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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saree Shopping!!!

I;ve got tonnes of work, but no mood, so taking the time to write on my blog!!! :)

My cousin, L's wedding is around the corner... And my sis and i went Saree shopping [yes, it is L's wedding, but hey, we need new stuff to wear too right... hehehe]

The store we barged into was Rupkali... Yummy store, anyone wanting to buy a saree [ not kancheepuram patti, or traditional stuff, go here] ..

Why you should go here to shop-
  •  The store has some lovely sarees
  • you are guaranteed a Fun shopping experience
  • they let you try on a zillion sarees and dont cringe
  • There is a salesman who will drape it on you with so much care and love....
  • All in all... An awesome store.... :)
  • And..... 
  • They even stitch falls n lining if reqd 
  • To top it all, saree's are not very pricey!!!

Anyways... here are pics of 3 sarees we bot.. take a guess... they were for
  • Me
  • My sis
  • and Mom!! :D


Leave your comment with who you think picked out which saree!!! :D 

Diwali Miracle....

Belated Diwali wishes to all of you!!! 
[Pic courtesy:] 
I had a good time, not because we ate n burst crackers, but because i dint work, and completely chilled out those 2days!! felt really good!!! Guess i need to do this every now and then!!:)
And for the 1st time, we all went out to dinner on Diwali Night!!!  Dinner was at Bombay Blue, College road.... :) [ to write abt the experience  we had there, i need to do another post...:)]

The next morning, as i woke up and went to the loo, i noticed that the water in the fish bowl was muddy looking [yes, the fish sit on the counter top in a bowl :)..dont ask me "what fish", these are the ones am baby sitting for sis's friend, while she is in UK ].. 

Anyways... couple of seconds later,i noticed that one of the bigger fish [multi colored guy] was floating on top, lying flat...i got very depressed, and slowly took him out,put him in a plastic cup with fresh water.. Changed the water in the bowl and fed the others... left this guy there, and when i went back about an hour later... Voila.. he was opening shutting his mouth and breathing!!! Yipeee!! i nearly screamed with Joy... was so happpy.... said a silent prayer to the Man up there and put this guy back into the main bowl..

Now such things, make me believe there is Someone up there watching down on us....

and am so happpy this little fishy gets to live... yayyy!!! Yipeeee!!!What a miracle!!! imagine if i had flushed him down... poor baby!!! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alright, i give in... i Confess!!!

Caught..roped and tagged ..This time by sweet IHM [which was nearly 3wks back and also by Aparna asking me to bare my soul and reveal my addictions and quirks.

1.Give me my MUSIC: -
I need Music all the time.. Does not matter what am doing, it had better be playinhg in the background and must be loud enuf for me to hear and if i like it [ya,right, like i listen to stuff i dont ], i shall be singing along!! 
- When at work
- When cleaning my room/cupboard
- When out with friends [driving in car, bus, etc]
- When reading a book
- When out walking
- When working out [a MUST]

2. Dont TOUCH my things:-
I hate it when people touch my things without asking me.. Right from my childhood days, have been protective, not possessive about my things [ books, music, bags, right down to handkerchief].. but off late i dont scream when i see someone proding in my cupboard or shelves.. i simply stare em down... :D
And instinctively i somehow know when someone has been through my things.. if i see a book moved, or a comb out of place in my table or draw, i will know!! Dont make a big deal of it, but do let it known that i dont like this poking around.....

3. GIZMO freak is my nick name:-
Any new gizmo i see, or read about, i have to find out more... Either on the net, or when am in the mall, if there is a store, You bet i shall walk in and inspect.. love gizmos- phones, games, music system, anything electronic.... and there are times when i see someone around me holding an interesting looking phone, or wearing a smart watch when i dont think twice about asking them about it... :D  

4. Here Doggy Doggy... :-
Does not matter where i see a dog.. i shall instantly start calling to it, and kneel down so i can pet it... Unless the person walking it says otherwise... Gosh, the neighborhood we live in has so many dogs, and all of them are angels!!! Cleo[ who used to live in the house behind ours has moved away, they have gone somewher else... miss u sweety.. she was a Great Dane, who had a thing for Floppy ;) and would love it when i used to stand near our compound wall talking to her.. dint matter what i was saying, as long as i was talking....]
Ofcourse, there is my Floppy.. who is an angel.. sweetheart... naughty brat all rolled into one.... :)

5: Is it 14:47 yet?
A recent quirk that began about 6mths back.. We had a car with the number plate 1447... and then dad gave it away!!! This happened nearly a decade ago!! But suddenly couple of months back i noticed that everytime i looked at the clock, or my phone, the time was exactly 14:47... No, am not fibbing!! honest to god... So, now everyday when i pick up the phone to check the time or stare at the clock on my lappy, its invariably 14:47.... :D   
Sometimes i look at the time just to see if its 14:47..hehehe...couple of times, it was 14:46, or 14:44.. never later!!

