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Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy de Birthday

Yup, its GOOGLE's 10th Bday.... 
Awesome aint it!!!
That is today more than just that....
Search in/Translate to various languages - 
Helps us communicate across the globe- Gmail
Gtalk -keeps us in touch with friends
Pictures from cache- Gmail Images
A place ,- Picasa web, for us to store our images
Daily news -Google News
Social networking buzzz- Orkut
Even has its own Google Blog
And ofcourse the cool hang out where we lounge reading other blogs- Google Reader
 The list is endlesss....


Indian Home Maker said...

Happy Birthday Google:)
Thanks for Blogger, Gmail, Picasa and now Chrome.

vishesh said...


Rauf said...

yea yea i thoughted Chinna and this Googgall chapee are friends as yesterday happened to be megha's bafday. terrific food we had hot hot podi dosai and all

rantravereflect/ jane said...


Praddy said...

Cant imagine life without google, gosh i cant even code without looking for snippets/examples through google search :P:P

Gargling Garbage said...

We'll can never forget Google Transliteration, can we?! ;)

Jus' when I think Google has no more new applications to offer, BOOM... there's one! And the best thing is... they jus' keep on coming :)

niceguy251 said...


Read last 2 posts today. Work never finishes. You are done with some, more will come up. Yes, Google is providing good service.

Take care said...

this is cool! we are celebrating google's bday! happy birthday google!

ceedy said...

Yes...but I do hope its stock does well too :P

Keshi said...

Im such a Google addict! :)

Happy Bday Mr.G!


sagarika said...

Google has become sucha vital thing for survival,lol!

Happy budday Googly! :D

Cute post

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