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Sunday, September 14, 2008

[Food] Pumpkin Soup with Almonds!!!

Ever since i had tasted my 1st spoon of Pumpkin soup at Eden [no, not heaven, but the veggie restaurant in Chennai, click on the link, wont u!! :P]

And last week, when i had gone visiting to an aunt's house, she mentioned 'pumpkin soup".. I shamelessly asked her for the recipe, which she sweetly rattled out and today morning i made my 1st ever Pumpkin Soup, it was Yummmmy.... quite simple actually.... :)

NOTE: I made for 4people.. so you might have to increase the quantity of items depending on how many people you are serving!!! 

What you need: 

Yellow Pumpkin - 1/4kilo - diced into cubes
Carrots - 2 - diced small [so they cook fast]
Onions - 1 - chopped up
Garlic- optional [ i dint use, dint have any at home ]
Cloves - 3
Whole Black Pepper - 6 to 8
Bay Leaf - 1
Milk - 1 tbsp
Water - enough to cook the vegetables and dilute the soup
Olive Oil - 1 tsp
Almonds/ peanuts- 2tbsp- finely powdered

How to make it--
  • In a pan, add some olive oil.. to this add the spices [ Bay leaf, cloves and whole pepper].. after a few mins, to this add the vegetables [ 1st the onions, followed by carrots and then the pumpkin]
  • Cover this and let it cook for about 10minutes 
  • Add enough water to cover the vegetables and either let it cook in the pan or pressure cook the same - takes about 10mins
  • Remove the Bay leaf and blend the rest to a fine puree
  • Time to simmer this in a pan for a few mins.. Add milk and water depending on how thick/ light you like your soup [ this soup is better when it is wee bit thick]
  • Finally, add the salt and let it come to a boil
  • Pick out your mugs or cups... pour in the soup
  • Top it off with a spoonful of the powdered nuts [ i used almond, slightly roasted them in microwave and used the blender to powder them]....

Bon Apetit!!! :)  


Indian Home Maker said...

Always delighted to try healthful and low fat recipes...and vegetarian:)

Indian Home Maker said...

Finally, I put your award on my side bar, with a link to your post. Will do a post to pass the award to others soon.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi, thanks for the lead..will land up there( Eden ) one of these days & try it out

Aaarti said...

:)hey IHM - try it.. its really yummy.. bt only thing am not able to figure out is how at Eden, it was light green colour, wheras mine was a nice mild yellow!

yayyy..yipeee!!! :D
Your award is up!!! :)

Aaarti said...

Hey CU

Which part of chennai are you in? :)
Eden has 3outlets - Besant nagar, Nungambakkam(in Harrisons) and now in Anna nagar(tho i dint like this much, think they should notch up their service and quality of water, food)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the soup.
yummy !!! I am loving it...

Keshi said...

omg Im drooling here!!!!


Keshi said...

Sounds very healthy too...


Prasad said...

hhhmmm never manajed to hav it there!!! tho i lovvvvvvvv their cheese rools! :DDD

will try it out sometime!

Lakshmi said...

never tried it..will come over and have a cup

skj said...

pumpkin soup... :(
well good recipes...

Rauf said...

what was plaapy's opinion ?

Rauf said...

ip plaapy likes i will also also like

niceguy251 said...


Tattoo. Looks nice. I could never think about it.

Pumpkin soup. I will ask my high command to try it out. Let us see. Or I may taste it at your place, if I am ever that side. Looks delicious.

Thanks for your visit.

Take care

phoenix said...

hey thanks for the recipe seems yummy will surely make it :)

Anonymous said...

u know im one of those weird ppl who likes pumpkins but doesnt like almonds!but i like the look of ur soup...n generally i love im thinking i will gv it a try..

khairy said...

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