Phew... There is actually more, but shall stop with this!!! :)
Apart from this..
  • I love, am actually crazy about Butterflies.. anything with it, i shall BUY [i.e unless it threatens my bank balance]
  • I love  kids, again whenever i see a kid, i go and talk to them and end up playing with them.. :)
  • Love doing puzzles... yep,Aparna we have that in common.. still have a big lego set that my uncle got me when i was small 
Ok... now as per tradition, i gotta pass it on to some others... But heck, i aint gonna Name nobody... whoever wants to do it, feel free!! :D

Friday, October 17, 2008


Ahh, what would i do without my friends??
I would be lost and lonely
Miserable and afraid
but God has been kind to me in this one aspect!!! :)
This post is a THANK YOU to all my dear sweet friends, who have been with me through thick and thin [literally] and will continue to be a part of my life.... Also, a BIG WELCOME to the new friends i've been making in the recent past!!  

----> Today has been an Awesome day...
I got a letter from my dear darling friend,N.. with a note from her kids, a drawing by her son and a cute little pic of her doggie Ginger... N and i go back to college days.. infact i remember that the first few months we barely spoke.. i was sitting with some other girls, she with others.. it was only over a period of time that we clicked and since then, the bond is strong.. fevicol i guess!! :)
The Aarti who joined college was very very different from the Aarti people know today... 
  • used to be fairly quiet
  • Reserved to a certain extent
  • and would keep things to myself.. bottle em up inside,.. 
But thanks to N and B[another friend, who has now gone far far terms of distance and friendship...] were the ones who helped me unleash hidden skeletons.... 
And that was when i started talking... yap yap yap.... and i am yet to stop!! :D
I sent her an sms saying  "guess wat.. ginger is damn cute.. my babies[her kids] are adorable- for their letter and drawing, and i have the awesomest bestest dearest friend ever".... she replied saying "aaroo[thats what most friends call me], you deserve nothing but the best and i am the one who should be saying am lucky to have you as a friend".... In the morning, when i read her letter, at the end of it, i felt tears.... Dint know why, but knew that i missed her and cherished her friendship a lot!!! :)

 ------->Last evening i met with another friend of mine from College, R... She was a brain box, or rather still is.. University rank holder in Bcom and MBA, she was such an independent gal.. Used to just zoom off in her bike and was free like the wind.. Or so we thought... Her dad wouldnt let her work and promptly within 6mths of completing MBA, took her toVizag, and brought her back engaged... me and other friends dint know of this.. [anyways, thats another story... bygones...]

Today, R is a mother of 2 girls, a quiet girl who has resigned to fate and has accepted what life has thrown her way.... 
Hubby doesnt want her to work.. infact gets wild when she does
She wears only sarees, covers her head etc etc at her In laws place[ but thats ok.. small matters]
Has completely changed... 
Today, all she talks about is her children.. how she wants to set an example for them..
how she wants her daughters to grow up independent and strong individuals..
She keeps talking about what a drastic change life has been... going from big town to small town.. from nuclear family to joint family[ her in laws family had about 40members, recently she hubby kids and her inlaws have moved out to a separate house]
Everytime she visits chennai, we meet... she is not one of those i would call "bud chums", but she is a caring friend!!!

-----; Am off to Coimbatore tomorrow nite... just for a day... a friend is getting married on Sunday.. Why am i going for a friend's wedding? many ask.. 
J has been a good friend since Junior school.. 
known him since 3rd std and we have managed to stay in touch over the years...
Can u believe it.. we've been friends for over 2decades now.. woww!!! 
There was this one instance when i had fell down, got hurt pretty bad and was laid up in bed for days..He would come home everyday with a book or movie cassette, sit talk for hours and then head home... 
Mom trusts him more than she trusts me....
Which is why, when he came over last week to invite me for the wedding, i knew then i would be going for his wedding.. no two ways about it!!!  :)

Here's to many more years of Togetherness with Friends... all of whom are now more than just friends!!! they are Family!! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Art of gifting!!!

