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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let the celebrations begin!!

Last night at 12, the phone rang.. Saw my friend's name flickering on the screen.... Answered with a smile on my face "hiee" and she sang 
"Happy birthday to you 
Happy birthday to you
....Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu " :)
Sigh...Another year had gone by
and it was that time of the year again
The minute the new year is born
the 1st thing i look for is when my bday is.. what day of the week... :D
ok, i know its slightly wierd..
but what the heck.. 
I love my Bday!!
just the thot of hearing the voices of all my sweet close friends
getting a zillion mails/sms's/messages gives me a high...

I dont need presents
no fancy gifts
just calls and wishes make me happpy.... :)

Today was the day i was born....
Morning 2.30 my mom says!!
Poor thing, i must have kept her awake all night... :D
unlike my sis who was born monday morning at 5.30:)

Oh, i was born on Sunday..
Guess that is a consolation.. 
Nobody had to get their beauty sleep to rush off to work!!! :P

Today was probably among the best birthdays ever!
how was it different?
well, it just was.. you gotta be ME to understand that!! ;)
Was out all day..
with friends.. friends.. n more friends....

Morn - i did do some work.. even attended a meeting, which landed me a new mini project! Got the chq for some work i had done earlier [good start i would say]
and then towards noon, got another call from a client i had worked with to say they want me back!!!! yipeee! How about that??? [ better news i say] 

** Woke up to a zillion calls, sms's and then after i got back from the meeting, saw a Huge cake waiting on the dining table.. Granpa said it was from A, i dint believe it... opened the box to see a chocolate cake with a sweet Butterfly and knew it had to be her [ i have a thing for butterflies.. love em like crazy] :).. yet to cut the cake, was out all day, and by the time i got home,it was nearly 8 and gramma said 'lets cut it tomorrow when atleast uncle is here"... :) 

** Lunch was fun... with a close friend,S1.. my sis n her friend,A at Bbq Nation ...

** caught up with another friend, A and headed towards Marks n Spencers [sale time]... indulged in some retail therapy... lolz.... bot a bottle of yummmy Body wash[cant get enuf of them you know!!], by which time another friend S2 had joined us.. Told them that i am off to meet S1, and bid adieu.. this was when S2 sprang a surprise on me.. She handed me a bag and said "Thats for you da'.. it was a cutely wrapped hamper of Clinique face products!!! :)
** Went to S1's office, and then took her to a tailor and that is when my outings kinda ended and i got back home.... :)

** Post dinner, ordered Ice cream for gramma, granpa, Floppy, uncle and moi.. it was yummilicious... :D
Oh and gramma had got me a BIRTHDAY card...  she had picked it up in Blore... it was soo sweeet, and words were beautiful... :)
And now... off to catch some zzzz before starting a new day in the new year!!! :)
My cousin/bro,V just called... :) felt so good talking to him.. he recently moved to USA to pursue his Grad studies!! miss him tonnnes!!!

Pics shall come sooon!!! Thanks to reliance, cant upload em!!!


Vrij said...

Firstly, apologies for being unable to wish U yesterday.. was busy like hell..

So here goes.. "Happy Birthday to U" imagine me singing in tune :)

Great to see u had an enjoyable bday.. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

yaapy happy.. BUDDAY!

belated it is...but then there u go... u have wishes anyways :D

as your budday present.. ;)

u can select any dish from Ambrosia.. [technically very easy ones :D] and i will cook that for u when or ever we meet ;) [ safe gifts are my needs for the moment innit :S]

u have a gr8 DAY! thats what buddays are all abt innit !!

but u knw what.. i celebrate budday ONLY..SOLELY.. PURPOSFULLY for getting GIFTS :D

i would go around, and tell people eggzactly what i want ;)

thats budday for me :D

Keshi said...

wow its ur bday!


here's wishing u all the very best in life and may u always be surrounded by LOVE!


Keshi said...

btw come n check out my doc's pic! u may wanna give him some bday cake.


Arv said...


Have a beautiful year ahead.. God Bless... Cheers...

vishesh said...

lol belated happy birthday! damn reliance...:P

Rauf said...

bafdayee ???
huffy huffy bafday ORTEEE
sorreee i am lateee

not well dee, body apin an sort of nauseus, i think i am pregnant dee, please don tell any one.

Aaarti said...

@Vrij - Thank you so much!! yep, can so totally imagine you singing it with full

animation ;)

Aaarti said...

@Veens- thanks a bunch sweets... Ahh, now that is a mouth water irresistable temptation... hahaha.. playing it safe i see.. but then cooking is not something many would dare... :D [can i have your address, i am booking my tickets.. lol]

Aaarti said...

@keshi - hugsss.. Thankeees soo muchos!!! :)
Ahhhh... interesting, doc on your page is it.. hang on, am coming... wait up!!!

Aaarti said...

@vishesh- Thanks!!:)
yep, damn reliance.. cant even stay online for 5mins at a stretch... life sucks without bsnl .. !!![gosh, i sound so whiney...]

Aaarti said...

Wot happenings? i din even show u my cake.. n u falling ills already.. tsk tsk.. very bad... vely vely bad.. n u saying preggie.. chee chee.. not possible yaa... u conpused... get your head out of that camera of uvars... :D

ok ... ok.... now you be the taking care... home alone or at sista's place?

Rauf said...

yea yea sisters downstairs, me uppa strairs please come sometime, bring da cakee if there's any leptover. did plaapy have any cakee ??

Anonymous said...

hey aaarti!happpppy buddday!! im sure u will hv a rocking yr ahead...:)

Indian Home Maker said...

So you are a Virgo? ...Happy Birthday :) What can be a better birthday than receiving cheques, surprise gifts and cakes! And then continuing the celebrations till the next day by cutting the cake next day :)

Keshi said...

lol tnxx!


Lakshmi said...

i love birthdays too...not just mine :) no wonder u couldnt call me bk..

Vidya said...

Happppppppppppppy birthday... I know it is belated but I was traveling then, buddy... I am sorry.. Did you have a good time?


P.S I am a Sunday baby! :D

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