This post is longggggggg due… Since Feb 22nd!! Wow, its nearly a week later and am just about getting ready to write about it..!!! 🙂
22nd Feb is was when i went for my 1st photowalk..Thanks to Chandrachoodan, i came to know of this Photowalk thingy and got all excited, convincing myself it will be fun.. I love clicking pictures, tho am not a pro or something, but what the heck, right!!!
Plus the locality chosen was not too far off from home, and it was something i had wanted to try for a while!
                                                 A look at the Egmore station [entrance in Vepery]
Sent out a msg to couple of friends, and to my cousin Lakshmi asking if she wanted to come along…. 🙂 and she did.. was i glad to have her company…!! She acted as my tour guide, since her family lived around that area!!
A vagabond – was fascinated with her appearance and clothes 
We walked from Dasaprakash Hotel to Rippon Building, starting around 9.30 or so and concluding the walk close to 11.45am!!! We should have started earlier, as the Sun was beginning to scorch us down with its sharp rays…. But it was a wonderful experience and am already looking fwd to my next one…
There were nearly 20 odd people, across age groups and it was FUN.. it was more like, we all needed an excuse and some kind of motivation to get our cameras out and shoot around the city where we live, work, drive past and enjoy !!! After the initial wanders, we all split into our own little clusters and started exploring the nooks and corners, engaging in interesting conversations[esp with Traffic cops, who were curious to know if we were from the press] 🙂

Here is the link for more pictures from the sojourn!!! 
Photwalk 22nd Feb