"Oh, Thank you so much... What a thoughtful Gift"...  
[Thought running in mind: Oh,shucks, they have given me such a lovely gift, what do i give them in return? do i have anything or would cash do?]
Now is that right??? 
Last week.. not once,but twice i had a bit of argument with mom and others at home.. They consented that i had a valid point but couldnt do anything about it... Let me tell you what happened!
Incident 1 
Gramma [shall be known as G]: So, are you coming tomorrow?
Me; for?
G : You know, S has come of age, and B aunt has invited us all in the evening
Me: What? no way, am not coming.. poor kid
Mom[whose name starts with M, shall be M] enters.... :)
G to mom : M, what do you think is an ideal gift for S?
M: Ma, safe to give cash..
G: btw, how much did B give for A or P [ me or my sis]?
M: dont remember.. must have been around 250 i guess.  for A, nothing, cos we werent in chennai then..
G: Oh, ok.. so,250 is enuf? 
M: Ma, these days 250 is not done... you need to give 500 atleast..
G; A, get me an envelope, will give the cash, put it in please
Me: what is wrong with you people... why do you give gifts cash for this occasion? 
1st of all, it shouldnt be celebrated like some big dig... 
Stop humiliating kids... i mean, gone are the days when people announced to the world 
And why should you give gift... what did you do? S just got her menses....
G and M in unison : You wont understand...thats how it is.. we have to give something
Me: Tryin to see reason- why????? what was your role in this? or what is the money for? cant her parents provide for her??? dammit... am sure they can buy watever she needs and more...
This is when mom and gramma give up.. and nod their head knowing am right, but continue their discussion.. Moved on from gift to what saree to wear!! Mom said she had a similar chat with my sis about this concept.... celebrating and gift giving for this milestone!!! 
I only pity the kid.. S is only 10 yrs old~!! Sigh!!
Incident 2
 An aunt who is pregnant was celebrating the 8th month function.. Valakappu .. we were all thrilled... this uncle and aunt have been married over 10yrs and they love kids.. and we all love em to bits... so, all of us were extra happy for em!!! anyways , back to the point... we got invited for the Valakappu.. and again on the prev evening, gramma sat on the bed with mom opening the cupboard to pick out saree and started talking about what gift to give... Grrrr [ that was me...]:) here is what happened.... 

Me: G, why do you have to give gift for this? you anyways give something when baby is born... ippo ethukku[why now?
G: we need to... [end of statement...]
me: [ya, right, you thought i was gonna buy that...].. but why? what for?
G: thats how it is.. M, what did they give you when you were preg with P[my sis]?
M: dont remember.. think K maami gave a silver bowl or was it 100 [ 100 was a BIG amount back then]
G: ohh.. ok... i know for I[another aunt of mine], they gave saree.. So, what should we give? plus i think they are going to have seperate seemandam[ another ritual done at mil's place].. For that we need ot give something! 
Me: what?? not once, but you need to gift twice.... i give up!! Again, i ask.. what did you do? she got pregnant.. so, why should you give gift?
G and M giving me glares : just shut up and help us find blouse for this saree... 
M: ma, give 500 to S[the preggie aunt] and on seemandam, give 250 to P[uncle]
Me: trying to make some sense... wait a minute, you give gifts when they got married... you gift when they are pregnant and again when you go to see the baby?? whats wrong with you people??? 
M: are you coming tomorrow?
Me: [Oh,god.. do they even see logic here..] yes, i am...
M and G: good...!!! [they've gone back to looking for a saree, blouse or make some coffee]

I mean, i dont understand why we need to give gifts for occasions like this... i know i know.. we give cos we wanna.. but you compare what they gave.. whats appropriate... and all that!!! what a waste!!! and just doesnt make sense... sigh!!! is it just me???? :(

Friday, October 10, 2008

Here's some fresh stock ma'am....

Yesterday morning  had to go S's office to drop off a sample [related to work] and on the way back home, bumped into my colleague's sis,V... Spent a few minutes talking to her[ it had been ages] and then she invited me to join her for a cuppa coffee at French Loaf, Harrington Road... What the heck, went in, we had a cup of Latte, and nibbled on a Mushroom Onion Quiche [i wonder why those yummy things are called quiche.. what the hell is that???wierd name for a dish dont u think??:) ]

anyways... moving on to the main point....we were done, and while leaving, i made a beeline for their bread section, picked out a small garlic bread stick thingy, and a packet of veg curry bread.. but after 2mins, decided against the bread, and gave it back.. immediately one of the manager guys came upto me [ i thot he was a manager, cos he was wearing a tie and all :)] and asked "is it because of the date, ma'am?".. took me a minute to understand what he was saying ...[ding ding ding.. he is talking about manufacture date of bread].. i replied "no, i just realised i dont need bread"... he walked away....

