On Saturday evening a bunch of us Caferatians[i just made that word up:)] met up at Amethyst….TOI wanted to do a story on Caferati and so we all showed up in our finest outfits and empty minds..hehehe…

After the intial ramble… S[from TOI] asked if we had anything to read/share, which brought on plenty of blank stares.. So, H said why not we write something right there… On anything, random stuff, whatever catches our thought/eye/mind…. 5mins was the time… Some dint have paper.. so we started passing around Paper napkins [Courtesy Amethyst], till S ripped off a few sheets from her notepad and saved them all!!! Phew, what an evening that was!!

This is what i churned out… I was so kicked that i still had it in me to put words together and they actually sounded good… 🙂

 Been eons
Since i held the pen
Ink struggled
Thoughts refused

Words, once my friends
today, threatened
A muse, i seem to seek
to proceed.

 Poems,i used to lash out
One too many
Alas, is this it?
Fear, gripes me!!! 

Aaarti (c) 14th march ’09