, helped granparents get ready and scoot for the puja at the aunt's house... said bye to uncle and cousin as they left to the airport [ sigh, miss em already] and got ready, headed towards the venue!!! 
Oh.. got back home around 3, and slept like a log from 3.30- 5ish.. Just couldnt get up, it was like i was drugged!! Dishkaooom, i was dead..... wonder why!!!!
Tomorrow is Sunday... lets see whats in store...:D


Anonymous said...

hey sexy TATOO!

Aarti your Delhi Uncle and family are safe ?

Praying for everyone's safety

Aaarti said...

hey Veens!!
:)yep, they are doing ok.. have been sms'ing, calling all the zillion friends i have there, they are all safe and most of them were home sleeping oblivious to all this!!:)

Indian Home Maker said...

Was it really tolerably-painful? Looks nice.(understatement of the day:)...Have been considering a dragonfly or scorpio (my moon sign) on my upper arm or inside of my wrist....

Aaarti said...

Dear IHM!! as i said it depends on your pain endurance levels... but it really doesnt hurt that much [ atleast not when compared to the things us gals do :P]

and the instruments,equipment they use is sterlised, clean, and new!

I say find a good parlor and go for it!!!:)

Anonymous said...


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Belated wishes for your Bday
Tatto sure looks cute,and we wait for comments of your near & dear ones at home !!
Can these be erased ,in time ,in case you choose to hv a different one

vishesh said...

:D ! cool...LOL,they won't let me get a tattoo :P

Chakoli said...

Hey such a cute tattoooo:))

i wnat one :PP

Aaarti said...

@hobo - yepp, and it hurt!!!:D

Aaarti said...

@Compassion Unlimitted- thanks for the bday wishes!!
well, surprisingly family was cool about..esp MOM, who i thot would throw a fit and maybe throw me out...:D

yes, it can be erased, laser surgery,but i know i wouldnt wanna ever remove this.. its my fav butterfly :D and well, plenty of other places to get more!!!

Aaarti said...

@Vishesh -- well, no one at home knew i was gonna get one.. it was only days later that i revealed it to mom and then to others!!:) got totally cool reponses from anger, no tantrums!!

Aaarti said...

@Chaks - Go get one girl.. its fun, and not really that painful[ as i thot it would be] :D

Vik Rajagopalan said...

hey, sorry I missed your bday. Hope you had a good time. Tattoo is awesome :-0 looks quite nice.. I am weary about the pain esp after you said it is like poking you with a needle in the SAME place.. scares me... mommmy..

Keshi said...

omg how did I miss this COOL tat post! WOW its really sexy gal!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey that is actually a sexy tatoo! Cool, where is the other one?

Anonymous said...

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