Few mins later, while at the bill counter, another guy pops up behind the counter and asked "ma'am, we've got fresh stock, would you like a loaf of that?"... i was like "no, thank you...'.. the schmuck who is manning the till  shows me a bill with the loaf of bread i had cancelled, saying "its already there on the bill, take something instead.." and am like 'wtf.. i dont want the bread, cancel it.."[ puhlease, its not like i took a bite of it and then gave it back..."... he waits staring at me.. i stare at him.. and then i noticed a movement next to me... one of those tie clad manager guys came over, gave an eye signal to our schmuck, who immediately redid the bill and gave it to me..... 

well... made me wonder how the guys working at places notice small things.... normally, no one would have asked me why i put the loaf back.. but here, BECAUSE it was old stock, they thot i was returning it... and it made me wonder.. what if i had bot it, and it had rotted in a day... would i have noticed the date and gone back  asking for refund? why were they selling stuff that was not fresh?????? hmmm!!! 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Brain drain

its been 3 days.... and i feel like NOT doing anything, but just laying on the bed... everything else seems like an effort... but i cant.. have a bit of work to do, so on my lappy, just tryin to stay focussed for a while...

yesterday took a sick day, and my colleagues were sweet enuf to say "take care babes, we shall handle it here...".. but there are other projects, where i need to do my share !!!! so, here i go!!

hate being ill... this feverish feeling... throat infection.. heaviness in head is not nice... sigh!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Peek a Boo...

Gosh, i dint realise how long its been since i wrote a post.. well, work has taken over life, plus people at home were travelling, so had been busy with that!!!! 

Got a bit of free time, and so decided to give you all a quick peek into what i've been upto, and whats new in my life... :)

[That's Floppy saying hi to all!! fresh after a shower... ] 

1. New Phone!! :)

I finally said bye bye to my Sony Ericsson w550i [all of 3yrs old and already started giving too much trouble..]- wouldnt swivel, one day a tiny screw fell out of nowhere..lolz.. and there were times when i would receive a call, but be unable to answer... and there was just NO signal at home, i had to run out to our garden or backyard ot be able to have a decent conversation.. else it would be --  u, uh,ah, a...beep beep..dead!! 

What did i buy you ask... Had my eyes set on the iPhone, but soon realized its not really worth the zillion bucks - 31k [ you can relax and breath now..] and so i finally settled for the yummilicious awesome, sexy 5MP camera fitted Nokia N95- 8GB model on Oct 1st... 

  • The phone has just about everything... i dint want a blackberry, but wanted a phone that would do all the functions... and this is just perfect!! slides both ways... up and down... :-)
  • Has an amazing Camera
  • Lovely music Player
  • And well, everything about it is divine !!!   
That very day, i went to friend-- Rauf's house for Ramzan dinner... was fun!!! we got intro'd thru a common friend, he blogs too and is a fun person to be with!! an Amazing photographer, time flies when you are talking to him.. also got to meet couple of his friends.. was a warm evening!!

2. Chef is here 

After a long time, did some cooking.. nothing major, just my classic Mushroom dish.. dont ask me for the name , dont got one.. but it did taste yummmy!!!

3.Interesting Guests

Oooh, ooh, we've got 4 cute tiny interesting guests at home.. and know where they live, in a bowl in the loo.. he he... yep.. its a bowl of 4 fish, given by my sis's friend, for us to baby sit while she goes to UK... they are so adorable.. 3 grey, and 1 golden fish...

 4. Golu

Since its navaratri, its golu season... get invites from various aunts and friends, most of which i escape from going..  get so bored, no company, its so drab!!! but anyways, did go to an aunt's house, simply bcos i've never been to their house and then ofcourse went to a dear dear friend, V's house for Golu.... 

And when i left , as tradition, they gave me vethalai pakku [ betel nut, betel leaf with whole haldi] with a gift.. got home, opened it and since then havent stoppped smiling.... 

He sits proudly near the phone book... and quite an eye catcher!! [ for those who dont know, am crazy about dogs... :)] 
Tomorrow mom and sis are off to Sringeri, granparents already gone.. Mom and i are a bit unwell, just hope she gets alright and is ready for the journey!! Me cant go cos of work.. so me and dad home alone.. Just now got a call from a dear friend, J, who i've known since 3rd std that he is coming to town tomorrow, yipeee.. he is getting married... :) 
 [All pics taken with my new phone.... isnt it awesome??? ]
Shall see you all tomorrow!
Hope your weekend was Fun!! :)
Before i sign off... would love to get some suggestions for a birthday gift for a colleague - she is about 22, fun and likes just about everything!!! :)