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Friday, October 17, 2008


Ahh, what would i do without my friends??
I would be lost and lonely
Miserable and afraid
but God has been kind to me in this one aspect!!! :)
This post is a THANK YOU to all my dear sweet friends, who have been with me through thick and thin [literally] and will continue to be a part of my life.... Also, a BIG WELCOME to the new friends i've been making in the recent past!!  

----> Today has been an Awesome day...
I got a letter from my dear darling friend,N.. with a note from her kids, a drawing by her son and a cute little pic of her doggie Ginger... N and i go back to college days.. infact i remember that the first few months we barely spoke.. i was sitting with some other girls, she with others.. it was only over a period of time that we clicked and since then, the bond is strong.. fevicol i guess!! :)
The Aarti who joined college was very very different from the Aarti people know today... 
  • used to be fairly quiet
  • Reserved to a certain extent
  • and would keep things to myself.. bottle em up inside,.. 
But thanks to N and B[another friend, who has now gone far far terms of distance and friendship...] were the ones who helped me unleash hidden skeletons.... 
And that was when i started talking... yap yap yap.... and i am yet to stop!! :D
I sent her an sms saying  "guess wat.. ginger is damn cute.. my babies[her kids] are adorable- for their letter and drawing, and i have the awesomest bestest dearest friend ever".... she replied saying "aaroo[thats what most friends call me], you deserve nothing but the best and i am the one who should be saying am lucky to have you as a friend".... In the morning, when i read her letter, at the end of it, i felt tears.... Dint know why, but knew that i missed her and cherished her friendship a lot!!! :)

 ------->Last evening i met with another friend of mine from College, R... She was a brain box, or rather still is.. University rank holder in Bcom and MBA, she was such an independent gal.. Used to just zoom off in her bike and was free like the wind.. Or so we thought... Her dad wouldnt let her work and promptly within 6mths of completing MBA, took her toVizag, and brought her back engaged... me and other friends dint know of this.. [anyways, thats another story... bygones...]

Today, R is a mother of 2 girls, a quiet girl who has resigned to fate and has accepted what life has thrown her way.... 
Hubby doesnt want her to work.. infact gets wild when she does
She wears only sarees, covers her head etc etc at her In laws place[ but thats ok.. small matters]
Has completely changed... 
Today, all she talks about is her children.. how she wants to set an example for them..
how she wants her daughters to grow up independent and strong individuals..
She keeps talking about what a drastic change life has been... going from big town to small town.. from nuclear family to joint family[ her in laws family had about 40members, recently she hubby kids and her inlaws have moved out to a separate house]
Everytime she visits chennai, we meet... she is not one of those i would call "bud chums", but she is a caring friend!!!

-----; Am off to Coimbatore tomorrow nite... just for a day... a friend is getting married on Sunday.. Why am i going for a friend's wedding? many ask.. 
J has been a good friend since Junior school.. 
known him since 3rd std and we have managed to stay in touch over the years...
Can u believe it.. we've been friends for over 2decades now.. woww!!! 
There was this one instance when i had fell down, got hurt pretty bad and was laid up in bed for days..He would come home everyday with a book or movie cassette, sit talk for hours and then head home... 
Mom trusts him more than she trusts me....
Which is why, when he came over last week to invite me for the wedding, i knew then i would be going for his wedding.. no two ways about it!!!  :)

Here's to many more years of Togetherness with Friends... all of whom are now more than just friends!!! they are Family!! :)


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An alien Earthling said...

Yes, friends are special . . . It's sad to read how your friend R was forced to change her life.

Indian Home Maker said...

Your friend's story is my nightmare for any girl! How could her own parents do this? Shows parents are not always right!!!
Made me very sad.
it's better to never marry than live a life like this. We Indians are so obsessed with getting our daughters married! No offense to her parents, just ranting and feeling very unhappy, because I too have seen this happen to lively, independent girls full of life:(

vimmuuu said...

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rantravereflect/ jane said...

yeahhh different friends go in different directions-> and though they make their own niches, tehy're always family :)

Here's to many more years of togetherness :)

niceguy251 said...


Lucky you are to have such good friends. May you always find happiness in their company and do reciprocate too.

Take care said...

this is really nice... a post dedicated to friends!!

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