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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alright, i give in... i Confess!!!

Caught..roped and tagged ..This time by sweet IHM [which was nearly 3wks back and also by Aparna asking me to bare my soul and reveal my addictions and quirks.

1.Give me my MUSIC: -
I need Music all the time.. Does not matter what am doing, it had better be playinhg in the background and must be loud enuf for me to hear and if i like it [ya,right, like i listen to stuff i dont ], i shall be singing along!! 
- When at work
- When cleaning my room/cupboard
- When out with friends [driving in car, bus, etc]
- When reading a book
- When out walking
- When working out [a MUST]

2. Dont TOUCH my things:-
I hate it when people touch my things without asking me.. Right from my childhood days, have been protective, not possessive about my things [ books, music, bags, right down to handkerchief].. but off late i dont scream when i see someone proding in my cupboard or shelves.. i simply stare em down... :D
And instinctively i somehow know when someone has been through my things.. if i see a book moved, or a comb out of place in my table or draw, i will know!! Dont make a big deal of it, but do let it known that i dont like this poking around.....

3. GIZMO freak is my nick name:-
Any new gizmo i see, or read about, i have to find out more... Either on the net, or when am in the mall, if there is a store, You bet i shall walk in and inspect.. love gizmos- phones, games, music system, anything electronic.... and there are times when i see someone around me holding an interesting looking phone, or wearing a smart watch when i dont think twice about asking them about it... :D  

4. Here Doggy Doggy... :-
Does not matter where i see a dog.. i shall instantly start calling to it, and kneel down so i can pet it... Unless the person walking it says otherwise... Gosh, the neighborhood we live in has so many dogs, and all of them are angels!!! Cleo[ who used to live in the house behind ours has moved away, they have gone somewher else... miss u sweety.. she was a Great Dane, who had a thing for Floppy ;) and would love it when i used to stand near our compound wall talking to her.. dint matter what i was saying, as long as i was talking....]
Ofcourse, there is my Floppy.. who is an angel.. sweetheart... naughty brat all rolled into one.... :)

5: Is it 14:47 yet?
A recent quirk that began about 6mths back.. We had a car with the number plate 1447... and then dad gave it away!!! This happened nearly a decade ago!! But suddenly couple of months back i noticed that everytime i looked at the clock, or my phone, the time was exactly 14:47... No, am not fibbing!! honest to god... So, now everyday when i pick up the phone to check the time or stare at the clock on my lappy, its invariably 14:47.... :D   
Sometimes i look at the time just to see if its 14:47..hehehe...couple of times, it was 14:46, or 14:44.. never later!!

Phew... There is actually more, but shall stop with this!!! :)
Apart from this..
  • I love, am actually crazy about Butterflies.. anything with it, i shall BUY [i.e unless it threatens my bank balance]
  • I love  kids, again whenever i see a kid, i go and talk to them and end up playing with them.. :)
  • Love doing puzzles... yep,Aparna we have that in common.. still have a big lego set that my uncle got me when i was small 
Ok... now as per tradition, i gotta pass it on to some others... But heck, i aint gonna Name nobody... whoever wants to do it, feel free!! :D


Anonymous said...

u have more quirks?! I took ages to get to #6!!! :D Reema calls cats and you doggies! :)
14:47? I think Aparna would call it freaky not quirky ! lol!

Indian Home Maker said...

Me love doggies too, give Floppy a hug from me :)
And Gizmos, I am crazy about gizmos. Maybe we can name our next dog or cat GIZMO :)

sachin said...

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how r u?
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thank you dear
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vimmuuu said...

I have that music quirk too and would be mentioning it when i do the tag !! The 14.47 is very scary, you should probably inform RGV on this and I am sure he would come with a good screenplay!!!

Btw, wheres the tag that I asked you to do ????

Gargling Garbage said...

ooooooooh yeah..... as kids all of us were warned ... "Don't open that cupboard, don't touch that thing"... And like puppies we'd whimper to only find that "Those belong to Aaarti, she'll find out"..!! *Sigh* ... Part of Grandma's tales that'd fill airwaves everynight! "Keep things like how Aaarti does"..! And of course, I hated you for that, sis ;)

Vinesh said...

1447 was freaky!

Have you watched the move The Number 23?

vishesh said...

:) lol :P

Anonymous said...

1447, huh? Hmmm... Interesting! :)

CM-Chap said...

Ah... Music freak :-) I'm sure you wont require music when you speak to me..bcoz the way I talk itself will be like music to your ears..sint it? LOL

Well, I too hate anyone toucing my things :)

14:47 syndrome... Hmm I got to be careful with you while making any appoinments :)

ceedy said...

That just means you have to be punished since you confessed :)

Nicely done tag....

Nautankey said...

The second one was too funny :).. Dont think i am imagining the stare you gave to gonibeed when she took your mobile for inspection.I have witnesses for that now :P.

14:47 did sound freaky as if that old car of yours is being thrashed in some old garage and its spirit is reminding you..aargh..sorry effect of phoonk :)

Really quirky ones

Sneha said...

just happened to hop by. i must say, CUTE!

Anonymous said...

1447 quirk was one the weirdest i have heard :D
even i like dogs and cats ..but my mom wont allow to keep them :(

Rauf said...

TANKEE A million Aaartidee
i come back in a cuppal of days
Happy Diwaali to you and all your blog friends
Happy diwaali to plaappy too
don't scare him with crackers will ya ?

CяŷştąŁ said...

The 14:47 thing is ......wild!
Gizmos...aah! I love them too.
Great tag,this is.

First time tht I'm've got a good blog! Do drop by mines sometime..:)
And Happy Diwali said...

i have a huge problem with ppl touching my things without asking too...cant stand it...but at the same time iam often at a loss about what to say to such ppl!
i like dogs a lot too!

An alien Earthling said...

I love cats the way you love dogs!

Trailblazer said...

Wow. I have similar interests too.

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