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Friday, September 19, 2008

What's in a name, right?

Today morning was reading the Times of India, when i came upon this article/story item...
The woman in the news is Mrs SUMANTH  MALHOTRA, wife of an additional commissioner in Customs and Central Excise who was stabbed by a guy who wanted to rob her, but she fought him, etc etc....

At 4 pm on Friday, Malcker came to Malhotra’s house when Sumanth was alone
But Sumanth refused any help. Suddenly he thrust his hand through the narrow opening, pushed her inside and entered the house. 
Couple of minutes later, i picked up The Hindu , ya we buy both.. TOI cos i like the supplement[ who wouldn't right- all the yummy comics,] and we continue getting The Hindu [old habits die hard.. ;)
anyways, back to the purpose of my post.... Ahh, yes.. i saw the same news item here as well....
According to police sources, a youth approached Suman Malhotra, wife of Malhotra, Additional Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise

You must be wondering why i have posted same stories occurring in two papers as a post, right? well, hang on.. am not done yet..... the BIG difference in these two news items was....  DID YOU SEE IT?????? Whoaaa.. i was STUMPED.... How can the papers make such a daring mistake????

Did they even talk to the lady or was it all just hearsay??? A que that popped in my head... and which one is the REAL name??? What would the LADY have to say upon reading the news items?

Sad state of media!.. I mean, this is just one example of a goof up... there is so much, i wouldn't know where to start...
Spelling Mistakes
Grammar errors
Formatting blunders
Yech... just wish the guys doing the Editing and Reporting pay more attention!!! 


Gargling Garbage said...

Actually, this one is far better! You gotta chk out DH and TNIE! The entire story would be different! For a few days, appa picked this as his hobby :D :D And we'd all have a good laugh! H.m.m.. The point is, they didn't employ GG, that's why all these blunders :P

Rauf said...

Suman Sumanth not muchee dipprent actually. TOI reporter perhaps was a bit hard of hearing ?? Or the Hindu reporter was a bit lazy ??

My name is pronounced in many different way by my friends, not friends of yesterday or the day before, friends of 30 .. 40... 50 years. One calls me ROFE, anodder Roof, many call me RAGHOOP, some call me RAFF. Mala and Chinna are the only ones who pronounce it right. i never made any attempt to correct the others.. yes What's in a name ! You say floppy i say plaappy. Big hug to him from RUFF RUFF
Whosee Dog is RUFF ?? ??
question question.

Indian Home Maker said...

Newspapers are no longer the means to improve your GK (General Knowledge) and English Grammar, that they were in our days. Grammar, spelling, information - nothing is taken seriously.

vishesh said...

well ,this is stupid...where are the editors?Or was it a bad attempt to change the name?

@rauf: lol :P

niceguy251 said...


Standards of not only reporting factual things but even spellings or grammer have really gone down. Only thing in their mind is how to increase circulation with saucy news.

Take care

PS : As far as making mistake in spelling her name is concerned the reporters would never ask for spellings of a name once told by spokesperson of crime department.

ceedy said...

How do you know he did not have two wives by the same name...could work wonders for him

How do you know that these two are still the correct spellings...

And why do you wreck your brains with such news :P

Lakshmi said...

maybe the hubby's name is Sumanth and the wife's name is Suman..then they are both right..not defending the media..thank god they only got the names wrong..imagine if all the news that we believe is gospel written in this manner..thats why I dont believe any news these days..especially TV..half the propoganda is done by the media ..sorry for this long comment..can write a book on this
by the way, calvin rocks !

Bingo!! said...

this is outrageous.. such an error that too in hindu...

Nautankey said...

Well I read an indian express article once which spoke about some65 year old person who was active in indian freedom struggle..that was like a 4year old freedom fighter..pretty shocking :). Competition have made them lose sight over quality and yeah I too get TOI nop not for those know wat :P.. they gave a cute orange bag for one year subscription :))

Anonymous said...

ohh God... I thought it was 2 diffr stories... was confused abt the names... pfafff... media... cant believe an ounce of what they say smetimes :-/

and i LOVE that Hobbes and Calvin ;)

Prasad said...

um startin to hate print media nowadays!!! not tht visual is any better!!!

nice C&H :DD

Praddy said...

ah i too noticed this glaring difference in the morning!

Aaarti said...

@GG- ya di... nee pesama anga oru velai vangindu poi social service pannnu... thangala intha spelling gramma mishtakes... no wonder i start my day with a cup of T and a book... :D

Aaarti said...

