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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mistaken identity?

Couple of days back, when i was at the bank, got a call...
Me: Hello
She: hello ma'am, Am calling from Mr.AA's office, can i get your email id pls?
Me: Sure, @#$)@#%( ...
       May i ask for what reason?
She: Dont know ma'am, Mr AA wanted it, guess he wants to send you a mail\
Me: Ok. bye!
The conversation was forgotten, until one evening, about 2days later, around 6pm my phone rang [ displaying a Delhi based mobile number]
Me: hello.
He: Am i speaking to Aaarti from ABC? I am AA, from XYZ company, and we met during the ABC event in Dec, remember?
Me: Yes, Sir.. How are you doing? how can i help you?
MrAA: I saw your results in the paper today and wanted to discuss something about that!!
[Completely lost and confused]
Me:Errr, sir, what is this you are talking about? 
MrAA[getting a little annoyed]: Am AA from XYZ Co, and want to talk about the results you have projected for your company.  
Me: Sir, am afraid there is some confusion here. i am not with any company.
MrAA: Arent you Aarthi K....?  of ABC?
[Ding ding ding, bells went off in my head... i knew who he wanted to speak to now...:) Phew!!] 
Me: Sir, i am Aaarti Krishankumar and not Aarthi K.......
MrAA: Ohhh, am so sorrry then.. you must be the one who was coordinating the event.. Sorry,dear!!
            Would you happen to have Aarthi K...'s number?
Me: Thats ok Sir.. Would you like me to send the number to you?
MrAA: could you text that and her email id, please. Thank you!!
Me: Sure thing Sir.. bye!
MrAA: Bye, and am so sorry about this !!
Hmmmm.. talk about mistaken identity... Not only did this other person have the same 1st name as me, but half of her second name was same as mine too.... !!!! 
Anything of this sort happened to you? Do share!!! :)



Prasad said...

ROFLlll!!! cha u should hav played along and told him yes our company is doing good and we will be bidding for ur shortly nu :P

vishesh said...

na...not many Vishesh are around :P

Bedazzled said...

didnt know u r full name till now !!!..there r nt many people with my name arnd .. so never happened to me .. u could have led that guy on and acted posh !!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Now we know ur full name Aaarti RT :D
Off late since Apu's intro in my life, confusions galore :) Will tell u all in person :D Told Archie already

Lakshmi said...

oh ho..I loved calvin in this post

Chakoli said...

Naah nothin frm me 2 share may b as my name is bit uncomon...
bt loved urs...hahaha...u shud hv discusd sumthing;-)

rauf said...

i am fine and happy ORTEEDEE, no one has a stoopeed name like mine.
no such confusions for me
Say hi to plaappy

vimmuuu said...

mistaken identity??? I had a mistaken gender problem. Throughout my 11th, my name in the college register was Vimala ! Oh the embarassment !!!

@ Bhargavi : I so hope noone shares your weird name ! LOL.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

people call me mahesh bhupathi,
mahesh bhatt,
mahesh babu..
but something like this never happened with me(even though my name is so common)...
once my classmate's(same name)GF spoke to me by mistake(when enquired i found that the girl took the no from college register by some means)

Vrij said...

I guess its impossible for someone to get confused wid my name...

CM-Chap said...

ROFL... In my current client location they changed my last name in a guess.... bad thing is they made the name even longer.

Lakshmanan was made to lakshminarayanan

Gargling Garbage said...

It happened to me twice the same year!

Got a call from one correspondent in DH, four months after my internship.
He: Are you Ms.L?
Me: Yes, Mr.M. How are you doing?
He: Great. How are you?
Me: Am fine. (Is he gonna offer me some freelancing treelancing thingy? :D)
He: Hope I called you at the right time.
Me: Of course, of course. It's always a pleasure to speak with you sir.
He: Good good. Can you mail that article of yours? It was supposed to hit my desk last week.
Me: Which article? *Blink blink*
He: The one on blah blah.
Me: (Hearing glass panes shatter in my heart) Guess you got the wrong person, sir. Remember me, I did my internship in DH in Dec.
He: Ohh... U are not that Ms.LM. Am sorry. (He slammed the phone!)
Me: :'(

The second is actually funny. I went to Ramaiah hospital with Raj. She went in to see a dermatologist and I was waiting outside. The doctor called out my name - LM! I stood up and went to her. She looked at me, puzzled big time. She: You look pretty alright, miss.
Me: I am. My friend inside has a problem.
She: Then y have u registered here?
Me: Of course I haven't.
She: Aren't you Ms LM? *Blink blink*
Me: I am. *Blink blink*
She: Then?
Me: Uhh...
Luckily, the actually LM rushed in from nowhere for her appointment! *Phew*

Solilo said...

Mistaken identity :)) Recently on blogosphere where people thought I am a Spanish guy seeing my id.

I am an Indian woman and Solilo is just short of my blog title. Wrong choice now I think.

You a fan of C & H too?

praddy said...

hehe you must have led the guy would have been fun :D
Never happened to me.

wildpic said...

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Pesto Sauce said...


Once I got an e-mail in official mail ID which was not intended for me, with all data loaded, coz the intended recepient had his surname matching with mine!!

Aaarti said...

@ all those with unique names... LUCKY U.... lolz!!
i thot mine was pretty unique as well, dint realise someone could do this using my 1st name and a portion of 2nd!!

Aaarti said...

@GG - hahaha... i can so imagine that DH colleagues face when he realised who u were... :D

whoaaa@ hospital.... :D
atleast she dint start screaming at u for making an appt and then saying that wasnt u!!! hehehe...

Aaarti said...

@bhar --well, i dont use my full name anywhere.. us southies dont have surname concept and mine is just dad's name, which becomes an initial :D

@aparna - ur yet to tell me.. forgot abt it the other evenin! :D

Aaarti said...

@wildpic.. Thanks for dropping by.. but err, kinda dint get the connection between what you've put up and my post!!!

Aaarti said...

@pesto sauce- finally one more soul who understands my position... lolz!!!
what did u do??? reply to the guy saying "thats not me, but thanks for the info" ;)

Aaarti said...

@Vimmuuu -- hahahahahaha.... ROFL... hahahaha....!! now, we have one more thing to have fun with!!!:D
matinda nee

Anonymous said...

I'm God. How sinewy can a case of mistaken identity get? :D

Anonymous said...

never .. never till now :)
nice pic .. :D

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