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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Diwali Miracle....

Belated Diwali wishes to all of you!!! 
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I had a good time, not because we ate n burst crackers, but because i dint work, and completely chilled out those 2days!! felt really good!!! Guess i need to do this every now and then!!:)
And for the 1st time, we all went out to dinner on Diwali Night!!!  Dinner was at Bombay Blue, College road.... :) [ to write abt the experience  we had there, i need to do another post...:)]

The next morning, as i woke up and went to the loo, i noticed that the water in the fish bowl was muddy looking [yes, the fish sit on the counter top in a bowl :)..dont ask me "what fish", these are the ones am baby sitting for sis's friend, while she is in UK ].. 

Anyways... couple of seconds later,i noticed that one of the bigger fish [multi colored guy] was floating on top, lying flat...i got very depressed, and slowly took him out,put him in a plastic cup with fresh water.. Changed the water in the bowl and fed the others... left this guy there, and when i went back about an hour later... Voila.. he was opening shutting his mouth and breathing!!! Yipeee!! i nearly screamed with Joy... was so happpy.... said a silent prayer to the Man up there and put this guy back into the main bowl..

Now such things, make me believe there is Someone up there watching down on us....

and am so happpy this little fishy gets to live... yayyy!!! Yipeeee!!!What a miracle!!! imagine if i had flushed him down... poor baby!!! :)


Anonymous said...

There might be a Woman up there you know ;)
And flushing the fish down reminds me of Finding Nemo. Seems lots of kids actually flushed their fish so they would go to the ocean! :D
Nice you had a relaxing weekend and your fish lived! yay!!

Anonymous said...

Happy diwali to u too ..

Indian Home Maker said...

I am so glad the fish lived! Such miracles do happen, this post made me feel very good :)

Lakshmi said...

:) incidents like these make us believe in life too

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