since college, 1995, and we grew closer with every passing year… and finally the last 2yrs before her[TR] marriage we were soul sisters.. every morning would begin with a call from her to me or vice versa ..
TR: Hi Aaroo, so, whats the POA for the day? [plan of action]
and then we would plan something and have a blast!!! Could be a cooking session[after all the baking classes we took, or gen sit around yapping… we were not too big on movies back then]
Now, she is married with a baby, living in USA… we do keep in touch- phone, mails, chats… but since her daughter’s birth it was far and few betweeen… i do miss her loads!!!!

Couple of days back, when i was on FB Share… the chat window popped up with a Hi from her…. this is how our conversation went….
TR: Hi Aaroooooooooooo
Me: Hi di.. wotcha upto? [wish she could see my face, it was lit up with so much excitement…]
TR: How are u doing girl? gosh, i miss u…. How was ur weekend? 
Me: Weekend was ok.. saturday was home, then met up with some friends, and in evening went for a movie..’Barah Aana’
TR: oh,is that hindi? its been ages since i saw a movie.. Sam is up already,hang on, brb
Me: ok…
Wow, she is an early riser.. wonder where she got that from? 🙂
TR: oh, from M definitely!!:).. but off late i’ve slowly changed him, he gets up later than normal, but Sam is up early!!
Weekend, we were in P.. had to clear out stuff…
Me: must be a relief that you’ve finally sold your home there…?
TR: oh yes… !
Me: so, now start looking for a home here is it?
TR: Not now Aaroo, will wait for weather to get better.. 
hey, hows N? spoke to her recently?
Me: Ahh, okay!!!
Yep, been talking to her nearly everyday, now that our trip is happening…
TR: what trip?
Me: woman, dint you read my mail? we are off to B and P ……
TR: oh,wow.. i so envy you…
Aaroo, i gotta go.. Sam’s crying… talk to you soon…
Me: bye babes.. take care!!! 🙂
TR: bye 🙂
How time flies…. life changes…. she now is married and has a baby…. !!! Sigh!!!