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Monday, February 23, 2009

Blast from the past….

Past –
According to me, it’s the time before today, before this very minute when am typing this post…. Something I’ve done, said, lived, seen, experienced, bought, enjoyed and so much more….
What I like about the past –
What we were
How our lives were
Good and bad stuff….

What I don’t like about the past [or rather related to the past]
How people dwell in it
Reliving sad moments
Comparing it with today [ time, money, life, lifestyle, entertainment, etc etc….]
Why am I talking about the past now? Well, I have noticed that more than one instance, people around me seem to enjoy talking about sad sorrowful instances, moments from the past….
Gramma keeps talking about how much she has done for her bro inlaw and their kids and how they are not so grateful today
Granpa talks of how things were so cheap back then, and now its beyond expensive
Mom goes on and on about how much she has gone through when she was just married and why we don’t understand the way she is.
Some others advice preach [I use the term preach for a reason….] us on how we are not supposed to be in a room with elders, not talk unless spoken to and all the stories incidents when
-          They used to hide in the bedroom when there were guests at home.. not cos they wanted to, but cos they were not allowed to come and mix with others…
-          They should not talk to men[ other than from their family]
Whats the point of all this I ask… Stop dwelling in your past I tell them, but that comment of mine makes me them mad…
Why bitch about things/people who did you wrong? Why not move on and look at the happy things you have going for you?
I find it difficult… I know, I’ve been thru my share of  “incidents’ too, but I don’t go on and on.. Simply because there is no point… its not going anywhere and all am doing is hurting myself more… Reliving those “not nice” days/moments… !!!
Some things I enjoy about the past were
-          My trip to Chennai during school holidays- We would leave the very day when my exams end and return the morning of school reopening.. Luckily for me, school was hop skip jump away in most places!!! :D
-          The Coca Cola [in can, bought by my uncle from Trichy just for me..] and movie VCRs that would be waiting for me as I landed here
-          Spending time with my cousin, Esh [technically, he is my uncle, but more like a bro cos he was a year younger than me, and we were/are close ]
-          The fun trips we took from school
-      Falling, nearly dying and spending time at home recuperating- a dear friend, J, used to come home every evening, bringing me books, movies to watch…J
-          Going on crazy rides with uncles and cousins [ every time they visited from the USA]
-          My 1st job and the 1st salary [ the freedom I tasted with it…yummy]
-          The TV soaps I used to watch growing up…one of which I recently discovered is being aired once again in Zee Café.. What joy!! It is “Different Strokes “ ..  
Some others I used to trip on where – A Team, and Cosby Show....

- Most recent ones have to be my getting my tattoos...Both on impulse without  letting the whole world
   know of it... :D... Like this impulsive side of me!!!
- Singing Karaoke with a whole bunch of cool wacko friends, but sad that the cafe shut down!

Generally reminising as you can see!!! hence, the post...

Oh, am also in the process of doing something else, which i've been putting off for sometime now... shall
reveal it once its all ready and done!! :)


Praddy said...

ah good one..i always bury the past 6 feet down under and just live for all present and future and that too king size :D

Nautankey said...

Ur getting old :P and past..hmmm.. I do see those old snaps and used to think what happened to the sprightly young boy :D

Anonymous said...

Nautankey: The sprightly young boy has grown older and has quite a troubled life as far as I remember. Unfortunately most of those child stars have a problem.

Aaarti: We still can hit another karaoke bar somewhere and hope they don't end up closing too after our performance ;)

rauf said...

yesterday my sister said gold was 60 rupees
60 rupees for one kilo or ten kilos ? i asked, i never bought gold

i enjoyed growing old ORTEEDEE, thankfully had a smooth life, no turbulence of any kind, may be little ups and downs, pleasant childhood, lots of friends, i hated when my old house was demolished i sat and cried, 48 years of memories were hammered down. one thing i crib about is whites road. We used to play cricket on week days across the road, the same spot where you picked the Auto from. Now it takes ten minutes for me to cross the road.

only one DD, on telly, then came metro, poor thing Kimberly, Dana
plato was her name, lead a painful life after 'Different Strokes' was over. finally committed suicide, owee was it suicide ? i don know, she died stuffing herself with bananas up to her throat.

What you doin nows ?

Gargling Garbage said...

I think nostalgia is beautiful... It's painful, pleasing, and teasing... Specially when you know it's over and you can't re-live the whole show... I don't know what it takes for a person to accept this fact... Personally, I haven't been able to overcome it one bit... Maybe I can, but do I want to? I am not sure :) ... Have a great present! :)

Lakshmi said...

its also a part of a process called aging

Bedazzled said...

i used to love couple of shows on sony .. i dream of genie , boogie woogie and the cartoons on star plus(early morning 5:30 types) .. umm .. *introspecting on u r post* - dont think there is a smiley for that

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

seems like it was a brief intro to your diary...
if you write one..such blasts from past wont be uncommon...
may be few past memories are lost in ur mind while writing which actually u could have traced from ur diary.. :)
nice post...
good going

vimmuuu said...

hmmm..who doesnt like revisiting the past? But I hate people who cling to the past and choose to remain there !

and whats that technically, my uncle thingy? Isnt that supposed to be genetically or something? LOL.

Btw, when do you plan to reply to all the comments ???

Prasad said...

aaahhhhhh the past!!! well i readsomewhere tht "We cannot live in the past, But let a little of the past live in you"...dunno how apt this is here!!!

and damm u remind me abt the VCR!!! oo how i used to lov watchin movies on those!

