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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've known her

since college, 1995, and we grew closer with every passing year... and finally the last 2yrs before her[TR] marriage we were soul sisters.. every morning would begin with a call from her to me or vice versa ..
TR: Hi Aaroo, so, whats the POA for the day? [plan of action]
and then we would plan something and have a blast!!! Could be a cooking session[after all the baking classes we took, or gen sit around yapping... we were not too big on movies back then]
Now, she is married with a baby, living in USA... we do keep in touch- phone, mails, chats... but since her daughter's birth it was far and few betweeen... i do miss her loads!!!!

Couple of days back, when i was on FB [facebook for all you blank stare givers...:)]... the chat window popped up with a Hi from her.... this is how our conversation went....
TR: Hi Aaroooooooooooo
Me: Hi di.. wotcha upto? [wish she could see my face, it was lit up with so much excitement...]
TR: How are u doing girl? gosh, i miss u.... How was ur weekend? 

Me: Weekend was ok.. saturday was home, then met up with some friends, and in evening went for a movie..'Barah Aana'
TR: oh,is that hindi? its been ages since i saw a movie.. Sam is up already,hang on, brb
Me: ok...
Wow, she is an early riser.. wonder where she got that from? :)
TR: oh, from M definitely!!:).. but off late i've slowly changed him, he gets up later than normal, but Sam is up early!!
Weekend, we were in P.. had to clear out stuff...
Me: must be a relief that you've finally sold your home there...?
TR: oh yes... !
Me: so, now start looking for a home here is it?
TR: Not now Aaroo, will wait for weather to get better.. 
hey, hows N? spoke to her recently?
Me: Ahh, okay!!!
Yep, been talking to her nearly everyday, now that our trip is happening...
TR: what trip?
Me: woman, dint you read my mail? we are off to B and P ......
TR: oh,wow.. i so envy you...
Aaroo, i gotta go.. Sam's crying... talk to you soon...
Me: bye babes.. take care!!! :)
TR: bye :)
How time flies.... life changes.... she now is married and has a baby.... !!! Sigh!!!


Anonymous said...

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Gargling Garbage said...

Hah.. I could be just a month into this thing, but understand the scene and sense so perfectly! :( ... Time flies, life changes, we sigh!

Prasad said...

marriage my friend...yup accept thtz killer! ;)

Deepa said...

Hi Aarti, have been reading your blog for a while now...and yea, I can so relate to it, coz I'm from Chennai too and I can feel that pulse! :D.....yours is a gr8 blog and you write so well!!

Jus dropped in to say hi!

Bedazzled said...

Funnily,i had a similar conversation with a friend with a kid .. how times change !!

Ranga .. Marriage illa .. its motherhood !! :-)

Lakshmi said...

lol ...i know exactly the feeling..happens everyday when i talk to my friends and they have their children crying and i wonder how to react

Praddy said...

motherhood :)

doubt - what actually is a soul sister?

Archana said...

Wow! I know talking to old friends can be such a joy...
Dontcha hate it if they are far away though?

vimmuuu said...

Hmmm....dont worry, u still know her. Its just that priorities change as time flies.

and pls, too many letters for names... N, P, B, S...gaawd !!!

rauf said...

is that what you want ?
whattoo OTTEES sweety ?
wads wrrrong wid you ?
your TR should be sighing actually if you ask me.
waat yerdakes !

next time she would say
owee OTTEE baby you are so wild and free like a bird, you goin B you goin P wish i had your life, here i am stuck in a stoofeed cundry, cooking, washing wifing mothering. Orrey bore

they all chumma talk how exciting it is, believe me OTEEE DEE, they all want to get out of it.
i know what i am talking about
i have heard women talking like sati savithris and and and...

KoolKap said...

Hey .. ur blog somewhat is similar to my relation with my best frd.. time files and people change but some bods are always the same ...

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