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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Learnings in life...

While watching Abhiyum Nanum, a thought struck me... we all learn at every stage in our lives..We go to school, college, learn from our parents , family etc etc....
The Character of the begger who is brought home by the girl surprises them by speaking English and Hindi across the movie.. When asked, he says 
  • I sat outside Churchpark, therein i picked up English...  
  • I begged for awhile in Sowcarpet[ a locality in chennai], which is where i learnt a bit of Hindi!!! 
What i observed in this movie, and what i think holds true in our life is that -
 [Pic courtesy:]
We learn more from our surroundings and people around  us than we do from books and academics...
- Culture
- languages
- Different forms of art
- Food
- Music, books
Ever since i moved to Chennai, or rather my parents decided to move, i have managed to learn about various parts of the city simply because the schools/ colleges/ offices i was in were in different parts of the city/..
When in Chinmaya - i learnt my way around Harrington road and then Taylors road... got comfy enough to walk to my grandparents home.
When in Anna Adarsh- Anna Nagar became a whole new world.. Today i can say i know the area quite well [ yes, i do get lost occasionally, what with all the by lanes, the A block and Z blocks...but can manage]
With College - it was Nungambakkam and around...  also managed to discover some areas which i dint know existed.. all thanks to friends who dwelled in those localities... :)
Then started work.... Phew!! Going around for interviews, and also since i dint have my own vehicle, the public transport was a Godsend in me finding my way around our city.... Making sure i dint get lost was my keen observation skills...[Thanks to which i still manage to find my way home... :)]
High school brought along friends who were into French, and just to satiate my curiousity i joined Alliance and did Certificate level French. Alas, school wouldnt let me take French, so i stuck to Tamil....
While in college, i got the chance to make friends with a whole bunch of wacko North Indians.. they let me make an arse of myself, but thanks to them i mastered the Hindi language [ one that i love so much]
These past few years, i've been making some friends through blogs and online networking sites... From each of them, i learn about various places to explore in our country, recipes, hobbies, various opportunities and some more!!! :)
Be it developing my language skills or gaining insight into a new subject, it always fascinates me...
The human mind has no boundaries..... We can go on learning... all our life!!! What a wonderful feeling!!

Why did i write this post? Its just that everyday i come across something new that appeals to me, and i end up tryin to learn/research on it before zzz.... :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Easy ...Difficult

Was just thinking back on all that has been happening in life and decided to pen this post....[plus the fact that today i got ragged royally by friends about not having come over and posted something in a while.. here you go guys.... something to think about!! ]
This is kinda like a game thingy we used to do in another website.. Am taking the idea from there...
Working on a crazy project... Easy
Winding up and being done with... Difficult
Watching the latest flick on lappy..Easy
Trying to keep mosquitoes at bay...Difficult
Buying movie dvd's...Easy
Keeping track of where they are.... Difficult
Finding new songs i like..Easy
Locating them, downloading them...Difficult
Staying up late at night...Easy
Waking up early in the morning [6ish]...Difficult
Learning a new art...Easy
Finding like minded people..Difficult
Attending a dance workshop...Easy
Dealing with clammy hands... Difficult... [lolz, couldnt resist.. Bhar....;)]

Cooking pasta in the morning..Easy
Trying to eat before eclipse attacks...Difficult [right guys??:)]

Making new friends... Easy
Trying to understand the different personalities and gel with them all.. Difficult 

Going to Friends' house..Easy
Saying bye and coming back..Difficult [ which is why, most times i stay over...hahahahaha :D]

Reading the paper in the morning..Easy
Digesting the news [esp about today's one on Padmashri]..Difficult 

Clicking pictures during the Potluck...Easy
Uploading them using the bluetooth Doggle.. Difficult [ more like lazy....] 

Wanting to write a new post...Easy
Coiming up with ideas/thoughts... Difficult...

[shall come back for more....... you can also add on.... ]

Oh and here is an award i got... quite some time back!! [aint it cool, its a butterfly!!!]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mystery of the Front page!!

Yesterday morning, uncle came over here[ grandparents house, as he normally does], picked up the TOI and kept flipping through the pages.. Was wondering why he was doing that and when i asked ... he said 
The headlines on the paper he recd at his place is different from the one that was there in ours.... 
We were both stumped.... After a while, we [me, granpa, gramma] kinda convinced him that he had probably received Deccan Chronicle and not TOI.. Matter was put to rest..

In the evening, while i was at the Movie, he called... This call was to tell me that the paper at his place was indeed TOI and not Chronicle.. More puzzle... Asked him to bring it over today.. whcih he did!!

To add to this mystery, today morning i got on the net and checked out the epaper TOI of yesterday, 21st Jan.. and what do i see.. The front page looks like it did at the one uncle brought....eeeks, was i hallucinating??? what was happening!!! strange indeed!!! :D 

Chk this out....  what do you think happened??? Why is the headline different in both the papers?????Has it happened to you ever???? 

TOI from uncle's place


TOI at my home

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bits and Bites...

2009 sure has begun with a bang i must say!!! And its been only what 20days so far! phew.. if these past few days is any indication, then am sure looking fwd to the rest of the year...
Here is a sneak into some interesting incidents/revelations about Friends and those who i thought were friends, but who turned out otherwise[ not in the good sense....] 
The past couple of days has been relaxed... Ever since i completed the previous project, i'm kinda taking it easy... Therefore, got more time on my hands.. which in turn means more time to ponder, introspect and think about people in my life!!! :) 
The amount of time I've been spending at Dee's place is just wacko.. more hours there than i have in my own home.. no jokes!! Either we are there watching a movie, yakking away to glory, cooking, cleaning, playing, having fun or am staying over and generally having a good time... And to think,i've known her little over 7months now... Wow...

