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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Easy ...Difficult

Was just thinking back on all that has been happening in life and decided to pen this post....[plus the fact that today i got ragged royally by friends about not having come over and posted something in a while.. here you go guys.... something to think about!! ]
This is kinda like a game thingy we used to do in another website.. Am taking the idea from there...
Working on a crazy project... Easy
Winding up and being done with... Difficult
Watching the latest flick on lappy..Easy
Trying to keep mosquitoes at bay...Difficult
Buying movie dvd's...Easy
Keeping track of where they are.... Difficult
Finding new songs i like..Easy
Locating them, downloading them...Difficult
Staying up late at night...Easy
Waking up early in the morning [6ish]...Difficult
Learning a new art...Easy
Finding like minded people..Difficult
Attending a dance workshop...Easy
Dealing with clammy hands... Difficult... [lolz, couldnt resist.. Bhar....;)]

Cooking pasta in the morning..Easy
Trying to eat before eclipse attacks...Difficult [right guys??:)]

Making new friends... Easy
Trying to understand the different personalities and gel with them all.. Difficult 

Going to Friends' house..Easy
Saying bye and coming back..Difficult [ which is why, most times i stay over...hahahahaha :D]

Reading the paper in the morning..Easy
Digesting the news [esp about today's one on Padmashri]..Difficult 

Clicking pictures during the Potluck...Easy
Uploading them using the bluetooth Doggle.. Difficult [ more like lazy....] 

Wanting to write a new post...Easy
Coiming up with ideas/thoughts... Difficult...

[shall come back for more....... you can also add on.... ]

Oh and here is an award i got... quite some time back!! [aint it cool, its a butterfly!!!]


vimmuuu said...

Being nice - Easy !
Being Aaarti - Difficult !

and btw, you were ragged??? touch your heart (wherever that is!) and now make that statement again ! :D

Btw, I just noticed, except for Praddy and Vishesh, you dont have any of us in your blogroll!

Having chennai(nikhil too) bloggers on your blogroll - Easy !
Escaping from this situation - Difficult !

rauf said...

EEEEEKS ! you read news paper ? bad habit ORTEE ! habit one b or two b's ?? Habbbitt ??
Aiyoo i don't even try to unnerstan dippicult tings Ortee
i scratch my yeddu and stay away.

hi Plaappy how are yoos ?

Chakoli said...

Good one dear...

even for me... waking up eraly morning is :(((((((

thats really a nice list :D

Anonymous said...

Reading posts - Easy
Writing the right comments - difficult

"Staying up late at night...EasyWaking up early in the morning [6ish]...Difficult" - not really for me :) do it every weekday

I think trying to understand any one is difficult...need not necessarily be new friends.

Vimmuuu: Poor you! :) Anyways where is Aaarti's blog roll? or am I blind?!

Anonymous said...

Booking a ticket to Chennai - Easy... I don't wanna complete that! :D

Bedazzled said...

i am going on a smiley mode
;-).. *nods perceptively*..

Praddy said...

ah nice one nice one

Reading post - Easy
Writing comments - Difficult


Vimmuuu - One quality ppl's blogs are in the blogroll :P

Praddy said...

Vimmuuu - sorry it is .. "Only" not "one"

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time but liked your stuff

Sure few things in life are easy while few aspects of same very difficult

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