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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[tag] A for APPLE..Aaarti.... Ant..... B for...?????

Bit by the Tag bug once again... this time by my sweet Cousin/Sis L :) 


The Tag name is A for Apple....
Give preference for regular sites... Ignore your own blogs, sites.
Tag 3 People.
 Phew... First let me recite the entire string of alphabets to make sure i remember em...
Ok.. done... here i go~!! :)
A - Ask whatever you desire and you shall find it right here...
www.american - good writer, tho he hasnt blogged in ages... - oh,yes, Gotta know my daily dose of horoscopes ;) - my phone, lifeline..... :D - Animal planet, here i come...

B - travel blog like no other, by me cousin Lakshmi :) - Thanku thanku.... - yummy food!! -- me friend vidya's blog - love the library - new site i discovered day before.. to download and watch latest hindi moviesssss

C - satyam cinemas, the site is such a boon - fun reads - Chandni writes here... - book my travails - ta da.. one more awesome blog - Aru cooks... yummilicious goodies - Ceedy rants... :) - What would i do without this.. find phone numbers, addresses and what nots!! - read up on reviews of restaurants around Chennai [mostly used for work]

D - my dictionary.... - to know more about dogs in India...breeds, care, adoption, and some more

E - another site to book the tickets - TOI on the net - books, music and more - hub for info about various cities :)

F - more friends here - ahem, photo site.. go here to chk out friend's pics, it ate up all mine.. sniff snifff - ebooks galore  - cool site.. write and get paid... :)

G - L's blog - Incl igoogle, gmail and gtalk.. - i bow to theee.... - cool site for themes/logos/pictures for w550i :)

H - Ah, this is where i had my 1st email account.. today have an alt id, which honestly i rarely use -lovely greeting cards, just gotta find the few that are free  - for all my HTML needs site... - my piggy bank :p   - The Hindu- newspaper!

I - the airlines Indian's fly on - this is where i book all my train journeys... :D another site for Railway info - know all about hot movies... - IT dept of India... the hazards of - INOX chennai, its  movie time...

http://jammindudleybouy. - Vik visits here... - one stop shop for all queries across the country...

K - ooh la la la la le yo.... :D  -Kalyan's Amazing blog... - a blog that needs no intro... Keshi's blog...

L - Chaks blog :) Find all lyrics here... - stay connected for business purposes...

M - moser Baer site, oggle, search, shop and more... - more for travel bugs --Time pass place - reviews and views, i used to write here quite often earlier.... - a site i use for work... - songs from latest Hindi movies found here.. - yet another site where i grab things for my phone- w550i - what would i do without this dictionary..... to music from across genres --more for music lovers - listen, download and shop - a site reqd for work...

N - a cool place for avid bloggers... joined here, but yet to open the account and become active

O - a site i visit every now and then... more friends here... :) - sometimes enjoy reading stuff.. always use this site to check out books worth picking up or asking my uncle to get for me from USA...

P - store your photos, create links to other sites for pictures.... yet another awesome service by Google for pictures.. store em, share em.... :)

Q - a new site i stumbled upon for music buffs...

R - a site that opened so many doors in my life.... - music to listen to from across genres, languages and streams... - read cool reviews about movies from across the globe... - rSubras writes awesome things here... leaves me in awe

S - a site i discovered by accident where one can download movie tracks and indi pop numbers --- Mmm, nandita can Cook...  --For FTP purposes... for work!!

T - a site where they promise to help all file their returns and pay taxes with no problems... seen it, yet to use it... - a place where one can work with prompts... - yet another site to challenge your creative skills

U  - Unchaahi as it is called.. wonderful blog.. so focussed and informative... - Pushpa's blog.. love the way she plays with words

V --Vrij's blog.. about life and trains.. fascinating... - Vishesh, the awesome word whiz's blog.. - Veens, her blogs are fun!!

W  --Search for anything and you will find it.... -- Rauf lives here... :)

X - to know time across the globe...

Y - For emails.. horoscopes.. news.. games... just about everything... --An amazing blog that is gonna go places... - a site thru which one can send across BIG BULKY files.. simple and easy!! - Videos, movies, TV shows, ads, and what nots... :D

Z - cool site that tells u info about zoos across the world.. awesome fun!!
Hmmmm.. now, time to pass this on to 3 buddies.... :D

- Vishesh 

- Chaks

- Veens 

Have a lovely week ahead  :)


Gargling Garbage said...

Awesome chech !!! :) That was a soofer long list !!! :D

Rauf said...

WHAT ???
feel like rattling your silly head.
Don't you have yanny ting else to do ORTEE ? You are already so bissy with your work, how do you get time to do this ?
ya ya ya i knows, you tol plaappy to do this
good job plaappy
give him a pat

Lakshmi said...

very very long and useful..useful also because I have to do this tag and I know where to go for eh..inspiration (thats the polite form of saying copying):)

vishesh said...

wow!i have about three tags to do! Lol,surely everyone is going crazy with tags :P btw you didn't like all the 320 something here,why?

Anonymous said...

Hey I use Just Dial regularly. Its just awesome. Any information and you get it instantly.

Sindhu :) said...


That was some tag you did!

Great ya :)

Chakoli said...

Wow lovely tag...

and thanks for putting me in as well :DD

Nautankey said...

Coool..great memory u have there...not sure if i wud remember even half of that :)

Indian Home Maker said...

OMG that's a long list!

Vrij said...

Than Q Than Q

For having my blog in ur list :)

ceedy said...

Ab ek khas khabar....Aap apni baki ki zindagi ab sirf net pe guzarogi :P

Aaarti said...

Ahem.. thanku all for the comments.. did manage to quickly read thru em..

Shall come back and aaramse reply..for now, work beckons!!:D

have a gr8 day all!!:)

Anonymous said...

hehehe! i m there i m there... right there under V..

did ya all see?!


and thanks for Tagging ME :)

Stefan said...

Thanks for linking to our site

1 thing though, the link isnt working :(

niceguy251 said...


WOW! What a memory to list out so many websites.

Regarding your reply to my comment on one of the previous posts. I do not mind revealing my identity but not to each and everyone. If you really wish to know, an idea of my profile you may have got after visiting my posts, you may please write to me at

I am in touch with a number of bloggers and have met some to them.

Take care

chandni said...

u actually took that much effort and linked up to sooooooooooo many sites!!!

Awesome :)

rsubras said...

hiiii...........cho chorry....cudnt visit ur blog at all.......

en blog perellam pottirukeenga...... sooooooooooooooooooooooo much thanks :D

Maya said...

How you missed out.


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