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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

About time, i say!!!

Howdy doody all you people out there??? 
Wish you a very very happpy New year!! 
I know, its nearly time for the Pongal wishes, but what the heck... This is when i come back to the Blog world and talk to you all 1st time this year... :)

2008 sure was a year i shall remember... for various reasons....

  • 2 Dear Friends got married... and one of them had a baby too!!! ;) 
  • Managed to go on 2 fun adventurous trips with S, and looking fwd to more such trips... She is a lot of fun, and since she is well travelled, its good galavanting with her 
  • Had not one but nearly 3 interesting meetings with fellow bloggers from here... and all of them were last minute plans...  Through them, also made one more friend!!! Phew.... cant ever have enuf of friends, can we!!?
  • Worked on a super duper interesting frustrating project 
  • Said bye bye to me cousin who left for USA to pursue Undergrad... miss him tonnes, he was just here for a visit and has gone back now [ shifted to a better university] 
  • Floppy turned 2.. yep, he is a big boy now.. Goes for walks on his own, and comes back like a good boy... :) [ that is when hunger strikes and he is tired of the outside world]
  • Made a new Friend-Dee.. - just when i thought i was done making new friends, in she came, with her sweet smile and simple nature... That was it!! and thanks to her, i also got to be a part of a lovely warm caring family [ they treat me like am one among them:)]
  • Surrounded by more mallus than i've ever seen in my life... lol [ again thanks to that new friend,Dee. ]
  • Stayed at the Taj for a good 4days, a 1st for me and enjoyed every minute of it.. Good fun working with the people from the Taj, esp the concierge [ God, the amount of fun we all had]
And now , am all set to welcome the new year.... so far, its been good.... 
  • Celebrated New years' evening with a friend and then at home- tripping on Pirates of the Carribean, Worlds end, and FRIENDS - laughed my brains out.... 
  • Had a ball at Dee's wedding... since her engagement, i've been over at her place more than i've been at my home... stay overs, girls night outs, movies, shopping, partying, and some more..we even gave her a surprise Bachelorette party.. [ no no no, you dont wanna know what all we did..err...lips are sealed ;P]
  • Went on a mini trip to Velankanni and Pondy with the newly weds, her family and another friend.. Gosh, we were all freaking out and driving each other wacko!!!  
Wowww,... so much and today is just the 10th Jan!!! ;)


vishesh said...


vimmuuu said...

Surrounded my mallus??? you are one blessed soul ;)

Wish you the happiest year ahead and please stop us from 'welcoming you back' again :D

See ya around !

rauf said...

good dat you tokkeen. was so tired of dat ting peeka boos.

your prend got married and so soon dey have baby ? Is she a mosquitoeee ?

happy bafday to plaappy

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome ..Belated wishes from here too..New Year Pongal & so on..Just the right oppurtunity for us to keep celebrating life ..isnt it, Keep Enjoying...Heres wishing you a fun filled Calenar Year !

Praddy said...

yaay..and btw you are making a guest appearance in your own blog eh :P

so when is the next blog meet :P ? and hey not on a sat evening ok :(

Nautankey said...

Sounds like a fun year..Wishin a 2009 with more fun n laughs :)

Anonymous said...

Aaaah!! so who is that friend you made bcos of your blog friends?! :) Well now should it not be 3 from the blog friends?
We must not plan our meetings. Last minute stuff works :D
Hope to see more entries from you :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back !!
happy new year ..

@ pradeed
Lol ..

Gargling Garbage said...

Somebody's havin' all the phun! :D ... Let's go somewhere, anywhere, after Jan 21st! What say!

Anonymous said...

Wishing Peace, Health, Happiness.

Bedazzled said...

way to go girl.... cheers to a lovely year ahead

Lakshmi said...

Happy pongal..welcome back :)ashtamudi is near kollam(quilon)and trivandrum..awesome place

niceguy251 said...


Nice to know 2008 was a good year for you. Wish you even better in 2009.

Take care

Praddy said...

isnt it a long time now?

Anonymous said...


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