@Rauf -
ahem... my name goes thru all that torture too.. and everytime i see someone typing it wrong, i look at them, give a glare and get them to correct it.... they better be spelling it right!!! ufff..

well, if they cant pay 2mins attention in noting the name down right, what are they getting paid for? idiots.... ha ha...

hugsss given to Flappy.. he gave u some in return... Whose dog is Ruff? i know i've heard that name before.. did it come in Dennis the mennace??? scratching head... no clues.... deciding to go towards google the guru...
yesss..yesss.. i was right... ta ta ta da ta ta... doing a victory dance.... Ruff is name of Dennis's dog.... :d
Yipee doo deeee~!1

how u doing? this past week been crazy.. work front and home side too.. sigh.. this week i shall def take u up on that offer, or atleast drop by for a bisito.... :D

Aaarti said...

@IHM --
I SWEAR.. the papers are just useless pieces of paper that publish el trasho..... they emply nit wits who dont care two hoots about what they write or edit...

Aaarti said...

@Vishesh - i know... i wonder if they even have an Editor.. maybe their peon just reads thru, and says "yes saar.. very nice saar"... :d
or maybe its the boy who brings Tea who does this job!!! ufff!!!

Aaarti said...

@niceguy -
I wanna know ur name... plsss!!!its weird typing niceguy!!:D

i know.. std of news, the kind of english/language used has all gone down the drain.. now,the competition is who can be trashier..... :)

i guess so... about the name.. but still dont they owe it to the lady to get her name right... i mean, she did something not many would do, given her age and position....:)

Aaarti said...

@ceedy -
I got no clues of whether that was her real name, or rather what her name is.... :D

2wives theory is interesting...quite imaginative arent we ;)

all i know is when i read the news item, same in both papers, i was flummoxed... i mean, this is just one offbeat item.. imagine if a big goof up was made on something big and important... then what???

:)not breaking my head, just venting my frustrations with our media/systems in general!!! :)

Aaarti said...

hey lakshmi
:) Completely agree with what you've written.. the whole point of buying a newspaper is lost... we dont know if what we are reading is true or not.. which is why i start my day with a novel/book/magazine.... :d

Yepp..calvin rocks alright!!!:)

Aaarti said...

@bingo - oh,well, The Hindu is not what it used to be... its also part of the Trash clan now.... :)

@Nautankey - nice blog you have..came over and read the post on 1000lites!! have left a comment on your blog.. i got a flask for TOI :D
--- "Competition have made them lose sight over quality" - so true...

Aaarti said...

@Veens.. it might as well have been 2 seperate news wiht just coincidence in the incidents... wonder where the media is headed.....sad!!!

hugsss!!!How u doing girl?

Aaarti said...

@Prasad - tell me abt it..,wonder what we can do to make them correct their ways!!!!

:)love closing my post with Calvin as it makes u smile after seething a bit....:D

@Praddy- oh, i've realised i go crazy if i pick up the paper.. start noticing glaring mistakes.. so stay away from it.... :)

Sindhu :) said...

You should see the mistakes they make in TOI .. and there's a small dabba in one corner of the paper from editor regretting the typo made!

I am not sure how they don't do those checks before publishing it, considering they are national news-papers!

Praddy said...

More on it..

..somehow i prefer TOI, cos they are bold, got bored of the Hindu's conservative news!

Indian Exp is the worst of the lot, should suggest them to use MS word and check the spellings before they print!

Nautankey said...

Thanks for dropping by..and hope the flask is useful..guess one of the best things abt the subscriptions :) and ofcoz have got more paper to give away to waste paper mart some extra bucks there :P

Sat said...

Honestly, TOI is tabloid, I wouldn't bet anything on it most of the time. Couple of days back, when writing about the halifax bank takeover by Lloyds tsb, a burning news, right there on front page, the amount involved in the aquisition was quoted wrong; it was to be 52 bn Sterling pounds (i dont remember exact amount) but TOI quoted it as 52 bn dollars...on front page. Way to go :)
I miss good ol hindu :(

Aaarti said...

@sindhu - its almost like TOI makes money by making mistakes...he he... and then that small box in the corner is a page filler right ;)
[even if its only to say sorry for the mistakes/typos..]

Aaarti said...

@praddy- for some reason i that IE was better these days.. hmmm!!!

Aaarti said...

@Nautankey - ha ha..true!! infact granpa used to say that of DC too, whenever uncle would buy a copy!! :)
Flask is good use...:)

Aaarti said...

@Sat- yikes.. talk about mother of all blunders... infact have a friend who's in a Sr position wit TOI, he says no one can beat them in printing trash!!! and they are proud of it too!! :)

Rauf said...

yupsee RUFF is Dennis's dog! You got it right!
just drop in ORTEE ! you will be crossing my place ten times a day
holler and come. i am at home most of da time
lots of love

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