Aaarti said...

@Praddy-- :) i do that too, but do remember certain moments except like others around me[mostly family] i dont dwell in them and wallow!! no point...

Aaarti said...

@N'key -- adangungo saaar... lolz!!! :D
ya, i wonder what happened to that sprightly boy[ btw, who are we talking about here???;)]

Aaarti said...

@Apar - done deal :) Infact was talking to a friend,who was telling me Gautam menon has redone the Kafeoke and making it his office.. invited me to come chk it out!!

i told him i want karaoke back there..then i shall come!!

Aaarti said...

hiee. how are u doing? gosh,been meaning to write to you and it hasnt happened yet... Shucks!! Sorry abt that!! in town or off on a sojourn?

Ohwow, she committed suicide?really? shooot. let me go see what i can dig up about them..
yep, i remember you talking about the cricket thingy the last time we met...ramzan was it? gosh, been ages!!

Am doing good, working on some small projects, shall mail more..:)

Aaarti said...

@GG - Hugsssssss.. people have tough time letting go.. am not saying my life so far was a bed of roses[minus thorns], i've had my share of thorns n some more... but heck, i choose to not be caught up in it.. wonder when others will.. cos they live in the past without realising their today is going away!!! :D

gonna mis u.. let me see if i can come off before u leave...

Aaarti said...

@lakshmi - True!! but is it worth letting your TODAY flow away ?

Aaarti said...

@Bhar -- Happy introspecting... have been doing lot of that lately...

Aaarti said...

@mahesh- Thanks!! yep, off late i've realised my blog has become like pages from my diary!!:D

Aaarti said...

@vimmuuu -
See, i am replying to the comments.. :D

Completely agree with you on the relish the past but move on....:)

about the uncle thingy-[genetic and all yes, bt i got special attention, that is what i meant silly...aiyooo...] he used to get these imported Coke cans from Trichy...and they would be waiting for moiiiiiiiiii [i was the only grandkid/ niece/kid in the family then..]:D

Aaarti said...

@Prasad -as they say, learn from the past- which i agree.. and do treasure your life, but live for today and look forward to tomorrow... :D

hahaha..want a VCR player?we have one at home... no one wants to give it away... antique rangela irukku...:D

Anonymous said...

LOL...even I keep hearing about the good old days. Nothing was ever bad in those days :) By the way which channel used to show the Cosby show and stuff? I dont remember it at all. Its only after coming here that I watch all these wonderful sitcoms.

Anonymous said...

Hi aaarti, Nosatlgic - this post of yours.

I particularly remember The wonder years and Doogie Howser MD (The young doctor) which we used to watch as kids...

And tatoos? where what?
I got one myself last holiday :)

Thanks for droppin by :)

Anonymous said...

Mine is the peace symbol on my back just below my neck. A small one, size of a 2 rupee coin.

Anonymous said...

i used to love different strokes too!! it was such a nice prgm..just like house full..
Falling, nearly dying?? when?where?how??
i think in a way memories make us.. so we shud keep the good ones, neatly filed in our mind..visit them frequent.. and delete all the bad ones!

ceedy said...

PAst is what makes we cant simply ignore it...but one has to learn not to be stuck to the past...thats when the problem starts...

good one!

Solilo said...

Nostalgia. I used to love different strokes, I dream of genie too. I caught missing episodes when I first moved to US.

Anonymous said...

yes there is so much to love about the past we lived. the school days and college.. how can one forget those.

bad things happen and go then why stick to them ruining the present also. then in a few days, start complaining about these days too.. it is a continuing cycle which only we can break.

oh i loved little Arnold and his black (gold ) fish in different strokes. those were some fun days. is it on air again..? let me check.

Aaarti said...

@Rakesh - wow, nice!!!:)

Aaarti said...

well, we had gone on a mini trek from school[ i was in 7th std], and while coming downhill, me and some others took a smooth slope path,and i came down faster than i thot..woke up to see faces hovering..hehehe.. dint feel a thing.. but then it was scary as hell!! :)

from our past, we learn and carry those with us is what i believe in!!..

Aaarti said...

@Ceedy - True.. getting stuck in the past and clinging to those depressing memories just ruins it all!! :)

Aaarti said...

@Solilo.. Nice to see you here again...
am afraid i've not seen the other show u've mentioned.. couple of weeks back,while surfing on tv, i stumbled upon Diff strokes.. and since then smiles every nite at 11:)

Aaarti said...

@oorjas-- :)
I know what you mean!
yep, the show comes on Zee cafe at 11pm everyday[weeknights]..

i remember each and every episode as if i saw them yesterday...hahaha@ thegoldfish one.. couple of days back, the episode where MrDrummond brings home a lady came, wat wackoness from the kids...:)

Aaarti said...

@homecooked- oopsy, just noticed i've not replied to you!!:)
I dint see the shows on tv, used to watch them on tape!! :D

Aaarti said...

@Rakesh - Used to love Doogie howser,infact even now granpa keeps talking about the kid who was a doc...:) he comes in another show these days - how i met your mother!![seen maybe 2episodes of that!!]

vimmuuu said...

Wow...aaarti is replying for her comments. I should throw a party !! Thanks. LOL.

Rama said...

ah, if only I can sit with a nice cup of coffee and cherish the past .... what a wonderful time!

Renu said...

me thinks that its human nature to dwell in the past and sometimes some past incidents have hurt so much that one is unable to forget them.
But you are right, we must stop it and remember only the pleasant memories:), I ndo that only

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