Her family, friends and many others who see us ask - So, did you girls go to school/college together? 
My reply- Nope
They- "So, you worked together i guess"
My reply- Yep
They -[gape] "wow, really.. that is nice.. and the way you are close is just amazing!!!Bless you!! 
[actual conversation and not cooked up!!! i swear!!!] :)
In all the 8 years i've been working, i dont think i have any other friend who is this close and with whom i have worked on a crazy project with!!! Dee is much younger than me, she must be atleast 5yrs my junior, infact she and her sis started college [ same one i went to] after i passed out!!! :)
Her family just welcomed us with open arms on the day of her mehndi[engagement] and since then have enveloped us in their warmth and love...There is another friend,N, who i've made through Dee.. She is a sweet thing.. lost most of the time [lost in thoughts, and lost generally...]She is off home for a month or so, gonna miss her!!! Sigh!!! :)
We danced like crazy
Played cards with her sis and cousins till wee hours of the morning
Went clubbing  and pub hopping
Had not one but 2 tequila shots in one night... [ just us gals did, the guys were all being a wuss and stuck to beer and Jack]
Went up to the DJ asking him to change the music [ esp since there was not a single soul apart from us at the club and the DJ went on to not listen to us and continued to play rottten music...yeck!!! but what the heck, we had a blast!!]
Made Maggi in the middle of the night and enjoyed it more like devoured it!!
Here's to more such Good times!!

Now, moving on to this other friend, D, [nope, this is a diff friend person...]Makes me sad to not call him a friend, but hey, things are the way they are cos of what he did/said!! Not known him long, met him here on blogsville and we kinda hit it off .... and now he is not a friend, but just a person...  This has never happened to me.. a person coming into my life, becoming a friend and then leaving [atleast not the way this one did.. pooof, gone....and its a choice i've made!!! ].. Lets just say he crossed the limit [ knowingly or unknowingly.. no no he dint make a pass at me... just crossed the line and went across to the wierd person place...].. anyways... bygones!!! :) but yes, there are days when i wonder why he did/said/acted what he did....
Last evening when i was at my dear friend, A's place, we were talking about all the friends we've got/made and how different each of them are....
Some are happy and spread cheer
Some going through a rough phase but hanging in there 
Some having been through a lot, still dont seem to have learnt .... 
and some, who are just absolutely awesome !!![like me..hehehe]

And everyday i meet new people... with some its good fun, and others its just awkward!!!
Strange is life
and Stranger are the people in the world!!!
C'est la vie!!! :D

Destiny or what???

Its been one of those days... idling away, not doing anything....
To kill time, took up a blogthings quiz and it totallly woke me up!!! :D chk it out...

You Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo

Sweet and sassy
For you, tattoos are a thing of beauty - not toughness!!

How spoooky and awesome is that??? Its almost like destiny!!! :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

About time, i say!!!

Howdy doody all you people out there??? 
Wish you a very very happpy New year!! 
I know, its nearly time for the Pongal wishes, but what the heck... This is when i come back to the Blog world and talk to you all 1st time this year... :)

2008 sure was a year i shall remember... for various reasons....

  • 2 Dear Friends got married... and one of them had a baby too!!! ;) 
  • Managed to go on 2 fun adventurous trips with S, and looking fwd to more such trips... She is a lot of fun, and since she is well travelled, its good galavanting with her 
  • Had not one but nearly 3 interesting meetings with fellow bloggers from here... and all of them were last minute plans...  Through them, also made one more friend!!! Phew.... cant ever have enuf of friends, can we!!?
  • Worked on a super duper interesting frustrating project 
  • Said bye bye to me cousin who left for USA to pursue Undergrad... miss him tonnes, he was just here for a visit and has gone back now [ shifted to a better university] 
  • Floppy turned 2.. yep, he is a big boy now.. Goes for walks on his own, and comes back like a good boy... :) [ that is when hunger strikes and he is tired of the outside world]
  • Made a new Friend-Dee.. - just when i thought i was done making new friends, in she came, with her sweet smile and simple nature... That was it!! and thanks to her, i also got to be a part of a lovely warm caring family [ they treat me like am one among them:)]
  • Surrounded by more mallus than i've ever seen in my life... lol [ again thanks to that new friend,Dee. ]
  • Stayed at the Taj for a good 4days, a 1st for me and enjoyed every minute of it.. Good fun working with the people from the Taj, esp the concierge [ God, the amount of fun we all had]
And now , am all set to welcome the new year.... so far, its been good.... 
  • Celebrated New years' evening with a friend and then at home- tripping on Pirates of the Carribean, Worlds end, and FRIENDS - laughed my brains out.... 
  • Had a ball at Dee's wedding... since her engagement, i've been over at her place more than i've been at my home... stay overs, girls night outs, movies, shopping, partying, and some more..we even gave her a surprise Bachelorette party.. [ no no no, you dont wanna know what all we did..err...lips are sealed ;P]
  • Went on a mini trip to Velankanni and Pondy with the newly weds, her family and another friend.. Gosh, we were all freaking out and driving each other wacko!!!  
Wowww,... so much and today is just the 10th Jan!!! ;)