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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mystery of the Front page!!

Yesterday morning, uncle came over here[ grandparents house, as he normally does], picked up the TOI and kept flipping through the pages.. Was wondering why he was doing that and when i asked ... he said 
The headlines on the paper he recd at his place is different from the one that was there in ours.... 
We were both stumped.... After a while, we [me, granpa, gramma] kinda convinced him that he had probably received Deccan Chronicle and not TOI.. Matter was put to rest..

In the evening, while i was at the Movie, he called... This call was to tell me that the paper at his place was indeed TOI and not Chronicle.. More puzzle... Asked him to bring it over today.. whcih he did!!

To add to this mystery, today morning i got on the net and checked out the epaper TOI of yesterday, 21st Jan.. and what do i see.. The front page looks like it did at the one uncle brought....eeeks, was i hallucinating??? what was happening!!! strange indeed!!! :D 

Chk this out....  what do you think happened??? Why is the headline different in both the papers?????Has it happened to you ever???? 

TOI from uncle's place


TOI at my home


Anonymous said...

Where does your uncle stay? Is there something like city edition and out of Chennai edition - some such thing? Check the editions! :D

vishesh said...

lol :P

praddy said...

hey know what..i had a tiff at my office, during some discussion about Obama - i said the headlines @ TOI was the same one at ur Uncle's place and my colleague said no way it was not that.

We didn't agree on it finally.

Now the mystery is solved :D

Prasad said...

holy hell i got your copy as well!!!

vimmuuu said...

I got a copy similar to your uncles !

Bedazzled said...

"glow-bama" .. hee hee.. weird,sherlock !!.. some huge conspiracy by aliens ?

Anonymous said...

I think its not that big a mystery... Being an ex-journo, I'll put a rest to all your apprehensions and conspiracy theories. :)
Around 2 in the morning is when the final copy of the front page is completed (all other pages are completed by 11 pm) and sent for the press to be printed. Many a time, the senior news editor does not have a look at the page, but at times, he/she does look at it and wants to change the headline, and does it at the last minute. Such instances have happened before with all papers and isn't anything new. The press would've already printed a batch of papers with the old headline when the new headline comes and it's too late to recall the batch of already-printed papers... :)
Sorry folks, no alien conspiracy here. :)

Chakoli said...

Me also got what ur Uncle got...

and the second paper was front page of 22nd :D

niceguy251 said...


Read your last three posts now. Friends do change at times for reasons best known to them only. You are lucky to have such a good & close friend and it depends on you also how you nurture the friendship. I am surprised at the marked difference in two editions of the same TOI. Please check city they are published in and the edition.

Take care

rauf said...

ORTEEDEE, There must be some EVIL SHADOW hanging over the TOI printing press
Or some JAADOO TONA the rival news papers DONNED on TOI. They have to call some Mandravadi. BHOOSHAA ...... HOO HAA....SHOO SHAA...BHAAG JAA

Pesto Sauce said...

TOI has different editions for different cities...perhaps that why your uncle got a different look paper than the local edition

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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